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Old 10-22-2005, 02:08 PM
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Default Terrorist Gangs From Across the Border

Terrorist Gangs From Across the Border
October 20, 2005 12:32 PM EST

I’d like to thank President of ALIPAC (the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee), William Gheen, for granting me the following interview. For many years, Mr. Gheen has been active in both politics and service. His biography includes:

“William Gheen is the President of ALI-PAC and manages all operations and activities. William is a veteran campaign consultant and North Carolina native with over 10 years of experience in fund raising, marketing, research, campaign management and event coordination. He has an undergraduate degree in political science from East Carolina University, has served in several leadership positions, and has experience working with over 40 campaigns for public office.

Mr. Gheen is known for creating new voter outreach methods and exploring new techniques in the realm of Internet marketing and donor list creation.

He has served as a member of the North Carolina Senate Sgt. At Arms staff in 1997 and 2003 and currently resides in Raleigh North Carolina.”

Our borders have become increasingly porous from both the Canadian North and Mexico to the South. Illegal aliens are crossing them, virtually unstopped, in the millions every year. These crossings, which have become increasingly violent, are allowing multiple teams of terrorists to enter our country.

Our Border Patrol is overwhelmed. This is the primary reason that citizens groups, such as the Minuteman Project and ALIPAC have become involved in attempting to stem the tide of this serious attack on our country’s sovereignty.

In addition to the very real threat of Islamo-fascists having already entered the United States, there is a very large terrorist gang that has already set up shop in multiple states—MS-13 or “Mara Salvatrucha”; which immigrated to America from San Salvador. Mara Salvatrucha literally means “Salvadoran army ants”.

It lives up to its name. The gang has recently threatened US police, with its planned 30 October “Kill a Law Enforcement Officer Day”. Both federal and local law enforcement are taking this threat seriously. ALIPAC’s platform includes 4 points. Predicated upon "Simply enforce our existing immigration laws!", they are:

1. Secure Our Borders
2. Crack down on employers that intentionally hire illegals
3. Remove incentives and rewards to illegals such as licenses, welfare, and other taxpayer benefits
4. Enforce our existing laws and deport illegal aliens when convicted of crimes or detected during routine law enforcement activities


S: “William, as you have such a strong background in politics, including marketing and campaigning for your clients, what led you to become so heavily involved in attempting to stop illegal immigration?”

W: “I was asked by Senator Fern Shubert to generate an estimate on the number of illegal immigrants in North Carolina for use in her campaign for Governor in November of 2003. When I discovered the number was approaching half a million I was alarmed by both the scale of this problem and the fact it was a hidden issue.

During the 2004 election cycle, this issue emerged in NC campaigns for the first time in history. I saw there was a need for a national organization that would do more to support and fund candidates that would take a stand on behalf of the American public on the issue of immigration enforcement.”

S: “Your site extensively covers the Salvadoran gang MS-13. How prevalent is their influence in the US and what do you view as our biggest threat from their members?”

W: “MS-13 and other illegal immigrant gangs are bringing in the illegals, drugs, heavy weapons, and possibly terrorists. The biggest threat from their members is contained in the multiple intelligence reports provided to Congress indicating that Al-Qaeda and MS-13 are now working together to smuggle terrorist operatives and materials into the US.

Equally daunting is the fact that illegal aliens in America already live under Gang Rule and if Central and South America provide a sound example, so will the rest of us when these gangs reach higher strength levels. In Mexico, citizens do not call the police when their children are stolen by the gangs. They live under Gang Rule and a call to police over a stolen child can result in executions.”

S: “There are many who currently believe that many of the violent Central American and Mexican gangs have allied with Islamic terrorists. Has your organization received any definitive intelligence to that effect?”

W: “We have read and published the multiple reports of intelligence briefings to Congress on this matter. Our Southern Border is so porous, at this time, we doubt the terrorists would even need gang assistance to cross. The US Border Patrol is detecting more and more crossers that are from nations which are hostile to the United States.

In our view, gangs like MS-13 that use fear, gang rapes, and brutal slayings as tools are terrorists. The question that many American's want President Bush to answer is: ‘Why are our law abiding citizens going through strip searches in airports when you have left the Southern Border wide open for 6-10 thousand more illegal aliens, and the terrorists among them, to cross each night?’ "

S: “These gangs, including MS-13, seem to be very well organized and have received support from one of our home-grown separatist hate groups—California’s ‘La Voz de Aztlan’. To your knowledge, has MS-13 announced any overall plan or purpose?”

W: “Our organization is responsible for the original release to the nation about the MS-13 threat to the Minutemen. Anyone that visits La Voz De Aztlan at aztlan.net will see their purpose. They advocate that the SW United States should be taken out of America.

MS-13's overall plan is to continue building up strength in America, to bring in more drugs and slaves and to replace law enforcement as the dominant factor on the streets. They intend to rule here as they rule in large swaths of Central America.”

S: “What is your belief as to why the US government hasn’t addressed and hit this issue hard? Do you see this as being yet another ‘political correctness’ issue and the fear of politicians not receiving the Hispanic vote?”

W: “I have been circulating the phrase "PC Paralysis" to describe the situation. America has reached a point where social sensitivities taken to the extreme now threaten our very existence as a nation. There are many people in America that are afraid they will be called vicious names if they speak. Will they continue to remain silent as the hospitals and school collapse around them, the streets turn into 3rd world gang land, and we start to lose the South West?

The other problem is that liberals and multi-national corporations have both found something they like....Cheap Labor and Cheap Votes. America is being destroyed by a toxic mix of Greed and Liberalism that has weakened us to the point we can no longer even protect ourselves from invasion.”

S: “To your knowledge, are other violent gangs also entering the country?”

W: “Many, the Latin Kings, MS-18, SUR-13, the Gulf Cartel etc... they are all being fueled by illegal immigration into America. Most of their members are illegal aliens and illegal immigrants in America provide new recruits and leverage over American businesses that hire the slave labor. To those managers out there hiring illegal labor: ‘Meet your new Union, they are heavily armed.’ ”

S: “How do you believe that ‘we the people’ can become involved, so that we might stop the insanity of the illegal crossings that are encouraging criminals and terrorists to enter the US?”

W: “Americans must energize and organize immediately to take lawmakers to task on every level of Government. It will take time and money. Only through organized action can we make a stand. It is "a stand" because the Government is now acting contrary to the wishes of over 80% of the voters on this issue.

This level of disconnect would indicate that we have clearly lost control of our Government. We must unify under this issue and demand that our existing immigration laws are enforced and our border is secured.”


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