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Old 01-29-2005, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

freeman wrote:
First, nothing is etched in stone when dealing with the NWO. They are neither omniscient or omnipotent, although they try to convey that image, since they are an elite minority trying to exert control over the majority. Their plans are therefore, fluid and not static, since even they cannot control every minute variable or paradigm. That being said, I have conlcuded that the next five years are critical, and the next year especially for the United States. If the Zionist agenda of the Bush neocons can be defused before it spreads to Iran, Syria or even Venezuela, that will be a major setback to the good cop/bad cop scenario of the NWO. If not, then the U. S. will be in danger of a catacylsmic retaliation probably perpetrated by the USSR under the sanction of the UN.
You know, very soon, the Free Trade of the Americas are expected to be signed by all the countries from North to South America this year, if not next year. The NWO elite wanted to ensure that it happen first, for the expressed purpose of consolidating, controlling and regulatng the continental American economies. The only roadblock to that FTAA framework is Cuba since Castro refused his country's participation with the organizers of the FTAA. Ironically, the free trade idea and the consolidation of national economies originated from Karl Marx, the father of international communism, the very ideology Castro followed to the letter. The NWO elite and the FTAA backers are now seeing Castro as an obstacle that must be removed somehow. Chavez of Venezuela is another question mark, due to his allegiance with Castro.

Once the FTAA treaty is signed by all the countries in the American continents, it would become an American Union, an economic union in name only. Not yet a complete political entity. The NWO elite wanted to see how the European countries would accept or reject the Constitution of EU (the first step to a complete political consolidation of the entire continent) this year.

The next step is the hastily arrangement by the NWO elite to form an Asian union throughout Asia. The Trilateral Commission's Japanese and Australian branches are working behind the scenes to make such arrangements with the Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Thai, Filippino and Indonesian folks through ASEAN chapter groups. The Russians have questions about an Asian union and may oppose it due to the country's proximity to the Pacific and Asia. The NWO elite desire to split Russia in half: the western Russia belonging to the European Union (Ukraine being the first step in getting western Russia to join the EU) and the eastern Russia/Siberia belonging to an Asian Union (a preferred desire by China). We'll see how that will goes.

An Islamic/African union is not that far off in the future but it may not be controlled by the NWO elite. An Islamic union in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia is the professed desire of many Muslim fundamentalists and followers, with a supreme Caliphate at its head. This is the dream/goal of Osama bin Laden: eliminate the Saudi rulers, get the Muslims to rise up and overthrow the national/secular leaders and establish Islamic republics looking toward Mecca, being the center of a political, religious and economic union under Islam. The only roadblocks to that are: the schism between the Shi'ites and the Sunnis, Israel, Turkey, the Kurds, the Christian Armenians, warlord feudalism, and the NWO elite.

An African union is another big question mark due to the volatility and chaos in most African countries, wrecked by diseases and wars. A quiet depopulation effort to eliminate most of the African population is already underway. This weekend's Davos World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the subject is all about Africa.

The idea is all about the LEGAL controls and consolidations of such economies in order to facilitate future political and military takeovers of the countries, all by legal means in the name of global security and peace. War and chaos in the affected countries may be necessary, yet the legal, political and diplomatic manipulations are another ways of getting or forcing the countries to accept takeovers in exchange for something "rewarding" or whatever that is.

The United Nations is on its last legs of international legitimacy. Future wars will kill the United Nations for good, just as the NWO elite wanted, so to place all the political-economic unions under the controls of a planned GLOBAL UNION. This can only be done after a limited nuclear war in the near future and unfortunately, it is already set in stone.
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