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Old 08-09-2006, 11:10 PM
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Default Re: Book of Revelations

Why people choose to reference this book confuses me non stop. Christianity teaches you that the Bible is not open to interpretation, what is written in there is fact. Therefore comparing modern conflicts or disasters and pointing to any vague chapter in the back of an old book is pointless. What will happen, IF it happens, will be as it is written so as not to cause confusion. Personally I dont believe it will happen and that John the Evangelist was too fond of mushrooms
Before bashing the Bible it ALWAYS pays to actually read it and ALSO...maybe...make a serious attempt at study of it.

Having spent the last year doing this with the help of a Masters in Theology and Philosophy student plus a former Russian Orthodox Monk I can plainly see the Word and action of God at work in this collection of books.

666 is right, as are others here on this thread...it is through the fufilling of divine prophecy that you will see the one true God. It appears history is not letting us down.

May i recommend the doco "Meddigio: The March To Armageddon". It is a good summary of what is to come.

The March To Armageddon

Armageddon will unfold probably over a 20-30 year period from now. A nuke before the end of the year with a BIGGIE to follow around 2011-12.

Christ warns us to "watch" as He would return as a "theif in the night". No man will know the final hour exactly.

Just to clarify...St John the Divine noted a few things which should make us immediately take notice that the end times are upon us. 1) That Jerusalem would be a "cup of trembling for the whole world". A "burdomsone stone". Was this the case even 60 years ago?
2) For the first time through nuclear weapons we have the ability to wipe out ALL life from the planet.
3) "Babylon The Great" or the world economic system is upon us.

...enough said just in that little tit bit. As 666 reminds us all of course..."and no one shall buy and sell without the mark".

Pretty scary eh BARBARIAN?

Who knows. Who can say it is all hopeless? Maybe we should ask God not to do it?

In the end it seems only a catastrophe will wake people up. :-)
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