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Old 12-31-2005, 12:06 PM
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Default Happy 2012

History relates to us that Herod the Great died in 4 B.C.

In Matthew's Gospel, it is recorded that Herod gave an edict to slay all the sons of Bethlehem 2 years old and younger?

Why 2 years old and younger? Because King Herod had exacted the precise time of the Star of Bethlehem from the Magi.

Therefore, it is clear that Christ was born sometime in 6 B.C. There would be no other reason for the King's edict if it were otherwise.

Michael Molnar has done an exquisite study of the conjunctions in 6 B.C. It was also recorded by none other than Kepler.

Who were these Magi? Scripture states that they were from the East. Albeit, this language is quite specific to Hebrew termenology. It is my judgment that these were Persian Magi from Petra.

Why? Because the prophecy of Baalam son of Beor in Num. 24 was given at this exact location. You will remember that Baalam was a magician who tried all manner of divination and sorcery against Israel. He himself even prophecies in this passage that no divination shall stand against Israel, and proceeds to give the prophecy of a new Star arising from Jacob in the future. This star would herald in the King of the Jews who would rule over Israel, Edom, and all the sons of Moab...(i.e., the whole world).

The prophecy was given in Mount Seir, the mountain overlooking the city of Petra. Petra was a major energy center for Magianism. It is this very city whence came all the learning of Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Babylon. Petra is that very location whence began Mithrasism.

It is clear that these early interpretations of the Cosmocrator had their source around the regions of Mount Seir. Over the centuries, the prophecies of the coming king became misconstrued through superstition, idolotry, and false religion.

Yet, Zoaraster kept these records, and it is apparant that they remained in the library at Babylon during the Judean exile. It is quite likely that Ezra the Scribe is responsible for compiling the entire OT from Gen. - II Kings. And these records were inserted into Ezra's chronicle called 'Numbers' in the Pentateuch.

The Magi would be looking for this conjunction of stars. They knew the approximate time to be looking for the Messiah, as did the Jews. Yet, the Jews would not be looking for the star, because this prophecy was given specifically from Baalam to Balak and his kinsmen.

It becomes clear that the world is currently making its way through the year 2012. Officially, this began at Rosh Hashana in Sept. 2005. Yet, for the Roman calander, it will begin on the vulgar calander Jan. 1, 2006.

For more information on the Star of Bethlehem, I highly recommend Dr. Molnar's book.


--Fra N. 0=1

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