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Old 08-22-2006, 04:40 PM
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Default Demons in the Bible

I found this post in a forum

A demon is not the same thing as an evil spirit. Atleast not according to many english translations of the bible, and also the greek manuscript. (i checked them on my bibleworks).

"For they are spirits of demons who preform signs"(Revelation). Noticed; 'this' of 'that' in spirits of demons.

The spirit proceed from the heart and goes through the mouth ("and he breathed on them and said, reveive thy holy spirit" - quote from jesus in some of the gospels). Words are living and every word the proceeds from a group of peoples' mouthes - is a cell within the spiritual creation that is about to be formed.

If to many people say to a person; "He is going to die", or "i am going to put him to death"; a spirit of death is created.

If many people say to the afflicted "he has had sex with animals" or some other false accusations. a spirit of accusation is created which comes to possess the afflicted.

I just gave name to a paranoid psychosis.

The paranoid psychosis is a living spirit. A spirit of death or a spirit of fear or a spirit of accusation.

All comes mostly, and unfortunatly hand in hand.

Demons in the bible are recorded everywhere.

Lilith is a female demon who translated to enlish means night monster. Lilith is are allowed to possess a person if he is witness to unpure sex such as analsex during pragnancy of a woman. An unclean spirit proceeds from the mouth of the woman who comes to possess the person who witness unpure sex (most often within the family), This allow the demon lilith to come and possess the person. A femal night monster who makes the person fixated with analsex. Femenine guys often got lilith before they get the identety Gay.

Se'irs or satyrs, are translated to devils or he-goats. They often comes in a par or in trio when possessing a person. These demons exorcise the powers of psychosis or spirits of fear, death, or accusation. all to tornment a person.

The following demons are all called serpent of the sea

Laviathan, is most often tranalated to the serpent of the sea, or dragon. and creates false knowledge of a persons sins. A person who is possessed by a laviathan often thinks he has done something he hasn't done.

Tannin is also translated to the serpent of the sea creates sleeping problems including depressions

Abaddon, is greek and means "the angel of the pit". The worst demon of them all. cast a person directly to a living hell here on earth.

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