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Old 11-30-2005, 11:37 AM
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Default Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.

Why do American Negroes make so much fuss about the Rebel flag? They say that it was a symbol used by the southerners to cause fear and oppression. This is a blantant lie. The symbol used to cause fear and oppression to blacks is a burned cross. Why don't blacks condemn the cross like they do the rebel flag. It is because the cross is a symbol of their faith and the rebel flag is a symbol of independence for southern whites. The American Negro is ignorant to the fact that the symbol of Jesus and the cross reinforces white supremacy and black inferiority. The picture of a dead white man dying for the sins of gullible negroes is the greatest enslavement of the American Negroes. Until American Negroes free themselves from this type of belief they will always suffer from white supremacy and black inferiority. If Jesus is divine, then his race is also associated with divinity. So quite naturally one race have to be on top and the other one on the bottom. The conditions of the American Negro is proof that this belief has not led to the self determination and independence of the Negro. It has only made him a mental slave who is in a worst state of mind than his physically enslaved ancestors. The symbolism behind the cross holds great wisdom. Jesus dying on the cross symbolically means that he died in the natural state that God created for man, and that his message was intercepted and replaced with an unnatural message. The cross is also used as a way to control the masses, which the Egyptian cross represents. The cross looks like a human holding both feet together and both arms spreaded out. The Egyptian cross has a hole at the top similar to a key. The Egyptian cross is a secret science for the leaders on how to control the masses. In America, the cross represents the influences of two extremes. One is religion is taken to the extreme emotionally, and the other extreme is that any type of immoral act can take place in the name of individual freedom. Both extremes lead to the destruction of society, which is witnessed in the break up of the American family. You can also see how both these extremes cross by the role the Church is currently playing. The Church, which should be fighting to reinforce the foundation of the family is fighting within it's own ranks about the acceptance of homosexuality. So between the cross and the rebel flag, which symbol is the most dangerous? The winner of the tug a war between your brain and emotions will decide.

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