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Old 10-05-2005, 10:02 PM
jason_ou812 jason_ou812 is offline
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Default Copyright question

Hello all,

I would like to setup a simple website to host conspiracy-related material that may be of interest to all here.

My ISP has the following criterion, though:


<<<ISP>>> has since it began offering ADSL services taken a hard approach to copyright issues; where we believe there is a clear violation of copyright content has been deleted, and in a few cases, directories blocked and 'frozen' pending further investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Based on the MIPI's actions in March 2005 aganst another ISP (People Telecom) and the actual finding guilty of a second ISP in July 2005 (ComCen), <<<ISP>>> now believe there is a need to take more direct and pro-active action to monitor content stored on publicly accessible servers under its control.

Effective from 1st April 2005 scripts will be run nightly that will examine all disk content and delete any multimedia content with the extensions mp3, mpg, mpeg, avi, wma and any other multi media file type. Customers wishing to host files with these extensions need to do the following:

1. Email copyright-request@<<<ISP>>>.com.au and request to be excluded from the scan script.

2. State that you agree you are the copyright owner, have permission of the copyright owner or that there is no copyright on the material you want to store.

You can use this text as a template:

To: copyright-request@<<<ISP>>>.com.au
Subject: Please Allow directory for media storage
ADSL line number:
Webspace name:
I advise that I am the copyright owner, have permission of the copyright owner or that there is no copyright on the files I will place in the above directories, and therefore request they be exempt from automatic deletion.

My question is, stuff like alex jones, william cooper etc - is their stuff copyrighted? What about flashes, images etc that I have, documentaries etc?

Would it be better to just rename the files as XXXX.rename or something, and then let the downloader rename as required. Or bugger the copyright (if any), say there is no copyright, and send the email?

Any suggestions?

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Old 10-05-2005, 10:09 PM
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Default Re: Copyright question

Is there a lawyer in the house? and, if not, why not, Henry???
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