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Old 08-25-2006, 08:27 PM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Does "Unlimited Free Speech" Ruin A Forum?

I used to believe ANYTHING goes on a forum. Then I learnt a good lesson from this forum...


The purpose of a forum is to "disseminate information". Their are people out their who dont want this info "disseminated".

How do these prevent info being disseminated?

1) Flood the front page with stupid posts to get a relevant article out of immediate view.

2) Attempt to sow discord between posters and drop the level of debate to infantile insults.

3) When a good post is up, flood the thread with endless hald assed articles that disagree...badly.

4) NEVER debate the topic in detail. Simply insult or disagree but never debate point by point.

These are just a few. I am guilty as hell on all the above points!

Club Conspiracy is regarded as a joke. Partly because of the religious tone. So be it.

Henry Makow owns a niche in the alternative news market which I believe deserves some good debate on this forum. Many disagree and berate him for not focussing enough on the "Jewish" only responsibility for all the ill's of the world...i lean ever so slightly towards Makow's view on things in this regard. The criminality of the Global Elite will not end with the passing of the Jew.

Makow writes good, easily read articles with research and references. Makow allows dissent and posts alternative views to his writings. I believe he deserves better with a higher level of debate on this forum.

I most humbly believe ADMIN should rule this forum with an iron fist. People who are here to annoy and insult should be struck off immediately, their posts removed. Any witty and entertaining "dust up's" should be moved to a purpose built "classic flame thread" for humourous relief from the Globalist grind.

Posted articles should be preceded with the posters personal view on the subject. This will encourage "independant thought" and discourage from posting endless articles which provide no depth to the debate and often cover the antics of the clever troll.

Lets ALL raise the level of debate and do some serious research for ourselves.

We're ALL human and anyone who knows me fom the past knows I have been the worst offender on this forum.

CC is not "free therapy" to let go of childhood repressed infantile rage issues because of an oppressive father. It is a place for debate and the learning of "real history" as opposed to white bread globalist junk history.

Again, I reiterate, i have been the worst offender and will probably offend again. We should strive for the highest values even if we fall short.

Best to all,

Brendon O'Connell
Western Australia.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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