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Old 04-18-2007, 05:10 AM
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Default Political trials being held by Tony Blair - U.K.

Charity Sweet | 15.04.2007 15:53 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression | Terror War | London | World

Friday the 13th: 2:00 p.m. listing for court room 4.

Sorry, there are three lay magistrates in this courtroom who might be impartial... off you go... Courtroom 2 for me and Jago and that indignant, arrogant, asshole DJ Snowjob

The Ten complacencies of a bent bench:

Let's examine the record to date...

Did not recieve dodgy summons through the post as Jago's, Tucker's and my summonses pertaining to October 30 "offences" were all three sent to dodgy addresses, signed by the bent DJ Evans. Was he hoping to set out warrants when we didn't show? Mistake number 1.

Last Monday's court date moved to last Friday.

Musical courtrooms once again... must sit in front of Evans and be forced to make a plea at 6:00 p.m. without any advanced diclosure. Mistake number 2.

My McKenzie friend of choice, Tucker, has been banned from Westminster Maggots Court and I have been denied legal aid as I did not pass the "interests of justice" test? Mistake number 3 and 4.

Snowjob states that because, "I have the power", I was thrown into the dock and denied my legally entitled right to sit at the defense desk as I had no legal representation. Mistake number 5.

Once Jago declares himself my McKenzie friend to Snowjob, he is also ordered into the dock, under protest. Mistake number 6.

There are no files pertaining to both our cases for last weeks kangaroo court and this weeks, in the possession of the CPS. Mistake number 7 and 8.

SNOWjob and bendy-boy Evans have intentionally delayed both cases until the end of the day so as there were no persons present in the gallery or in the courtroom, to witness their perverse proceedings. Mistake number 9.

The crooked CPS eventually produced a defense copy of evidence for myself and not for Jago, after we were told that Tucker, Jago and myself would be tried together for the great offence of telling the truth.

My copy is two inches thick and I can only find two paragraphs pertaining to myself? The entire "GET TUCKER" file is full of correspondence between Tucker and the powers that be in reference to Tony's white elephant a.k.a. Tucker's notification that confounded his crap legislation of a gag order on free speech - SOCPA. Mistake number 10.

What a steaming pile of shit. Gonna make a great book for the public to read. You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

This rather reminds me of a little problem I had with corruption in Canada...

The contractors who were fixing my home through an insurance claim were knowingly billing for work that wasn't done. Some asshole had the grand idea to have the insurance company make the cheque out to myself and the contractors, expecting me to sign it over, making me complicit in their crimes.

I told the insurers exactly what was going on, and was told by said agent, "Sign it. Don't worry, you won't be implicated. I never signed and they sent a wrecking ball through my life. Maybe if I were a Mason, I would have recieved better treatment. Go figure.

Get the picture? This asshole government of Tony's cannot achieve a single conviction on Tucker despite over 100 allegations of criminal activity... Tucker stating "stop killing the children." So now they are trying to get her through her mates, making us complicit in their kangaroo court of lies and deception.

I will not be complicit in any criminal activity on behalf of this government. I will not participate in a kangoaroo court where the judge is bent as hell and where he has already tried and convivted me, in his own small little weansy mind, before the trial even begins. Furthernore, to use criminal proceedings against myself, in a feeble attempt to secure a conviction against Tucker, is as slimy and as low as any magistrate can go. What else would I expect from the Maggots at Horseshit Road?

DJ SNOW - KISS MY ASS. I would call you a wanker but I doubt you have any balls nor any male equipment. Furthermore, I doubt you have the dexterity or the agility to do anything other than bend the laws of this great land for your master, Meister Blair, and pervert the course of justice through your gross abuse of process within the Westminster Maggots Court.


Charity Sweet XXX

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