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Old 09-29-2006, 03:26 PM
redrat11 redrat11 is offline
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Default What could viewers of this site think?

Do people just "browsing" this site think we're all just racist nazis? Most likely yes! And that is why I think this ONCE GREAT CONSPIRACY FORUM has so few posters and viewers, It's all in the way they percieve this site, I'm by no means a racist, It's just the ignorance of so-called conspiracy buffs not knowing who really is behind the ONE-WORLD ORDER.

You can't really explain the NWO without bringing up the ZIONIST, this frustrates me because personally I'd like to see more posters on this forum. And if there happens to be a PASSER-BY reading this, try to understand I personally don't give a hoot about ZIONIST or ILLUMINIST or anyone connected with the NWO, I'm simply here to give my 2-cents worth of OPINION, that's all.

I'm a AMERICAN plain and simple, I believe in the sovereignty of the U.S.A. and the U.S. Constitution. The rest of the world is different and is in no way COMPARABLE to our system of goverment, whatever happens to this once great country, will no doubt effect your life as well, so that's all, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!

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Old 09-29-2006, 06:34 PM
ryle ryle is offline
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Default Re: What could viewers of this site think?

Indeed what would people think of this site? I admire your patriotism. However, the constitution is ambiguous and like the bible, open to interpretation or misinterpretation.

Obviously, decent citizens like yourself know the constitution by heart. Past presidents however, have invoked executive privelege thinking that it is their 'constitutional rights'. Everybody knows executive privelege is not codified within the constitution.

The Fifth Amendment is a clear case of 'damned if you do or don't'
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