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Old 02-27-2005, 05:19 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

NASA's Hanky-Panky:

Virtual Reality Technology

In keeping with modern man's proclivity to solve all his problems and achieve all his goals by using evermore cutting-edge technology, NASA stands out as a recognized leader. The new technology with which the NASAesque dream of administering the coup de grace to Bible credibility centers on the mind-fooling, hyper-deceptive technology of "Virtual Reality" (VR). (HERE)

This VR technology--virtually unknown before 1989--entered the 3rd millennium flexing its muscles and eager to carry out NASA's mission to remove God from the Origins business.

On the Net, Chris Chesher has posted an excellent summary of the birth and early growth of the VR phenomena (entitled: "Colonizing Virtual Reality"). NASA became an enthusiastic prime mover in developing the VR technology from the beginning. The reasons for NASA's embrace of VR are not hard to grasp in light of the stated goals of its Origins Program. (See: NASA's Agenda....HERE)

VR Development and NASA's Early Role

Consider some of the language used by experts to describe the computer-programmed Virtual Reality Space Technology and its potential:

"A work of art", "a dream", "an additional reality", "a new continent", " a new reality", "a new kind of experience", "inventing reality", "new form of space", "frontier colonization", "virtual worlds", "computer generated immersive technology", "consensual hallucination using graphical representation of data", "liberating potential of VR which can bring a new kind of Spiritual understanding", "computers are...media", "VR...a gateway into another reality", "cultural alchemy", "computers are...reality generators", "Voomies" (VR representations)...better than film", "Realism is a cultural construction dependent on time, place, & technology", "intuitive molecule design...demonstrates usefulness of VR in theoretical science", "VR...a new space for liberation and universal understanding", "VR's appeal... computers can be reality generators", "The VR fraternity...[has put] VR at the apex of the historical process"....

These rhapsodic assurances from several qualified sources tell us what VR technology means to its devotees. They tell us what VR is doing and what it is capable of doing. Obviously, in the minds of its fans, this technology is not just a paradigm shift in the role of computers. Oh no! It's much more than that! These advocates are talking about making real what is not real! They are talking about adding a revolutionary dimension to computer use which involves the black art of mind control. The critical questions that must be raised here are: Who creates this new reality that is not real? Who is doing the inputting of information that is to be presented as real when it is not real? What philosophy or religion lies behind what is created and programmed into the computer operated technology?

Well, while the answers to those questions are not readily available, they can still be discovered on the Internet Information Highway. As Chesher reports:

"The first virtual environments were created at NASA in the mid 1980s. Michael McGreevy incorporated science fiction visions into the NASA research in the mid-80s on VIVID (Virtual Visual Environment Display). Interfaces... were relevant for NASA in remote manipulation...."

NASA's eager participation in VR's development from its earliest days helped give the technology more respect than its originators could give. Indeed. it is common knowledge that those originators of VR's broad scope of possibilities were largely counter-culture folks in California who were sick of the Viet Nam war and its legacy and were looking to create a new reality inside a computer. The name "Cyberpunks" was coined and hung on these folks who "...represented a merging of science fiction and bohemia. It was a culture interested in high tech developments, mind expansion, science fiction, computer hacking, alternative music, alternative health, drug culture, and sexuality. VR was very attractive to this audience." When NASA's big respectable names (Sagan, Famous Astronauts...) and big respectable budgets (billions of dollars) joined the Cyberpunk chorus of hallelujahs for VR, the image and the technology began to improve. Still, even after VR got to be taken seriously by some establishment businesses and the military, etc., Barlow could continue to write in 1990 that: "...cyberspace is...crawling with delighted acid heads".

Anyway, enough background. It's time to see how NASA is applying and plans to apply VR technology to its Origins Program goal of finding "real" extra-terrestrial life "out there" and bring an end to the Creation/evolution controversy. Let's go to:

The Hanky-Panky Part

"Hanky-Panky is a synonym of "Deception" (also: chicanery, fraud, trickery...). Any one of these connotations fits what NASA is doing and plans to do to cause its Origins Program to succeed.

New Telescope Technology

Old telescopes brought far away things up close. Old cameras faithfully took pictures of things just as they were (albeit inverted).

