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Old 03-13-2007, 12:14 AM
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Default Enema Kombatants

do any of you out there think that UaSSeh is tooooo powerful??well.. maybe not....if you want to hurt the UaSSeh.. all you have to do is STOP buying shit Made in UaSSeh.. don't go to amerikan movies.. don't waste your hard-earned CA$H buying musiK! you are making movie producers, music companies.. actors and musicians RICH! amerika is having a CA$H KRUNCH!.. they are running short of MONEY (that they PRINT!).. ppl in the international community don't WANT amerikan money anymore.. if you are tired of the WARrior UaSSeh ... stop supporting them.. don't use so much GAS-o-LEAN, petrOleum.. don't lubricate the pockets of the huge multi-national corporations.. that support DEM-rePUBlikans.. it's doesn't matter which party gets in power.. if amerikans were SMART... they would just elect Ralph Nader.. i think he would clean up the corruption.. (eventually).. it is so widespread (like a bloody virus) that it would take decades to eliminate all the rampant corruption that exists in WASHington.. and has flowed to the furthest reaches of the world.. followed by big business .. the conglomerates that are BIGGER than any one country on Earth.. money is what lubricates the wheels of corrupt gov'ts.. the world over... secrecy and military power (and voting "irregularities") is how they keep their power.. remember "Power corrupts... absolute power corrupts absolutely!".. you think your vote means NoThing?.. well, you are right.. BUT if you vote with your wallet, your kredit kard.. your shopping preferences.. your choice of entertainment.. if you all boycott the SAME thing.. your CA$H is more important than your VOTE! becuz that is what big business and big government thrives on.. the Almighty DoLLaR! we can all make a difference.. BUT if we all make a little difference, it adds up to a HUGE difference.. if we all treat the UaSSeh like the Pariah it is.. we can do the same thing as the UaSSeh did to Cuba... EMBARGO!!! EXCLUDE the UaSSeh from all world business.. commerce.. the UaSSeh has exploited every country on the planet.. for raw materials.. cheap labour.. mass consumerism.. we are all just "Kustomers" for american commercialization.. they make the laws to help themselves.. they enforce only those that benefit them.. copyrights.. patents.. NAFTA..WTO... they have the money for lawsuits.. a mess of lawyers.. they could bankrupt nearly any country with lawsuits lasting decades.. even if the UaSSeh loses.. they appeal and appeal and appeal decisions for decades.. they can afford to drive any company and country out of business.. the UaSSeh wants to monopolize all commerce.. drive any competition into bankruptcy.. to the point where it's no longer feasible to compete with the UaSSeh .. well.. since the UaSSeh wants to be the Big Honcho.. the Big Cheese.. i say let them be.. BUT they cannot force us all to do their bidding.. the UaSSeh is the MAJOR manufacturer of military supplies, armament, ammunition.. that is WHY it is essential to the UaSSeh to keep WARS and violence going and battle terrorism all over the world.. it is just good BUSINESS for them to instigate wars, propagate wars.. keep them going for decades.. when one war finally ends .. they will start 2 more WARS elsewhere in the world.. note that the UaSSeh will NVR fight a war at home.. (Thus "preemptive strikes").. american citizens would nvr tolerate "collateral damage" @ home.. the population of the UaSSeh must be kept in FEAR in order for them to ALLOW their children to fight in the military .. in distant parts of the world.. very difficult to justify 1000 dead teenagers in Iraq fighting for OIL??? so it's non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.. trying to connect Osama bin Laden with Saddam Hussein?? eventually the wool covering the eyes of americans becomes so thin.. it's difficult to cover up the deceptions (America made Saddam a tin dictator to fight Iran).. the Scapegoat (would u attack anyone that you thought had NewClear Weapons?).. then there will always be the NEXT atrocity.. the next 9/11... another terrorist group.. as long as Osama bin Laden is NEVER captured.. there will be a continuing threat.. to the UaSSeh..

-- an enema kombatant 8-)

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