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Lecture 7 of the Youth Occult Class, Given by the Master Beinsa Douno
April 12, 1922 – Wednesday, Sofia

Secret Prayer

The disciples read the words they had to write in the following order: “come”, “harmony”, “absolute”, ‘nature”, “to hope”, “symphony”, “persistency”, “beginning”, “disciple”, “peace”, “height”, “crystal”, ‘to build up”, “the hero”, “diligence”, “can”, “nice”, “star”, “light”, “child”, “silence”, “to sacrifice oneself”, “aspiration”, “magnificent”, “God”, “comes”, “mutual aid”, “lotus”, “affection”, “wisdom of humbleness”, “warmth”, “perfection”, “wellspring”, “purity”, “bread”, “serenity”, “daylight”, “to love” and “enlightenment”.

The first of the words read was “Come!” - the imperative form of the verb “to come”. This verb is related to motion. Therefore, you should study the law of motion. Motion is referred to the first wish, putting all other wishes and aspirations in action. Can you remember your first idea or wish, when you were a child? The first impulse in the newly born is breath. Humans start breathing from the moment of their birth, for the law of motion originates from the Astral world. Babies start crying with their first breath of air. It is an indication that the physical world they are entering is not very harmonious. Both children and aged persons cry, because the environment they are living in is not very harmonious.

But this time we will direct our attention to the conscious Life, manifested in our age. Human beings come down to Earth to understand Life. Consequently, the souls go out of God in order to learn Life and each soul wants to know itself. This is the first impulse or the first motion in the consciousness. Knowing oneself means to know God. Knowing God means to enter the Infinity in the frames or boundaries of the Finite. It is nothing else but self-determination. Each limitation creates forms and each form contains a direction of development or a path of evolution that should be made by the Self, the personality or the human soul for the purpose of its perfection.

Therefore, the human souls come down to Earth to become strong. The words “strong” (“silen” in Bulgarian) and “weak” (“slab” in Bulgarian) begin with one and the same letter (“s”) in the Slavic languages. The word “weak” relates to the law of changes; the word “strong” – to the law of constant values, i.e. the values, which are not changed. In other words, strength means enlargement, while weakness means reduction.

I ask, what do you think about your coming to Earth? In your own point of view, why have you come to Earth? You will give different answers. You may say that you have come to Earth to become strong, to be saved, to get to know God, etc. You will know God, when you become strong not only physically, but spiritually too. If a child has no power to hug its mother and to suck milk from her, will it get to know her? - It will not. Human thoughts, feelings and motions, no matter how small they are, hide inexhaustible powers in them. According to the law of contrasts, weakness means strength. “A weak person” in our understanding is the one who knows the slightest quantities, the slightest manifestations of Life. For example, babies are aware of their helplessness from the moment of their birth, but their power is hidden precisely in their helplessness.

I point out this law to you, because many persons feel weak in moral aspect, so they say: “We are weak, we have many vices, that is the reason why we cannot follow the spiritual path.” It is proof that you are like little children in the spiritual aspect and your mothers have to bathe you in baths, for you often do immoral things. Your mothers should take care of you for years on the run, by bathing, nourishing, dressing and educating you until you grow up and become mature enough to make your own living. Little chickens, for example, are able to make their own living two or three days after they come out of the eggs. It does not mean that humans are weaker than birds, but the matter in which they are enveloped, is denser than that of the chickens, as a result of which they cannot overcome the limitations of this dense matter by themselves.

Keep in your mind the idea that you can overcome all the difficulties you meet. The spiritual science gives two explanations why humans cannot cope with their problems and think themselves weak. Going down into the dense matter, some people forget that they have come from the Infinity; so they do not know that they possess hidden inner powers, which they should develop. Others, who have come from the Finite, delude themselves that they can do anything as if they are all powerful; and as a result they have fallen and have lost even what they possess. Today both groups of people think that they are weak, feeble and unable to deal with the present conditions of Life, due to which they have low spirits. If you want to get rid of your mental delusions, of the idea that you know everything, ask yourself: “What is happening on the Sun today?” and give an answer. Then ask yourself some more questions: “What is happening on the Moon? What is going on in the entire Universe? What is the human being?” If someone considers oneself to be a deity, this one should be able to answer such questions. A deity knows everything. If you are not able to answer these and many other questions, you should know that as a human being you represent just a small part of the universal consciousness, of the consciousness of Being.

I say, if you think in this way, you will come to the question about the moral development of people. From a spiritual point of view, the moral powers of the human being depend on the primal energy of the human organism. The Hindus called this energy “prana”. That is why it is good for you to study the pranic laws. A good disciple always makes more errors than a poor and unlearned one. The form of the contemporary people is nothing else, but prana in action. When the amount of prana is not equally distributed in the human organism, it leads to diseases. When it is not equally distributed in the human feelings, it leads to discontent. When it is not equally distributed in the human thoughts, it leads to senselessness.

