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Old 08-18-2006, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: The evils of the Torah

God sanctioned the selling of ones daughter. How can any being tell another to literally sell their child into slavery? Disgusting! Exodus 21:7
When a female Israelite was sold, the owner essentially was engaged to her. In a sense, the money would act as a dowry. There was no physical relationship, and the couple did not share quarters during an engagement. An engagement could be broken off, but to do so was frowned upon. If a man bought a female slave to be betrothed to his son, then she would become a full daughter-in-law. http://www.marshcommentary.com/commentary/exo021.htm

Have you researched your on questions?

Genesis 38:10 God murders Onan for refusing to commit incest with his sister in law.
Incest??????? How could it be incest if they are not blood related?
The sin of Onan has generally been supposed to be self-pollution; but this is certainly a mistake; his crime was his refusal to raise up seed to his brother, and rather than do it, by the act mentioned above, he rendered himself incapable of it. We find from this history that long be fore the Mosaic law it was an established custom, probably founded on a Divine precept, that if a man died childless his brother was to take his wife, and the children produced by this second marriage were considered as the children of the first husband, and in consequence inherited his possessions.

You only live ...twice
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