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Old 02-16-2005, 06:27 AM
marypopinz marypopinz is offline
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Default Re: US Job Loss - NWO Design – Definitely!

I had the displeasure of watching how these bastids do what they do, this summer.

Some 20 years ago, legislation was introduced stating that the telephone company must remain, by law, in the hands of Nova Scotian's.

Just like insurance companies and banks being outlawed as bed-buddies - the assholes in the legislature - the MLA's - changed the law.

Maritime tel and tel was the company I grew up with for phone service. The CEO was fed many millions to sell out his employees into the baby step of amalgamating the maritime provinces into Alliant, to provide our phone services for this eastern block of four provinces. Big mistake.

Next, it is ma bell, the bitch, who is set to take over. Now ma Bell, in all her esteem, removed HUMAN RESOURCES from the accounting books, in her own company. That was the first big slice of saving wages.

Then there is the normal investment budget for repairs, i.e. Toronto worth billions, that is to be slashed. No money in the budget for repairs anymore. Someone sure is thinking smart, eh? My brother worked for the bitch, I know.

Next is the employees. How did bell the bitch achieve this. Leave her MTT employees how many years without a contract? Then threaten to outsource... the union voted to strike which is what the company wanted. The agenda was to drain the strike fund of the millions it had built up. The strike fund was drained dry for legitimate striker's pay and then they went back to work, broken, with a contract that promises outsourcing. Their own CEO sold them out.

The Nova Scotia media played their role in this Mohawk formula of media corruption. Circle all the indians around and close in. That's what the newspapers here did. It was pathetic to say the least. Not a single newspaper or journalist spoke out except against the employees who were fighting to keep these jobs in Nova Scotia. The public did not understand what that meant or what it would mean for their children and the future of the province.

Here's a joke for you. In England, I can call 192 or 193 and speak to both local and international operators.

Here in canada, the canadian operator has to speak for me. They will hang up the line if you attempt to speak directly to an international operator???

I think I can say that this smells faintly big brother to me. MT&T has become ma Bell - the bitch. Sad.

And finally, as with what I noticed in British Mail and most other companies and crown corporations that are being fleeced - I'd bet my bottom dollar the pension funds are being siffened as we speak. Appropriated elsewhere for "repairs" to CEO's bank accounts.

Is this fair and just?


How many of them lost their homes over that strike? Does Bell care? Did the media educate the people as to the truth?

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