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Old 11-03-2005, 07:01 AM
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Default "Hitler & The Search For The Holy Grail" - 28 meg WMV File.

Details the Nazi desire to prove itself the direct descendants of the Aryans and the lost city of Atlantis. Uncovers to some degree the desire of Nazi ideology to dispense with Christianity to be replaced with particular Germanic/Pagan traditions.

The end is filled with the usual bullshit at the "evil" Germans. One great laugh is the presenter detailing with appropriate agony, the naughty Nazi's "stealing" the great works of culture from conquered territories...the English of course would know all about it (check out the Imperial Museum) and lets not forget the Allies "looting" of Germany and most of the unreturned art etc, which NEVER got back to the owners. Truly a comic moment! Truly, history is written by the victors with the suckers plodding along behind never noting the obvious irony in their words.

I am not so sure of Hitlers deep involvement as I am of Himmlers. I still have books to read on the subject.

My reading of Hitler paints him as a definite lover of European culture. A lover of the British Empire. A lover of European Royalty. He was a definite admirer of Christ as a reformer of Judaism. He did not believe him to be God incarnate. He commented several times that he would not attack the church directly but would let it "whither on the vine" (Hitlers Table Talk).

Hitler comes accross as the classic rationalist almost secular humanist. He believed in the power of his own will to overcome obstacles. As far as I could see he prayed to no God though he talked of taking up the "mantle of hero to do the will of God". It will take a long time to seperate fact from fiction and get the full view of these terribly interesting events just last century.


Thanx to bit torrent.

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