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Old 01-29-2006, 02:55 PM
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Default Conspiracy Craziness!

:lol: Mr.
by Bill Phillips Monday, Jun. 27, 2005 at 8:56 PM

Service lines going to every building have a valve to shut off the water supply when needed. Service lines also have water meters, many of which are remotely read through radio waves by a drive-by or central computer. Spiniello's contracts and the blue-prints are readily available by requesting them from the project owner.

This article is based on some serious delusion, lack of basic understanding how water systems work and lack of logic. If someone wanted to contaminate the water supply they would do it at the plant or just downsteam from the plant, not at every building. There are 15 million people in the LA metro area. Why would someone try to tap into every service line when they could just connect to the mains?

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Disregard Phelan, Disregard Thatcher Collins...Mr. Nascar Knows What's Best!
by Roberto Chicago Monday, Jun. 27, 2005 at 11:31 PM

Well, we should certainly all agree with arch-skeptic "thatcher collins."

A municipality seeking to quietly install the ability to shut off--via remote control-- any residence's or neighborhood's drinking water....why, that's even less convincing than a chemtrail!

And certainly Ms. Phelan's information is suspect or even totally worthless because her literary style or grammatical precision does not appeal to Mr. or Ms. " thatcher collins."

We can always depend upon the thatcher collinses of the nation to scoff at every "conspiracy theory" which threatens to disturb their blissful afternoon nap.

For my own part, I was more disgusted by Phelan's recounting of how the Santa Monica water department invoked the ridiculous "homeland security" mantra...than I was alarmed by the news that S.M. is installing parallel carrier lines and remote-control spot shutoffs.

Despite the imminent threat to the quality of our post-brunch siesta, whenever we hear "sorry, can't tell you because of homeland security" our cerebral bullshit alarms should begin to wail.

The trouble is that for every redoubtable, critical-thinking Phelan, there's at least 144 smugly self-assured "thatcher collinses" who bridle whenever any dissonant news or notion threatens to blow a little grit onto their next glorious three-foot submarine sandwich repast. AM radio puffball/faker Art Bell's recent attack on all 9-11 skeptics is a fine example of this sub sandwich protectionism reflex.

The rooster can crow all it wants in the morning; if Farmer Brown has wads of cow dung stuffed into his ears and a pillow held tightly over his eyes, the new day--or a tornado-- will catch him snoring and unprepared..

Yep, we must agree with the excellent thatcher collins...to hell with alarmists and "chemtrail" paranoids! Let's look to a few of the many examples of paranoid alarmism in recent history, and see what fools the Chicken Littles of the world have been....

* So what if Pol Pot was quietly passing out thousands of axe handles and sledge hammers to his cadres, and setting up mysterious confinement camps in the hinterland?

* So what if the U.S. so-called Supreme Court rules that Wal-Mart can conspire with any corrupt municipal government to raze an entire street of apartment buildings, and turn the land those apartments formerly "blighted" into a superstore parking lot?

* So what if those thick-necked thugs with the toothbrush moustaches and diarrhea-brown home-made uniforms were scissoring rabbis' beards on the formerly tolerant streets of 1930s Berlin?

* So what if the USA's staunchest charity case/blackmailer/ally (Israel) has been repeatedly caught stealing Yankee defense secrets, and passing those stolen secrets on to Murkuh's purported enemies?

* So what if a steel-framed highrise building has never before in history collapsed due to fire...so what if even FEMA and NIST offer no explanation for the neat little falldown of WTC #7?

*So what if (un)depleted uranium has definitely been found to cause cancers and birth defects in both military and civilian populations present in conflict areas where DU was and still is sprayed about by Our Courageous Freedom-Bringing Troops?

*So what if the DEA decides ( in order to better justify its criminally useless existence) to attack, terrorise, and imprison random, critically ill people in the name of the mindless-but-profitable-for-some War On Hemp?

*So what if frail, befuddled octogenarians and terrified little children are now being assaulted by the Big Brother's post-9-11 version of the cattle prod?

*So what if Paul Wellstone's plane crashed in clear, calm weather, rather than the deadly, raging ice storm first touted by the mainstream lickass press? Didn't the worried airport manager _somehow_ take off in his plane, just 15 minurtes after the Wellstones' plane flew directly into the ground? Why hasn't anyone in the lamestream press asked how that airport manager could take off in weather which caused a more powerful aircraft (Wellstone's) flown by two experienced pilots, to crash and more oddly still, to burn into a small pile of white ash?

Any number of "thatcher collinses" in the mass media would urge you to "disregard" all such unrelated informational gobbledegook as conspiracy theory chemtrail stuff, and you know they're right.

As my good friend Mr. Nascar says: that's all conspiracy theorist NOISE, goddammit, and it's hard enough for me as it IS, layin' flat out on this saggy old busted couch, tanning in my TV's opioid moonglow, trying to scope out--beyond the Mt Fujiyama of my rhino-size fast-food belly--all of that hot lil' Paris Hilton as she boogies around on my cathode ray altar. Stop bothering me with your craziness about fluoride, anyways! So what if the guy what introduces that TOTALLY SAFE fluoride into my local water reservoir has to suit up like he's going to walk on the moon??? The American Dental Association says fluoride is good for us. Just like they said serious gum problems from mercury fillings, and allergic reactions, didn't (hardly) (almost totally never-ever) _ever_ happen, even when plenty of peer-reviewed scientific literature proved completely otherwise."

" Jeeze," Brother Nascar sayeth, "listen to Our Leaders and get a grip. You can't go around living your whole life in FEAR...how would you have a good time at DisneyWorld or the Firecracker 500 if you bought into that conspiracy stuff?"

" Lookit: even in the worst case, so what if next Monday the gub'mint announces they're going to levy a 15% War Tax on every single working Murkun, and when we kick up a fuss, they'll just shut down resistance by cutting off our water, via those remote-controlled T-valves? Shit happenz. Now, where the hell'd I put them cheeze-dipt pretzels?"

Taking my cue from Monsignore NasCar, I urge the reader to disregard Phelan, and even to disregard "thatcher collins." Heed instead the comfortable and canny Nascar, and be happy while the world again gradually bursts into flames from Pole to Pole. It's very shortly going to be time for us to revisit 1914 and 1939...the killers among us won't have their destructive urges thwarted as long as the party-hearty/Army Of One crowd.... are the majority of Murkuns.

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