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Old 08-15-2006, 08:13 PM
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Default The "Peak Oil" Fraud - An Industry Publication.

Somewhere in Head Office two execs are enjoying the fruits of their labour. They have been rewarded with a pay rise and hookers plus a load of coke from the boss. Why? Because the world faces a problem on a MASSIVE scale!

The World Is Running Out Of Oil!

Just ask Mike Ruppert. He'll tell you ALL about it.

But why you may ask have two oil industry execs been rewarded so handsomely? Because THEY discovered that the planet called Earth has a SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE!!!!!!!!!! Yes, thats right ladies...the oil and gas industry "forgot" to look at the other half of the planet!

That half includes Australia, Africa and South America. Just a little plot of land mind you. Wink

I applaud you guys! With oil at $75 a barrel it seems the oil industry has dusted off it's exploration boots and found oil! Texas T..."Git a hollerin and git Jeb and Ma over here! We're headin south!"

And I thought the Middle East was ALL about oil? Like "securing" the last known reserves? Well, someone give Gorgy Porgy a ring. Call off the dogs and head south young man!

Thats enough sarcasm...though their is never enough to go around for the endless scams of the oil and gas industry.

"Artificial Scarcity" is the scam and they are good at it.

Here is an Australian Publication of the oil and gas industry...

Here is the whole article...

Just note that header!!!!!!!!!! "Ye hahhhhhhh"...

High revenues? "Now" they can explore? Yeh, no doubt they can at $75 a barrel..."Money for nuthin and ya chicks for free"...

Nice map. Seems like West Oz is one GREAT BIG oil and gas field. How fortunate. Someone should send this to Ruppert and the "Round Table Group" sponsoring his endless shit about the..."end of the age of oil". Also note a VAST field is being explored to the South and East of the south west tip of West Oz off a place called "Bremer Bay".

Please!!!! Someone tell Ruppert! Wells dug are about the same in South America excluding Venezuala. Heaps of wells in Texas have been capped. VAST new "find" Wink starting in the Gulf Of Mexico and lets not forget why the Poms want those sheep islands called the Falklands...it aint becoz of the fine sheep but because of the massive oil reserves their. Lets not forget either the vast reserves RIGHT smack bang in the middle of the Balkans. The list goes on. They have so much of the stuff it's worth about $3 a barrel.

How the flip do they get away with the.."theirs no more oil to find" bollocks? Imagine Africa and South America's VAST untapped reserves. That aint no SMALL peice of real estate.

For a great set of articles detailing the complete and utter fraud that is "Peak Oil" please go to Dave McGowans site..."Centre For An Informed America". Issue 52 "CopVCia".

Also, read Thomas Golds "The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Abiotic Origens Of Oil".

Gold stole most of his work from Russian scientists.

The fact that oil is everywhere and in vast quantities should make us question the REAL reasons behind the U.S occupation of Iraq. Securing oil reserves sounds nice and will be accepted by people, even reluctantly. What people WONT accept is making the region safe for Israel to continue it's barbaric and "un-Biblical" occupation of Palestine.

But wait, theirs more...at it's ultimate end i believe the REAL reason is WAR. Pure WAR...distraction and the centralization of power. Oil scarcity will provide a fine excuse for war, destruction and in the spirit of Mazzini and Pikes letter...the destruction of Christondom, Islam and Judaism and the rise of the Humanist religion under the auspicious of the United Nations. Indeed, neo Communism is here...bearing flowers, a micro chip and a boot in your face.

Iran has been set up by the West through Europe and Russia. The poor, poor, fools.

Shalom. :-)

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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