Not any more! Space Age computer-programmed simulation technology in the service of NASA has changed all that. Leaving camera development for later, here are some strange features of Space Age Telescopes in use in the late 20th century and presently.

Whether small or huge, mirrors are the heart of a telescope. The image one sees is determined by the mirrors that reflect it. Look at the caveat on the rear-view mirror on the passenger side of your car. It has this warning: "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear". Think what can be done with this simple principle in making close stars appear far away! But that is child's play compared to distortions of reality that NASA is using in its space telescopes! The new NASA computerized telescopes embody "conical foil X-ray mirrors...affixed in a Broad Band X-Ray Telescope" and "spherical mirrors and a field flattening lens" and "pyramidal mirrors" and "parabolic mirror's effects" and "aluminized mylar thermal covers...over the mirror aperture" and "reflectivity tests on sample foils" and "tests on small mirror segments" and "back scattering from adjacent reflectors".... "Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)...allows us to simulate perfect mirrors".... "reflective and refractive materials are used for the mirrors and lens...to make a real world simulation".... "CSG...computer code...CONSTRUCTS 3D worlds"....

These kinds of contrivances (and an alphabet soup of other telescope features) are designed and computer programmed to produce simulations. They are employed on the Virtual Newton Telescope, the William Herschel Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope, etc. (Hubble repairs in Dec. '99 included "the installation of a new 'brain'...swapping its old computer for a new one." Now we can oooh and aaah at the simulated images programmed into it to prepare us for the pre-planned super dazzling virtual reality "discoveries" of evolving life forms from "out there". Reports of Hubble discoveries "as distant as galaxies 10 billion light years away' (Give us a break, please!) are products of pre-programmed Saganesque hallucinations, i.e., lies. Viewing computer prepared objects produced by funny mirrors and spectroscopic ultra violet tricks may be cool, but it ain't real.

But Hubble et al is old stuff. Just wait till NASA gets its New Generation Space Telescope (NGST) on line! This baby is designed to be a Virtual Reality generator, par excellence! When it gets cranked up, it will transmit all sorts of visual "evidence" of life forms from Mars on out to deep space. It's going to be so exciting, so goose-bumpy, seeing evolution confirmed. Ooooh, my, my; I 'taint hardly 'tand it.... Knowing at last "for sure" that we are just animated microbes on a cosmic piece of dust in a sea of galaxies due to implode in a few billion years.... It warms your heart, I'll tell ya. What joy to be convicted by real fake pictures that God is dead at last, finally done in as atheist philosopher Nietzsche prophetically said in the 1880s: "We have killed Him with our science".

And Jesus! Boy oh boy, did we ever finally get rid of that imposter! Hah! And the Bible [and Koran] with all that talk about a Satan who is allowed to deceive the whole world.... Kaput finally.... Just look at those pictures on CNN....

Pictures? Ah yes, cameras. We musn't forget the cameras fitted on the telescopes. They are doosies, as we shall see momentarily. But first a few more jewels of enlightenment about telescopes and the counterfeit reality they are designed to produce:

On NASA's "related links" on the "Infoseek" search engine, feast your eyes on this pseudo-scientific chicanery:

"Virtual Reality IS A COMPUTER-CREATED ENVIRONMENT that simulates a real-life situation."

"...a data base can REPRESENT almost anything..."

"...powerful computer with sophisticated graphics renders a `world', often in 3D, that creates precisely what the data prescribe."

"...cyberspace worlds that exist only in THE ELECTRIC ETHER..."

"NASA research psychologist Elizabeth Wenzel...expects to add 3D sound to VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS...."

"NASA Administrator Daniel Saul Goldin...planned the installation of the 'contact lens' on the Hubble Telescope...leading to startling discoveries..." (Goldin update: HERE)

"NGST [New Generation Space Telescope] Mission Simulator (NMS)...pre computed reports that were CREATED..."

"...counterfeit world of electronic virtual reality..."

Other searches revealed these pertinent additions:

"...distributed optics opens a world of possibilities as to HOW TO CONFIGURE THE MULTIPLE SMALL MIRRORS IN THE [computer programmed] SYSTEM."

