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Old 12-21-2005, 08:20 AM
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Default Revelations Falsified

It is rumored that soon after bush and chaney usurped the whitehouse, that chaney had meetings with michael drosnin and they talked about the bible code, although I don't know if its true, I know that anything chaney is involved in, he'll look for a way to spin it for his own benefit, even the bible.
I believe that the code that they use now, one could construct litteraly any type of overlapping words to say one thing or the other,
the question is, would chaney take advantage of our super computers to try to find anything that would paint the bush regime as a glory of God, instead of what it really is, as for me I think their closer too the ilk of being the beast of revelations than any other thats come before, so if in the future it comes out that someone has found the next super code in decyphering the bible, and it portrays this regime as anything but rotten too the core, we've got to ask ourselves how should we counter this devious project?
As for me I don't put much faith in the bible code as it stands today, but I believe that there is a code within it, and it also begs the question of what about the books that the church would not canonize.
Consider that one of the first things that it was purported to establish , that being that Kennedy was assasinated by a lone gunman, with oswalds name being interwoven into it, which I would assume everyone out there realizes that its simply not true, I just found this one that doesn't mention oswald, http://www.research-systems.com/codes/jfk.htm
Make of it what you will.
I was considering doing a little research into the bible code myself, if I could find a link that has the bible as one unbroken word, does anyone know of a site that has this?
I would assume that it would need to be written in hebrew, so I'd have to get a hebrew to englsh translator, but that shouldn't be to hard to find?

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