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Old 01-16-2005, 12:59 PM
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Default Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

Of course, I don`t know if there is any extraterrestrial civilisation around.If yes, we can ask ourselves why don`t them help mankind in the so-called "New World Order" problem. But what is basically the NWO and why cannot we solve the problem ourselves?

During the last thirty years, a few billionaires -the oligarchs- who already controlled the international banking system took control of the corporations and the main media. The oligarchs used then their absolute financial and media power to control the political institutions and settle the planetary "free market" economy rules which destroy nature as well as the local economies and make everyone dependent of the corporations. At the level of the whole mankind, this ultimate state of dependency from the corporations controlled by a few "elite" is called the "New World Order".

The plan of the oligarchs was to get rid of the communist Soviet Union as well as of the communist Republic of China. Many know today that communism was generated by the fathers and grand-fathers of these oligarchs during the 20th century, in order to create the necessary preliminaries to the NWO. So, the destruction of the communism was only the continuation of the old plan. After this, the Western corporations owned by the oligarchs were supposed to take control of the ex-communist economies. In fact, communism was more or less annihilated -more in Western Europe and less in China- but the oligarchs did not succeed in subverting the Russian and the Chinese economies.

China, especially, gives headaches to the oligarchs. With approximately one billion people ready to work for the lowest wages and a well known technological genius, China is generating today its own giant corporations. Having settled the "free market" rules in order to control the planet through their corporations, the oligarchs are now trapped in these rules which allow the Chinese enterprises to dominate more and more the international markets. Thus, the oligarchs are now seeing two alternatives: either succeeding to weaken the Chinese economy or having their own corporations devoured by the new Chinese corporations.

Weakening the Chinese economy requires to slow down the energy supply -oil and gaz- necessary to the Chinese industry. As China buys its energy mainly from Russia, Iran and Venezuela, the oligarchy has to convince the Western world to take control by force of these energy supplies. This means wars, wars and still wars. Iraq was the first. The tragic of the situation is that, even if a Western political leaders is strong enough to resist the oligarch`s will, the Western economy is really endangered by the rising Chinese super-corporations.

The Western economy is endangered since completely dependent of the Western corporations which became the main job-providers after having destroyed thousands of local enterprises. So, in order to give job to their populations, the Western leaders have two choices: protect the oligarchy owned Western corporations and therefore do everything to weaken the Chinese economy... or protect the Western markets from the Chinese goods and therefore suppress the international "free market" rules settled by the oligarchy during the last thirty years. Suppressing these rules (protecting the local markets and thus favouring the local enterprises) would destroy the power of the corporations and consecutively the power of the oligarchs owning them.

Our problem on Earth is not really technical, such as an extraterrestrial civilization could solve, but rather spiritual. The political leaders will destroy the power of the corporations -the power of the oligarchs- only when they will be enough to take the risk of confronting thess oligarchs instead of serving them as political mercenaries. The spirit of the political leaders reflects that of the societies they belong to and therefore the whole mankind has to evolve spiritually before the leaders do the necessary to get rid of the corporations. If it doesn`t happen quite soon, we would probably not avoid a terrible military conflict. Then, millions of "ordinary people" would probably die for the survival of a few "elite" -the oligarchy.

The extraterrestrials, if they exist, cannot give us a ready-to-use evolved spirit, can they?

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