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Old 02-16-2005, 08:49 AM
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Default a view from england

i repost this from dr makow's weekly column, btw if you havent seen this weeks be sure to go the letters from readers are very interesting, like the one i am reposting here. www.savethemales.ca

February 16, 2005

I am 21 and recently graduated from a very left-wing/liberal university here in the UK. Although I have never previously been of a nationalist or conservative political orientation, I often feel that I am living in Stalinist Russia (not "Great" Britain), and do now have some sympathy for the increasingly targeted traditionalist/nationalist cause.

I'm not sure how well acquainted you are with current developments in Britain, so I will try to give a rough idea of the globalist approach to this part of the world from my own perspective.

About 2 years ago, I began to find myself (like many people out there) feeling increasingly disturbed and alienated by the rate at which "diversity", "globalism" and "multiculturalism" are being systematically imposed on every aspect of our daily lives.

These measures range from the images and programmes relentlessly presented to us by state-controlled broadcasting (the BBC) through to employment policy and the proposed Religious Hatred Bill (which will effectively stymie any attempts to debate or criticise religion- most notably Islam).

The bias is being pushed to such a degree that it appears to many people that while dubious minority interests (most notably, "Islamic needs") are heavily indulged, indigenous traditions and fundamental civil liberties are being systematically ridiculed and eroded by our government and media.

Moreover, it appears that there is also a definite hierarchy of minority interests that is emerging, with gay interests at the bottom of the heap and the (often vociferously expressed) needs of the rapidly expanding Muslim population at the pinnacle.

Indeed, to cite one recent example, it has transpired that all schoolchildren taking RE classes in state schools will now be required to write and utter the conventional Muslim blessing "peace be upon him" (pbuh) after the name of Mohammed. These numbers will no doubt include the indigenous British children who are growing up in a society in which they are to be censured for displaying their national flag, or indeed for opposing the globalists' centralisation of power through the EU. The charge levelled at them will be, of course, "racist" or "xenophobe".

What should concern us most, however, is not so much the decline of particular national traditions or symbols (after all, culture is always fluid to some degree), but the forces behind this process and the end to which it is directed.

These concerns of mine were effectively crystalised when I "woke up" (about 18 months ago) to the New World Order and the satanic/Luciferic conspiracy. Quite by chance, I had come across some of David Icke's research and this in turn led me to sites such as yours.

The astonishing facts that I came across facts have tapped into so many concerns that I had about society (e.g. lack of spirituality, the rise of consumerism etc) and have greatly helped me to see through the deceptions of the contemporary "liberal" academic brainwashing process. For that I am very grateful, both to you and the all other people out there who are working to expose this web of deception.


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