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Default SWOOSH !

True story, very few believe me, names changed:
Comments anyone? Fire away.
Dear Karen,

Here is the true story of possibly the most important
event in my life, or one of the most important.
I will swear an Oath to God and will swear an Oath with my hand
on a Holy Bible that this is true, and that there is not
even one ounce of doubt in this, it is 100.0000% true
and is not even as low as 99.9999% true.

That the first time I met you after I came
out of Darren's office, I saw you and shook your hand,
while we were introduced to each other. What immediately
occurred as we shook hands is that an Incredibly Strong
burst of spiritual or divine energy was transferred from you to my whole body.
It pretty well knocked me high off my feet as it powerfully, rapidly
flowed, or a better term Swooshed throughout my whole body, from head to toe.
( It is a form of communication, that is not words, but 1,000 times clearer
and 1,000 times faster than human speech. It travels through
your body like a great emotional uplifting piece of orchestral music does.)

And this feeling or burst of energy "spoke" to me and said with
an Extremely High Degree of clarity, fidelity and
power, "words" similar to or meaning this:

"Hi, we have met previous to this life, it is nice to see you again,
and we are here to continue our relationship/contact/life-business."

This was not psychological energy or human energy this was
definitely Spiritual Energy or Divine Energy or God's Energy
or something of that sort.
By "previous to this life" I'm not saying I was a Carribean Pirate
or Roman Gladiator from a previous life. I mean there must be some
sort of "meeting" in Heaven with a group of souls
before we incarnate and come to Earth.

Then when I left and walked out in the hallway I said
to myself, "Wow, that is amazing, what just occurred.
Oh well better not say anything, better keep quiet about
it, nobody would believe you anyhow and they'll just call
you a nut." I did test the waters with you once or twice though and asked you,
"have we ever met before ( here on Earth )?"
You were certain the answer was no.

I have been thinking for a long time, and am sure now that I
have an obligation to tell you this story, and that in fact
anyone else who says it did not happen, then they are a nut, because they were
not in my shoes, they are not me, so how could they say that?
Also would these very same critics laugh at 50 million church-goers
and call them crazy because they believe in an
"Invisible Man in the Sky"?

I was not at the time spiritually mature enough
to know that this was a warning or signal that something
significant would happen to me because of this person.
That fact is that being pushed off a financial cliff by Karen
is the worst thing to happen to me in my life by a factor of ten. Even
by a factor of one hundred.

I read about this type of Spiritual event, and it is explained very well,
in this book(s), trilogy:
Sylvia Browne's Journey of the Soul Series
ISBN 1561709409 ( Yes, I know it's not considered a real Christian book,
but under the New Age category. )

So now I see what's happened. To make a long story short
without meeting you, I would not have had a sequence of events occur that
led or forced or "shepherded" me to discovering True Biblical Christianity
( it's not about religion, or what you see on TV, mass media, or church buildings )
the most important knowledge a person can ever learn.

So to me this story is so important because
I must be one of a few people on earth who 100.0000 %
for sure know that life/soul continues after a person dies of old age.
How many people can claim that or know that, with absolute certainty,
because they found out through a physical event?
It does not seem like many people have had that experience,
so that is a great gift to me.


...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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