"The New Generation Space Telescope...is designed to produce 'a pretty ratty image that looks like an interference pattern'..." Then the question: "Why would one possibly want to form an interference pattern rather than a picture? [Answer] Because with the help of a computer A SERIES OF INTERFERENCE PATTERNS CAN BE COMBINED TO FORM A PERFECT IMAGE. And this 'SYNTHESIZED IMAGE' will get sharper and sharper. There is no fundamental limit to this TECHNIQUE...of ultimately...perhaps giving the human race a glimpse of the features of ANOTHER WORLD VERY MUCH LIKE OUR OWN!"

Another page is entitled: THE IMAGE WARPER. This tells how "...algorithm permits USER SPECIFICATION OF GEOMETRIC TRANSFORMATIONS by using two or more control segments at a time.... Users can CREATE more complicated transformations, etc... The NECESSARY INFORMATION IS JUST ENCODED INTO THE TELESCOPE...."

Another report spoke of "multilayer mirrors in each telescope" and what they can do. Then: "...it may be preferable to encode ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION INTO THE EXISTING TELESCOPE...." ETC.

Now for the Funny Cameras...

The work of very high tech cameras is implicit in the final product of all these quasi-telescopic dynamics, of course. A little sample of the camera's integrated functions (with the funny telescopes) will help round out an appreciation of the Brobdingnagian Hornswoggle that the leaders of NASA's now respectable Cyberpunks have prepared for the world.

The ROSAT Wide Field Camera [et al] is involved here: "We present optical identification...of previously unidentified extreme ultraviolet (EUV) sources discovered with the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer.... ROSAT...identifies active, young, late-type stars...and catalogs 'unclassified stars'."

WFPC2 Planetary Camera Simulator...: "...to extract information about the faint end of the Luminosity Function, A MEANS OF CREATING SIMULATED IMAGES IS NEEDED. For this I have written a program TO MAKE A SIMULATED IMAGE.... This program takes into account a number of features of the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, SPECIFICALLY THE PLANETARY CAMERA PART. The general outline is:


Fill the image with stars

Divide the image with the flat field

Add poisson noise to the image

Add gaussian real-out noise to the image

Add bias to the image

Save the histograms [graphs of frequency vibrations] of the raw AND SIMULATED IMAGES

Details on the Simulations...

A constant background can be added to the [simulated] image. The background from the DAOPHOT file is ignored.

The dark file...is scaled with the exposure time AND ADDED TO THE IMAGE

The intensity of the dark glow can be estimated

Hubble Starfield Descriptions - "The Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) image was taken [of a little nearby galaxy only one billion times a trillion miles away: Give me a break!] while another of the telescope's instruments, The Faint Object Spectrograph, took long exposures of the ...Tarantula Nebula. The Tarantula, LYING OUTSIDE THE FIELD OF VIEW [i.e., invisible; had to be created] of the WFPC2 photograph, is a tremendous cloud of gas, within which new stars are forming.... The Hubble Heritage Team later COMBINED the WFPC2 images...in order to CREATE the color picture shown here."

(There is a ton of Nebula, etc. pictures denoted "NASA IMAGE" on the Net...) Webster defines "Image": 1) "...a physical likeness OR REPRESENTATION of a person, animal, OR THING, photographed, painted, or sculpted, OR OTHERWISE REPRODUCED [as with VR]: 2) An optical counter part or appearance of an object such as PRODUCED by reflection from a mirror. [Remember that NASA's telescope mirrors are in all shapes and are computer configured and controlled to produce whatever was programmed in....]

Photo Release NO: STSc I-PRC94-53 - "Hubble observes a New Saturn Storm" "...the storm was imaged with Hubble's FP Camera 2... The picture is a COMPOSITE of images...to create a 'true color' rendition of the planet. [Point: Even the photographs of close objects that can be seen are doctored. There is no limit to what pre-programmed photos can show beyond what can be seen....]

The images of the Hale-Bopp Comet "...obtained with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS)..." on the Hubble Space Telescope underlines the point above. Like Saturn, Hale-Bopp is a real cosmic entity visible at a distance compatible with a "small" universe. As such, neither it nor Saturn are invisible created entities at distances that must be imagined and computer created thru VR technology, but they are still doctored so that what we see is a simulation.

You get the picture, er, ah, the image, that is to say, the simulation.... Forget it. Let's move on to the motivation behind all this high tech flim-flammery. Go to: The Spiritual Roots of NASA's Big Bang Premise....


