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Old 04-25-2006, 04:02 PM
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Default Dealing With Demons

Iím sure a lot of you are dealing with demons on a daily basis now?
As some may know, now and since a while ago, demons have been flooding our world and predominantly going after people of love and faith.
Iíve had a lot (way too much) experience with demons of all kinds. I have been fighting each day. What? I donít know. Maybe thatís the point...

They are ever-present in a negative situation, as a catalyst or fuelling a dark and evil time. Either that, or they will create a source, by putting suggestions in your head - breaking you down until you believe them and end up exerting enormous amounts of negative energy for them to wallow in.

People say the best remedy is to purge them out in the name of Jesus Christ.
For me, I donít know WHY, but this doesnít work as well as I would expect. I donít know why! Maybe itís me...
But what does is to purge them out in the name of GOD. GET OUT! And I say it with God raising me up and above these evil things. And the might of GOD sends them flying at light speed.

Sometimes you can engage in conversation with them... Well almost always. And they are always out to screw up your life - no matter how sincere or friendly. Remember that.
I can sometimes 'hear' demons talking to other people. My own father was plagued by demons - terrible ones. People hear things like 'your wife is f**king 10 guys' - a real mean demon. Just ignore it. Or purge it out.

The ego is watered like a loved plant by demons. Why? Well, the ego can make someone do almost anything. It can shroud you from the truth and keep you in ignorance. I recently was woken out of an egotistical coma. I thought I had NO ego at all, when really I had a huge one. Remember to humble yourself in every respect, and let your only true strength be GOD. It will just get harder - so we must just get STRONGER!

Any other methods of dealing with demons?

Peace and Love :-)

Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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