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Old 10-08-2005, 08:59 AM
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Default Re: I Think I'm a Prude!

Yes, Blue Angel. Your words are true.

But this is the testimony of this world before the Eyes of Heaven. Illuminism could never have been raised to pinicles of power if this world had not rejected Christ.

And this is their condemnation. For what this world did not know is that there is no Thelema outside of Jesus Christ. There is no Victory outside of Christ. There is not wisdom, nor power, nor knowledge that can stand against God.

The mystery of iniquity was given to this world in all the rage of Satan, because God the Father loosed him upon the earth.

Satan's time is short. Oh, how greatly he desires to delay the time. But this will not go on forever. He has done all in his power to destroy Christianity from the earth. He did this in order that his time might go on longer.

And this is a sure sign of what the world should have known: God works by freewill, and his sons and daughters of humanity work by freewill.

There is no vice, nor crime, nor wicked intent that is not fully ingrained in the heart of man. And they ask, But God does nothing? He sits idly by and watches?


It is a sign that God is no slavemaster. He awaits, he looks in all the earth for a man who understands. For Christ works in his body on earth. And this is always done through freewill.

If the will is there, if it is the will to do the Will of God on earth, then that person has acheived something remarkable - the true Thelema of the Living God.

It will surely happen. It is as certain as the Aurora of Morning after the long night of the midnight sun. It is destiny. And destiny was always made by freewill.

For is written, "God elected those who love him to be transformed into the image of his son."

And it is written, "We are more than victors through him who loved us."

It is written, "Now abide faith, hope, love, these three. But the greatest of these is Love."

Now Love is the Will of God. And the power of God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all things that we can ask or imagine.

So great is Our Power that Christ said if a man have but a mustardseed worth of faith he might remove mountains and toss them into the sea.

There is no weapon fashioned against that shall ever stand. They lay their traps in the sight of any Bird. They know not the beginning of Sapentia.

They have no power. They have no God. They have no faith. They have no future. They are utterly broken. They are shattered by false will set against themselves.

For God is man's true self. And Jesus Christ was the image of God.

But this is the witness against the world, for men loved darkness and not light, for their deeds were evil.

Now is the final condemnation of this world. Now the Prince of this world is fully judged and cast out.

If you doubt this truth, then you know nothing of the time. For my word is no idle tale. It is for those who understand Sapentia.

We praise Jesus Christ not for giving us 'freedom of religion' in some earthly land that is not even our final home. We praise Jesus Christ for exacting an utter route on those who destroy the earth and the enemy of both God and mankind, Satan.

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