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Old 03-06-2005, 01:03 AM
DoctorX DoctorX is offline
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

Very interesting. The conspiracy is far bigger than one can imagine. They want to deceive and turn away as many people away from God as possible.

Here is a related thread

Nasa sacrifice to moloch

I don't know how anyone with a brain can trust anything those murderers say.
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Old 03-06-2005, 06:23 AM
DaddyLongLeg DaddyLongLeg is offline
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

Relax rush'. Even if NASA does find life "out there", how does that prove evolution. Whether evolutionists like it or not, the theory of evolution doesn't really qualify as a theory of origins, the only thing it seems to account for is diversification amongst seperate species.

Even Darwin and Wallace admitted this publicly.

Finding life on another world doesn't disprove God either.

It's funny how a lot of people think it does though!
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Old 05-07-2010, 02:34 PM
Caleb Caleb is offline
Caleb Michael Riley
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Default Lol!

The level of foolishness and overall ignorance found on this thread is absolutely mind-blowing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I understand and respect that, but here is mine; this is lunacy. There is no gain to turn people away from God, as God has been making humans money since they appointed him his position as Cosmic Deity Supreme. I suggest anyone with any nuance of intelligence really do some non-quack job, basement, conspiracy and actually do some real research on this. NASA may not be the best, and yes most images they produce are not "True" color. Color is also subjective to the levels of light and the type of eye receiving that light. Colors are produced by gathered data accumulated for years of hard work and dedication. Discovering an ET is not the sole concern of the space program. It is a form of pilgrimage and pioneering that God him self gave us Humans as a gift from him. Kind of like a parent that is about to have a new babies makes a room with toys and a bed and all kinds of fun kid stuff, that is the relationship parallel in correlation with Us, God, and his universe. You and I as measly humans can not perceive of his grand design and plan. But please, cease this disrespect you have for the ones that did the time, went to college and earned the right to study and publicize real discoveries. If you don’t believe man can send satellites into space, man walked on the moon, and there are things in the massive universe like Nebulas, then please go to Google and type in the word “SCIENCE”, and just keep reading and reading and reading until it clicks in your head that the discovery of an infinite universe with a multitude of multi color phenomenon does not in fact discount the existence of God, it more solidifies the evidence of his intelligent design. The truth is stranger the fiction could ever conceive of.
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:00 PM
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Default Re: Lol!

"The level of foolishness and overall ignorance found on this thread is absolutely mind-blowing." Caleb

Yet you believe in god? Contradict much? LOL
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:04 PM
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Caleb Michael Riley
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

In what way? I see no contradiction. There is no instruction manual on God. I advise you continue reading for further information on my view.
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:12 PM
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

Ok I'll explain the contradiction!

The level of foolishness and overall ignorance in someone that believes in a god is absolutely mind-blowing!
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:22 PM
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Caleb Michael Riley
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

oh I see...one of those. For you and your spiritual apathy I have only sadness, as when the day comes that you are old and draw your last breath, you will be more afraid the some. Just so you know, I will not get in a linguistic tongue-lashing with an Atheist about God, as I am not a "Christian", I merely believe in the existence of a supreme being. I think you may have confused be with one of those "Bible Bangers". I am not here to preach. Only to offer my perspective. I am not looking to be trolled.
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:40 PM
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

You started the 'trolling' with the opening line in your very first post.

Your not a christian yet you believe in a supreme being....that you coincidently call 'God'...of all the names you could pick for your own made up deity! Are you one of these people that picks all the parts of christianity that you like, believe the easy parts and hope you have a place in what.....? some sort of heaven? That's pathetic to be honest.

I just think people like you are so disappointed with their life they need to believe in god just to get through the day. Life is what it is, your born, you make the most of a bad situation and you die - that's it!

I think it's funny when people like yourself go on that I'll be lonely at the end....really? If anything I think you lot will be a lot more anxious, you might go to hell after all! lol Also at the end of my life, I know I will have made the most of it, lived every second of it because I know I only have one chance to make the most of it!
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Old 05-07-2010, 03:43 PM
Caleb Caleb is offline
Caleb Michael Riley
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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

Sounds Great! Good Luck with you and your life! Oh and furthermore if you knew me at all you would know that I in no way am dissapointed in my life. LOL!
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