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Old 07-01-2007, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: RUDY: The Drag Queen NWO President??????


rudy G has no supporters outside of the east coast area of the U.S. his poll numbers show this, although the illuminatti need him in the presidency desperately too continue the War on terrorism, (the phony war that is.)

Ron Paul if he plays his cards right can put much stress on the powers that be to open a REAL THREAT 3RD party based on constitutional law. sure it's been done before with no effect, but there never was a 9-11 event to cement people together like now. Of course if he get's under their skin, I'm sure the Zionist Media will find or create dirty laundry to use against him.(or they'll just kill him!)

Ron Paul draws more people than the GOP phonies in IOWA!

How long will "they" let him 'continue'?

read below...

Ron Paul

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