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Old 10-26-2005, 09:12 AM
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Default The master race

The master race holds on to their power by sharing with their children how they control the world. They show them the signs in the world of how they control the masses. Their greatest playbook is the Bible itself. You see the Bible has two stories, one good, the other evil. In the Bible their story begins with Jacob stealing the rights from his brother. Jesus even calls them the children of Satan in the Bible. Their goal is to take the masses focus off of God and to get the masses to see them as god. They are extremely intelligent and understand religion very well even better than the Pope. They always put things in society to make fun of the masses. Like the phrase " man only uses 5% of his brain". They always laugh at that statement because to them it means that the masses cannot think with out using them to think for them. Their greatest work has been the take over of the mission of Jesus. Jesus came to get them back on the path of God. God wanted them to be a select group to lead mankind to his worship. They claimed Heaven for themselves and looked down on mankind. They thought that Jesus would be the one to lead them to enslave mankind. He refused, so they crucified him. They crucified him by not killing him physically, they killed his movement and took it over for themselves. A sign in the Bible is that it states that "Jesus would be riding in the city on a donkey". The donkey is symbolic to represent the masses of the people. It means that they would use Jesus to enslave the masses of the people. The worst type of slavery is not physical, it is spiritual. They cleverly took over Jesus movement by putting the focus on Jesus instead of God. They supported the the concept of Jesus being divine. Why? because if Jesus is the son of god, then logic would state that God himself is Jewish. They support the concept of the trinity. They invented the Christian thinking to enslave the Gentiles. Lets go back to the Bible. Paul states that on his way to Damacus, he saw a vision of Jesus and was blinded by the light. This is symbolic, which they use to share with their children that they used Paul to take over Jesus mission. So they are in fact the masters of this world. They made it with their ideas. Our mission is to remake the world the way God wants it. So the battle is between Man and Satan, not God and Satan. In Satan's deranged mind, he feels that he is actually helping God by trying to prove to God that man is unworthy of the responsibility that God gave him. So who is Satan? Satan is the ungodly Jew. Those who view themselves as the master race and the rest of mankind as cattle. They are the originators of white supremecy. They poke fun at western civilation through their movies superman, wizard of oz, and others. They are very wise. The best way to defeat them is through their schemes they use to enslave mankind. So if we focus on fighting their schemes they use to enslave mankind then we can remake the world.


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