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Old 12-04-2005, 11:01 AM
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Default Sustainable Planetary Management

Sustainable Planetary Management – Patriarchally or matriarchally managed enterprises will in future be superseded by synarchally-oriented forms of organization.

Philosophers and other thinkers have speculated over the centuries as to how human societies can be helped to again attain peace and prosperity and, to this purpose, have envisaged ideal forms of government and organization. Thus, Plato wrote “The Republic”, Thomas More “Utopia”, Francis Bacon “The New Atlantis”, Campanella “The City of the Sun”. Synarchy, the concept of which goes back to Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1848-1909), is understood as a government founded on principles, in contrast to anarchy, a form of government devoid of principles. Synarchy was introduced by Rama 7400 years before Christ; he founded an empire that lasted for 3500 years. Synarchy is a form of government at the head of which a trinity attends to government affairs. The main areas of responsibility (educational system, judiciary, economy) are divided in such a manner as to enable of a harmonious working method.

Interestingly, the form of state organization in Switzerland is in its rudiments comparable most of all to a synarchic form of government. To that let it be said: “Every nation gets the president it deserves!”, or put another way, “The trouble is at the top”. When an elected president makes the wrong decisions, the entire nation shares the blame. It should have subjected its president to earnest questioning before the elections. “But politics don’t interest us”…or… ”They are anyway only out for their own interests”… ”Football is more enjoyable”… ”I have my own problems, and I should go about solving others?” There is no lack of excuses when it comes to carrying on in one’s trite and intact world – to then be suddenly roused from one’s hibernation and find oneself confronted with harsh realities.

In most of the free countries, people are more conspicuous by their absence as far as political questions are concerned than by active involvement in shaping the common good. Similar tendencies are emerging in enterprises. Some countries or enterprises go so far, that dictatorships arise and entire populations or workforces are deprived of all their rights. It is therefore not surprising when very intelligent organisms worm their way into egocentric societies and take advantage of the breeding ground of immature citizens. A present-day example: the nomination of G.W. Bush as U.S. president in the year 2000. It will be seen how capable of learning the populace is in this respect. In medical terms, the disease is not yet localized. That is to say, once a fungus-like organism has established itself, the host frees itself from the parasite only with great difficulty. In biological terms, one cannot really take offence at the behaviour of fungous parasites, for their task consists in revealing the weak points in the system so as to call attention to the fact that the organism is not functioning properly. To ignore this signal would result in the insidious decline of the entire organism. The parasite will of course continue to spread until the host has recognized its malady and initiated countermeasures.

At the same time, one should bear in mind that an illness always represents an excellent opportunity by which the organism has the possibility to regenerate itself through essential learning processes and in this way lastingly alleviate its troubles. To arrive at a successful treatment, it is important that the organism, whether a human or a confederation of states, a city or an enterprise, an animal, a plant or the earth itself, is viewed holistically. Everything is always connected with everything and forms a harmonious whole. An organism becomes diseased as a whole, not just in part. The treatment of the cause should therefore be given preference over a quick and short-term treatment of symptoms, in homoeopathic as well as allopathic methods of treatment.

We learn from mistakes far better than if we were to act in the right way. Thus, we rather unconsciously elect presidents in whose faces we can already read that they will make many mistakes.

Nature ingeniously reveals our weak points to us so that we can sort out the situation under more or less gentle pressure and in our own interest; as a result there is in most cases a short-term disadvantage and, on the long term, a great advantage. As soon as people again consciously address themselves to the issues of common concern, the wings of those who govern will be clipped so that they once more behave as representatives elected by the populace and support an optimal development of all citizens.

After centuries of phases of trial and error and extensive learning processes on all levels of natural development, we will develop ever more optimal forms of organization that, in the end, are perfectly adjusted to all needs. There is nothing stronger that an idea when its time has come.

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