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Old 09-01-2006, 04:41 PM
gerryduffett gerryduffett is offline
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Default Torture By Satellite / Texas / Jesus Mendoza





The cases below established on the federal record as a matter of fact that satellite radiation technology reserved for the military and national security is now in use to retaliate and torture those who denounce injustice. Exhibit A-1, demonstrates the swelling, pain and suffering caused on myself and on my family by radiation directed by satellite and which intensity is comparable to the radiation used by a microwave oven. Without knowing, many are the subject of harmful satellite monitoring and tracking. The power of those using this technology resides in the fact that most who become victims of this assault do not realize it, if they do, they are not likely to be believed and would be unable to stop the aggression. The US Attorney claims that the use of harmful radiation for surveillance of residences is legal. Sending a copy of this document to your State and federal legislators asking for an explanation to this case can help to stop this torture, can prevent that the same occurs to you or to your loved ones, and can spare lives and immense pain and suffering.

The case below proved as a matter of fact my mental stability and the fact that a retaliatory electronic aggression caused me severe physical harm for denouncing a law school scheme to defraud minorities of their federal loans, and to give law degrees to those affiliated with federal law enforcement and investigative agencies.

Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, W. Dist. MI., Case No. 5: 01 cv 93, (2003).

During the litigation of these cases it was established as a matter of fact that to benefit those engaged in fraud of federal funds and retaliation, a US Magistrate Judge altered the testimony of my wife to discredit the evidence of the pain and suffering caused on my children by high intensities of radiation inside our home. During the litigation of these cases a federal court of appeals recognized the harm caused by the retaliatory electronic aggression. During the litigation of these cases it was established as a matter of fact that federal agencies are using harmful satellite radiation technologies otherwise reserved for national security and the military to monitor activity of residences.

Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v John Ashcroft, (S. D. Tex.) Case No. M 03-38.

US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 04-40095.

Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Alberto R. Gonzales, U.S. S. Ct., Case No. 04-9908, (2005).

The case below is pending before the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Case No. 06-5108. On this case I am asking the Court an Order to compel the Defendants to cease and desist from using radiation during any investigation of my activities on the ground that the fact that Defendants? investigation is retaliation for denouncing fraud and judicial misconduct has been established by litigation as a matter of law. The Defendants insist on operating this technology without supervision, and they are attempting to derail any Congressional investigation over the use of satellite radiation for surveillance. On November of 2005, the Defendants sought an exemption to the Congressional ban on torture. On December 2005, the media exposed the use of secret satellite radiation eavesdropping programs to spy on Americans. In his effort to make this the perfect crime, the US Attorney General has threatened to imprison those who publish details of satellite spy programs. The case is pending before the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Keith Alexander, in his official capacity as director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden, in his official capacity as Director of the Central intelligence Agency, and George W. Bush in his official capacity as President of the United states of America, US District Court for the District of Columbia Non- Assigned case No. 06-0155, US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Case No. 06-5108.

Watching on a video screen, on real time, even the most intimate activities of persons inside a home or a moving vehicle via satellite appears to be science fiction. However, the fact that satellites are monitoring the activities of families and individuals by bouncing radiation from the targets on earth is a reality. The fact that this technology is being used by government technicians operating in secret rooms to torture and murder unsuspected victims makes satellite surveillance a cruel reality. This case demonstrates that there are no safeguards in place to prevent that the same mentality that tortured, maimed, and murdered women and children in concentration camps, use this technology to harm people in homes, vehicles, schools, courts, hospitals, and churches.

For many years directed radiation has been used as a weapon to commit perfect crimes. Directed radiation is silent, invisible, and can cause on unsuspected victims physical harm that can be blamed to natural causes. Even low intensity directed radiation can cause pain, sleep deprivation, swelling of vital organs, headaches, pain, allergies, diarrhea, breathing problems, convulsions and seizures, visual impairments, cancer, diabetes, irregular blood pressure, heart attacks, internal bleeding, birth and development defects, hyperactivity, crib death syndrome, mood swings, and unexplained fatigue, anxiety and irritability, and nerve damage.
This aggression can cause on unsuspected victims a slow agonizing death, impair the intellectual and physical abilities of the person, manipulate decision making and can lead to self- destructive conduct.

Radiation eavesdropping not only allows government technicians to pursue to manipulate behavior and pursue private agendas, and but allows the automatic collection of immense amounts of an individual뭩 information that can be used for evil purposes. Experts believe that the use of these technologies is cause for the greatest humanitarian concern, because it has caught our social institutions by surprise and silently and invisibly abrogates our constitutional liberties and protections. Only the State of Michigan and the State of Massachusetts have criminalized electronic assaults. However, these protections do not apply to government agents directing radiation by satellite to targets on earth. The widespread abuse of these technologies can be attested by victims from this area and by victims from around the country.

Patrick Korody, 밪atellite Surveillance within US Borders,?65 Ohio St. L. J. 1627. (2004);

John Fleming, 밫he Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance?

밪ome Aspects of Electromagnetic Weapons,?Synopsis prepared for the International Committee of the Red Cross Symposium, by David Guyatt, (1996);

Mark G. Young, 밯hat Eyes and Ears You Have!: A new Regime for Covert Government Surveillance,?70 Fordham L. Rev. 1017, (2001);

Christopher Slobogin, 밪ymposium Crime and Technology: Article: Technologically-Assisted Physical Surveillance: The American Bar Association Tentative Draft Standards,?10 Har. J. Law & Tec 383, (1997).

Exhibit A-1 illustrates swelling, pain, and suffering caused on our family by an electronic aggression in progress. Photo No. 1 shows both of my in-laws at the time the satellite aggression started. Photo No. 2 shows my in-laws during the satellite aggression, and before my mother-in-law was tortured to death. Photo No. 3, my father-in-law during the electronic aggression. Photo No. 4 shows how the swelling caused by exposure to radiation is displacing one of my eyes out of place. Photo No. 5, myself around the time the electronic assault started. No. 6. A picture of my three youngest children. Photos 7, 8, and 9, picture shows the swelling on myself and on my one year old daughter during the electronic aggression. Photo 10 a cartoon describing some of the radiation technology used to monitor activity even inside walls or in a moving vehicle.

Pain and suffering caused by this aggression on my children, and on others has been captured on video tape and is part of the federal record. Every day we live this torture. Please remember us on your prayers.

The article 밆eath by Satellite?details our tribulation. Send an Email to


for a free copy.

Jesus Mendoza

2202 E. 28th. St.
Mission, TX. 78574

Tel. 956-519-7140


All news to me.

Gerry Duffett


Toronto / Ontario / Canada

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