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Old 12-28-2006, 01:31 PM
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Default Re: Zeta

BlueAngel wrote:
It seems you are delusional.

It seems you are trying to project a reaction that I am not having in an attempt to instill that response in me.

It seems you are attempting to bring me down to your "pathetic" level of interaction and communication. You're inept social skills.

It seems you are attempting to cause some type of emotional disturbance, distress, etc.

This is quite commom of a mind control handler/controller/manipulator.

I am deprogrammed and integrated.

But, continue, if you must. You certainly do know how to make a FOOL of yourself.

In Peace,
I know that you are not deprogrammed.

I know you are not integrated.

You manifested a motherly alter that is not integrated into your other alters.

You may in fact be totally schitzophrenic and be unaware of one alter to the other.

I am quickly learning how to exact Control over your various alters.

The sex/slave alter seems to be the strongest within you. And it implies that you are still being controlled by it. It is a demonic consciousness that has taken over a certain channel of the mind. But it is there.

You are clearly being forced to work at this board. Part of you wants to contemn others for being on some 'pathetic' level, but you know within you that you are really the pathetic one. And this troubles you, so you must make others feel badly to make yourself feel a little better about your abased station in life.

There does seem to be some good news in all of this, though. I am learning how to control and manipulate you. I consider this a blessing that will be most useful down the road.
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