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Old 03-10-2006, 10:17 PM
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Default Jew Student Entraps Teacher

He discussed the Israeli occupation, and Bush's servitude to Zionists

Jay Bennish
History teacher in Aurora, Colorado

Sean Allen Taped The Teacher-
Jewish Student deliberately entrapped teacher

Mike Rosen - Denver Talk Show Host Took The Tape National

Talk Radio's Craig Silverman At School-
"This teacher should be suspended and charged with sedition"

What Is All The Commotion?
This tape had nothing to do with Bush, Iraq, and WMD. This teacher was talking geo politics about invasions, and occupations. In the past he discussed the Bolshevik revolution, WW2, and on this tape, he discussed Israel, it's formation, the Palestinians occupation, and 9/11.

This taping was planned, and the equipment professional. Someone contacted the ADL, advice and guidance was given, and the student lead the professors into volatile areas.

Father And Son
Sean Allen, 16, who attends a Overland high school of Aurora, outside Denver, has made headlines across the country by recording the teacher lambasting President Bush.

His father took the tapes to the liberal media.

Mike Rosen-
This Denver talk show host took the tapes, and went nationwide.

Mr Bennish was a social studies teacher at Overland,and he was discussing the Palestine occupation, the Mideast, and the causes of 9/11

During the class, Bennish questioned why the United States is allowed to wage war in the Middle East but Palestinians are condemned as terrorists for attacking Israel. A student interjected that the United States does not single out civilians, unlike Palestinian terrorists. The teacher asked how Israel was created and pointed out that early Zionists used assassination and bombings to create their state.

Surveillance A Must

Daniel Pipes, Horowitz, and others are the promoters behind teacher surveillance.

Colorado Governor Is Outraged
Gov. Bill Owens praised the Overland High School student who taped a teacher. "What's interesting to me is the backlash" against Allen, Owens said on "The Mike Rosen Show".

"You assume that many of these students are fairly naive when it comes to public policy, and shouldn't be subjected to controversial subjects"

Allen's persecution could be a hate crime. Joe Farrah agrees.

Students Won't Back Down
The students say Allen is a just a Zionist snitch

The Family
Jeff and Patti Allen say, "This teacher crossed the line". The son is afraid to return to school because other students say he set the teacher up.

Students are saying:, "If Sean is so in love with Israel, then he should move there."

Zionists Now Watch High Schools
From grammar school kids being forced to read Anne Frank, to the lynching of the Tampa professor, to the Columbia Three, and now these greasy vampires have their claws in high schools. The only place you don't find these people is serving in Iraq.

Listen to the tape, the core subject starts at 9 min.


\"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.\"
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812)
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