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Old 12-03-2005, 07:45 AM
neenafoof neenafoof is offline
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Default Can Gnostism Lead to True Christianity?

I say yes.

(Wouldn't that just be a hoot. Like the co-redemptive power in suffering; the more that suffer, the more get SAVED.) There is POWER IN SUFFERING.

Just like Santeria, Voodoo, any pagan path, new age, any other monotheistic path - ANY path where the seeker is serching for the positive - ONENESS/UNION. Jesus can just snatch these up, because they are looking for HIM. When he comes to get them, they are so happy because THAT was what they weren't finding.

Atheism is interesting. Does it feel good? Does it feel like depression? There is that whole issue of nihilism. Does the sheer meaningless of it all lead to Rage.

Some people just are not mystics. Like making Koolaid, does that mean that all you have to do to have an atheist turn into David Icke is add a little ayuhausca and a sweat lodge? Carve some new neural pathways.

So that would only leave the satanists then and other varients of pitch black. Even then, theorectically, you could lose the hedonists because they are looking for their body to feel pleasure in some way. The only true path for them would be POWER only, I guess.

By-the-by, Satanists love David Icke too.

So if we are all reading along in our Instruction Manual, the antichrist must reveal himself before the Rapture.

(If he has to come, he has to come. All in God's time.)

Has he done this yet?

You would think it would have to be quite a revelation to the world?

Interesting, because he would have to present himself as not EVIL, bringing peace - its all good for three years, so this would be a big conundrum, because people would have to believe it. So being involved in the dark arts would
negate, right? He couldn't say "pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name".

Internet doesn't provide many candidates?

What about the idol? There's more than one that
would qualify. Theorectically any could qualify as THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST.

One seems to really want the job but is a master magician and is being "marketed" that way.
Extensive sight, goes into way to much esoterica to be a CHRISTIAN SITE.

Since all the world's money seems to have been "SUCKED-UP" shall we say, I'm sure all the power has too.

What about the coronation stone?

Internet says the Hapsburgs own the spear.

What does David Icke think? Anybody know?

Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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