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Old 10-25-2006, 09:35 AM
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Default Will Americans have a voice if Democrats take over Congress?

Although its a scary proposition if the Democrats take over one or both houses of congress, it's worse if we don't manage to get rid of the bad Republicans, and that is the majority of them. We will continue to suffer the ongoing scorched earth policy that the Republicans have thrust upon us, and many Democrats also helped with.
I have voted for both parties in the past, I try to make an educated choice when it comes election day, there's times I was somewhat happy in my choices, but most times I feel like I got short sheeted.
As I see it, there are a few different courses our country will take, the Republicans knowing their past deeds, will have a major calamity occure in America, claiming that it was done by Alquida or Iran, always expect an October Surprise, thus elections will be cancelled, and Martial Law will be enforced.
Second possibility is that the voting booth will again be nothing but a fraud, and the numbers again just won't ad up.
Third possibility, would be that the Democrats do regain congress, but strangely enough, they will forget the past deeds of the last few years, they will forget convieniantly that they have the power to investigate past corruption, and instead of restoring our country to a time before the Republicans took control of DC, they'll only want to work on issues of healthcare, education, economy and immigration reform, the latter is the scariest topic, because they think like Bush wanting to have open amnesty for those who have broke the laws to get into this country.
So as it stands, we will either be voting for Fascist or Socialist, or hopefully a third party candidate manages to gain the respect of the people, which I admit is doubtfull since most states treat independant parties like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, just not welcome to partake in the game of debate, truly democracy hypocracy.
I know of one candidate that I will vote for that is in the Libertarian party, but besides him, I can only do what I think is our only chance to gain redress of greivances from our politicians again, and sadly thats to vote Democrat.
If we let the Republicans keep control of the workings of this country, we are deffinately screwed, and it will be the last nail in the coffin for America, and possibly the world, if the Democrats get in we can start a front on them directly, demanding that they were put into office to save our country, and that we will not except anything less.
First we need to be clear, we need to be united, we can be a force against tyranny, if we speak loudly enough, there are many things we need to hold their feet to the fire on, and we will remove them also if they don't start taking our concerns credibly.
One of the main things we need to do is to make sure that the internet stays neutral, and the FCC and big business fail at taking our last vestage of free speech away, if we lose the freedom of the internet, we will be subjected to
only have marches to get out our message, and if our media continues to not report on these marches, we will have no voice whatsoever.
We need to make sure that they only make who we want as the heads of the comittees and not just someone that has been there since dust was created, and they need to show that were not just going to get a load of closed door politics, we want transparency in government.
We can control this countries destiny, but we must first send a clear message that we will not tolerate an Orwellian America.

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