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Old 12-08-2006, 06:17 AM
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Default Is Daddy Bush's Illegal Financial NWO Empire Collapsing?

Too Good To Be True: Is Daddy Bush's Illegal Financial NWO Empire Collapsing?

Yes, according to Michael C. Cottrell and the Wanta group trying to recover $4.5 trillion of off shore money for the American people. Further, photos uncovered by former NYPD detective showing Bush Sr. allegedly involved in huge White House pedophile ring.
6 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

It's been a bad couple of days for George H. Daddy Bush as, according to inside sources, his Illuminati financial empire is collapsing before his evil eyes while, at the same time, a photo recently surfaced showing him pictured with Johnny Gosch, a 1982 child kidnapping victim involved in the much talked about White House pedophile ring.

For those Americans who read the 'real news' and not the New York Times, Daddy Bush has for a long time been considered as the New World Order kingpin in America and the key point man for the Vatican-led Illuminati efforts to destroy America from within.

Although Bush has been the center of controversy in most every major American scandal since the JFK assassination, he has escaped prosecution or even harsh criticism in the mainstream press since he has been well protected by a virtual wall of criminals in the same manner the Teflon Don or mafia boss, John Gotti, insulated himself from prosecution through bribery and murder.

But since all empires fall as did Gotti's, Bush's Satanist stranglehold on America may be in jeopardy if what two insiders say is finally acted upon by an American public fed-up with fascism brought on deceptively by the Bush family ever since the National Archives and the U.S. Congressional Record documented former Sen. Prescott Bush, as being a Nazi traitor while financing Hitler.

Although it is hard to imagine Daddy Bush as broke and penniless after stealing trillions of dollars of off shore money as documented in the Leo Wanta story, Wanta's financial agent said his sources said Bush Sr. was actually reduced to tears Tuesday when he learned much of his stolen financial empire, held in Vatican Bank accounts, has been lost through complicated financial transactions related to the unpaid $4.5 trillion owed Ambassador Wanta as well as the American people.

Cottrell would not elaborate on how Bush lost trillions of illegal dollars he has amassed since the end of the Cold War, but said he was told by credible sources he "cried like a baby" when he learned much of his stolen empire had been wiped-out.

"I can't get into specifics but let me tell you this," said Cottrell from his East Coast home Tuesday late Tuesday evening. "We are going to get the $4.5 trillion but this country is headed for the worst financial nightmare since the depression due to the amount of thievery by Bush and the last three presidential administrations."

Cottrell ended speculation that the Vatican was involved in the Wanta settlement as he mentioned Bush recently communicated with Vatican officials as a last ditch effort to save his empire. With Cottrell's comments, speculation has been reduced to more hard evidence that the Vatican, with its major real estate holdings worldwide, is deeply involved in the efforts to destroy freedom and financial prosperity in America along with New World Order minions like Bush.

"Bush has a lot of his money tied up with the Vatican," added Cottrell. "I was also recently contacted by Vatican officials, telling us that the Wanta money would released in a matter of days."

Although verbal assurances have been made to release the $4.5 trillion to Wanta which would jump start the American economy, nothing has come to fruition since the promises were made in mid November.

"The next two days are critical," added Cottrell, "and once something happens, I will come on your radio show (The Investigative Journal) to explain what is happening behind the scenes. I will say this Bush's financial empire is crumbling."

If what Cottrell says is true about Bush, Americans still need a full accounting of all the perpetrators, including those in the Vatican hiding behind the robes of Jesus, involved in the biggest bank heist in financial history, amounting to more than $100 trillion dollars of off shore more illegally used for covert purposes to essentially destroy America since the end of the contrived and phony Cold War.

One Arctic Beacon reader who is following the Wanta story, said: "It sounds too good to be true but we will have to wait and see because I know for a fact the Vatican or those in power in Washington want nothing good to happen to America or its people."

Besides Daddy Bush's supposed financial headaches, Jim Rothstein, a former New York Police Detective who investigated the huge pedophile scandal in the late 70;s and 80's which continues today, reported on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, than a photo was uncovered, showing Bush with Johnny Gosch, kidnapped in 1982.

"We haven't gone public with the photo but it was sent to Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother, who has been trying to find her son since 1982," said Rothstein Tuesday when he appeared as a guest on The Investigative Journal. "I have been helping her try to uncover the huge pedophile ring which took her son for the last two years and the recent photos that surfaced showing Johnny and other kids bound a gagged was a big break-thru.

"The one picture definite shows Bush Sr. and I know they will try to hit us hard and discredit us once we go public with it. The source is credible and connate be revealed for obvious reasons, but the Noreen is being discredited by the media while the FBI is in charge of protecting the high level officials involved instead of trying to help Noreen find out what happened to her son, Johnny, who was caught up in the biggest pedophile ring in our country involving our top leaders.

"I have never stopped trying to get at the truth even after I was forced out of the NYPD since my investigations uncovered the Vatican and Cardinal Spellman were involved with high level politicians. Spellman was in fact the most evil and biggest criminal degenerate of them all, according to many of my credible informants. He was well protected and one of the most powerful men in America, controlling our own government.

Greg Szymanski


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