I will give you an exercise now, to do three times daily – in the morning, at noon and in the evening before you go to bed: raise your arms ahead in a horizontal position with your palms turned down. Form a beautiful triangle by touching the thumbs and the forefingers of your both hands. Then slowly open your arms aside, forming a semi-circle. Turn your palms upwards. Bend your arms slowly at the elbows and catch the top of your ears with the first three fingers of your both hands (thumbs are in front, the other fingers – behind). Move these three fingers of each hand along the edges of the ears, the thumbs in the middle, the forefingers – along the back part and the third fingers – along the front part of the ears. After that, raise your arms horizontally ahead. Do this exercise ten times in sequence and finally put your arms down in the following position: the top of the thumb of each hand should touch the top of the forefinger. When you catch the top of your ears, it will create a small moral impulse in you. The lower part of the ears is related to the human stomach.

After you perform the exercise, you will see the results you get. You should perform it without philosophising and picking, but observing yourself and the effects it will produce in your thoughts, feelings and actions. Until something is applied, it will be of no use for you. You should perform the exercises I am giving to you until you feel some positive impact. Consider these exercises sacred and do not talk about them until you have experienced them and received some results. When I ask you to keep these exercises secret, I warn you not to fall into the position of Adam and Eve who ate from the forbidden fruit just because it was forbidden.

You should observe the following rules for the performance of the exercise: sit down, calm and thrust your chest out. You should concentrate all the time following the movements of your arms. The aim of the exercise is mainly in your mental concentration on the movements of your arms. This is easy, because your mind will go from the physical to the Astral world, not further. If your mind is to go to a more abstract world than the Astral one, it will not stand it. It will be good for you to note the states that you will pass through during this exercise and during all other exercises. So, you will do this exercise three times daily: before or after praying in the morning, when you are well disposed; at noon; and finally in the evening, before you go to bed. No one is supposed to see you doing this exercise. If some of your neighbours ask you what you are doing, answer that you have an exercise. But if they insist on details, keep silence. If they continue to ask you even then, tell them: “I have read in a book that the best thing for humans is silence. So, I want to do my best – to keep silent.”

The exercises you are given in class are microscopic. You should not expect big results, in order not to become disappointed afterwards. These exercises are as insignificant as the first lines in the artists’ sketches. If an artist wants to draw a nose, he will first put a vertical line, giving the illusion of a nose. Then he will put some curved lines and after that he will place the shadows of the nose. In this aspect, the exercise I gave you is like the right line that will later need some curves, some shadows and so on. This exercise will teach you to concentrate your mind and to be strict. For this purpose you are supposed to be lively and honest, sincere enough to yourself. These are specific states of prana. The first state concerns the Mental world, the second state – the physical world and the action taking place between them concerns the Astral world or the World of emotions. Perform this exercise as soon as this evening, before you go to bed. Breathe deeply, when you do it, in order to receive more vital prana. Prana has various states: physical, emotional and intellectual or mental. Thoughts cannot be formed, feelings cannot be revealed and actions cannot be manifested without prana.

So, when I say, that prana causes the creation and manifestation of thoughts, feelings and actions of human beings, this does not mean that all humans should have uniform thoughts and feelings. Each one will receive what he needs and will manifest what he is able to, according to the extent of one’s development. For example, if you put your fingers on the bottom of your ear, some of you will wish to drink milk, others – to eat boiled wheat or nuts, or something else. Different foods will pass through your mind. You say: these are foolish things. In our opinion, only the unachievable things are foolish. For example, we consider that the wish of a poor simple person to become king is foolish. In the remote future, after a long process of development, this person could really become a king, which is impossible today. Therefore, when you say ‘nonsense’, it should refer to something unachievable at present. But one day that foolish thing could be fulfilled and become reality. The first letter of the word “foolish” (“glupav”) in Bulgarian has a line above it, which is the sign of infinity “~”.

Contemporary people lost a great part of the primal vital energy of their organisms; as a result their actions are weak. The vibrations of their inner motions are to be uniform, i.e. homogeneous, so that they could understand and love one another, while studying their lessons. The heterogeneous vibrations of their inner motions lead to the mutual misunderstanding and alienation between people. The exercises you are given create uniformity in you. Therefore, you are required today to deal with less philosophy and more exercises. Later on, you will come to another position to deal with more philosophy and less exercises.

As you have noticed, the first part of the words written by you is more harmonious than the second part. It is due to a feature, characteristic for the Bulgarians – they usually begin their enterprises well, until they reach a certain point of obstruction, after which they go to a bad end. The disharmony in the second part of your words is an indication that knowledge has not yet become a subject of your mind. You are studying just to say that you know something. Therefore, there is a part of your mind that is still not awakened. It concerns namely your consciousness; i.e. you are not aware of your possibilities to know and to be strong. Strength does not mean that you are to use violence. A strong person, in the full sense of the word, is someone who can elevate oneself without any violence to others. It is a rule: if someone violates oneself, this one will also use violence against other people; and if someone elevates oneself, this one will elevate others too.

Secret Prayer

Petar Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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