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Default The Children of the Sun and the Moon: Part 1,2,3

The Children of the Sun and the Moon: Part 1,2,3

By David Reid Lowell

The Children of the Sun and the Moon, Part 1

The children of the sun and the moon will be sent down to earth in a rain of fire. And the children of those lost will be refound when the clouds of the night burn back to reveal day. The children's cries will lessen and fade as the burning winds send chaffed flaxen seed onto barren soil. Once he has pierced the heart of Islam, the days will be waned 'til men move beyond their religion for there is but one religion, that of Universal Love.

Throughout time the fog will lift and reveal man's lost humanity found amidst the ruins of what he thought he would be. Voices will become one turning against him that sent them out into the night of day and the children of the sun will be united with the children of the moon and life will come forth from clay, shaping a newed destiny of a renewed day. And the stars will burn bright through the clearing of darkness within the night and losers will become winners and the lost will be found and those broken will be made whole.

We have spoken to you of he that held seats of power; royalty where none has been known to themselves but to none others. And this has unfolded as has his time which draws crisis nearer than known, the assassins face covert and unknown. The warning is clear. His pride knows no fear and it is in the second half of his time that his closeness of proximity will align.

The planets come closer, growing larger in their preciseness, leaving choice a determined option. He who lost his bid will be moved up to a greater position and in his search for the seat his other half lost, he will find no redemption. Time and history men forget. Limited in their experience they seek only that which they can measure attainment by and through this their legacy will be for naught.

The children of the sun and the moon will merge forth into one, borders will be reshaped and days will be visited with song. And the vastness of night and eclipse will be spent in peace and joy for just as long.

The Children of the Sun and the Moon, Part 2

What has been put into action, which was in place in 62696, came forward to completion - he, who we told you of, and his dominion which will reflect his conservative nature. The trinity of action, which verily we say to you will unfold exponentially, should be approached with great caution. The children of the sun and moon and the single brightness of a star within the whiteness of the full moon will be the unexpected event, hearkening to the days of days when men forget their history and became undaunted by their own hubris and arrogance.

12603, 22603, 32603 is the trinity of the actions of 'as above' and 'as below,' calling forth the smallest kings of the smallest men who led the shadows of night where the land fades onto nothingness. The attempt, the realization that too much has been made of too little all too soon cannot be retracted and the foot is upon the neck of the beast. Its many heads unseen and ordinary will be unleashed to fulfill what has not been completed within larger groups where free-mankind gathers. Alas, those who view from higher places see the attempt to control that which was not controlled, that which cannot be unfolded as they seek nameless unfound men out.

It can be realigned but cannot be changed for one cannot change the nature of the animal who has its teeth upon its prey. The hunter becomes the hunted as he retreats within the names of their respective religions. For those who hide in such places can never stand upon their own, for they hide and reign through and by the perceptions of words and meanings elicited from men who have sought to strengthen their own positions of power.

Yes, you will go on and yes, you will be prosperous, but events and timings are about to change. Things will be reduced, becoming more polarized and differences will become more noticeable. The voices of people will cry out and they shall attempt to emulate that which they think and believe they are due, and that which they believe will give them power and equality. For you have set forth the example, and quite the example it has been. But you will learn not to threaten for there are those who will not turn to you when you seek to evoke restraint upon them. Be cautious and prudent!

There is but one spirit, one concept of God and one religion - that of the essence of the life force shared through spirit among all living things, the sanctity of life. Be kind to each other and love each other. Lift each other up and become one shared society which devotes itself to furthering all life and the quality of the life experience.

But alas, this saddens us. For in our eyes we see no time within these living generations were man will be united for the human experience is predicated on the concept of individualized suppression and control by those who seek power and retain that power within those groups that reinforce their collective ideologies. So, much to gain, and so much loss through this learning experience which unfolds along lines of reinforcing familiarity rather than embracing that greatest similarity of all. Be patient with each other for you have given power to those whom you have let lead you life. You have given up your control to others who have promised to give you a better life without yourselves being accountable to yourselves for the very life you have. Like all children fixed and finite, this is an opportunity for yourselves to learn and exceed your own thoughts and aspirations.

There will be no polar shift. There will be awareness within your time that your universe is not moving away from its center. It is your technology and awarenesses that are growing so you can perceive truths that have eluded you up until now. It was not that long ago when an aspect of man came forth from the cave, when men thought the world was flat and when some believed that humankind could be segregated by intelligence based on skin color. Do not be hard upon yourself for you are now learning by and through the processes of having made errorous judgments and flawed decisions.

The world perspective is growing and the planet has become smaller, as will the universe itself. And this will not humble you as it is your nature to be individuals and like ants, gathering larger hills of sand with greater networks connecting the next hill of sand, the rains of events will wash your attempt to build lasting testimonies to yourself away. And the echoes of your deeds based in ego will be forgotten as have the technologies you have built. For even now children do not know the simplicity of a type-o-writier, a dial phone or shared party lines. They do not know ice-houses and ice boxes. They do not know evenings spent by the radio nor do they know the names and faces of their presidents or kings. For when your time is done you will return to nothingness and lay within the darkness of rebirth.

Build the differences within your lives by denouncing hatred, anger and jealousies and embrace tolerance, love and caring. Build communities which explore similarities by embracing seemingly that which different. Be of one with spirit and with each other.

The Children of the Sun and the Moon, Part 3: The Day of Days

The difference between good and evil, or the Christedness energy and the Anti-Christedness energy, is ego. So, we will say verily unto you, that we have told of these days and herald their coming unto you. For he that is now seated will be seated again. He will bring the dark horse out into the openness of Divine Light and bring to such destruction that mortal mind will not know and cannot grasp. For there are many with agendas of their own who would seek to further their own gain. But the horsemen will clash and within that rubble the dark horse will fall.

For again, as in the days of Isaiah, He that has dictated actions unto men, knowing the outcome well before those of flesh, He, in guiding their hands, moved them into stronger tomorrows, delivering them from evil and bringing them unto the lightedness of his being. Now we would say to you, that is our warning. For within there is the star that is shadowed by the fullness of the sun and your shores are within reach, for they know not the beingness of lightnedness energy and the Christedness energy for they are pagans who kneel before idols, the idols of 'the empty want' of power and seek to demonstrate their power through the usage of that which they fall before.

The sand will burn and the body of what represents the purpose of the trial will fall and be laid out before them. Watch to where the rivers unite and the land separates for here will be the act of acts, and the word of He that has told you to look to the rock from which you were hewn and from this draw the knowing that you are being guided by a destiny that was written before you were conceived. For there is a day of days, the end game as we have told you of where men will stand divided against the Anti-Christedness of energy, and once the truth has been received about that which was concealed, men will unite and claim victory of that which they have been divided.

There is the seven of seven and the days of lost tribes which will be united under one religion. For he that guides holds the lamb and protects it from slaughter when all others will assign him blame, but there will be not blame for he will be proved right. For you live among men and not of heaven, for in the days there will come a new city of angels foretelling. But you have much to overcome, and it is your freedom that sets you apart and it is this freedom of spirit that will unite.

For it begins in the heat of night with sight that is not of human eyes, and these eyes will burn brightly and cast out those that seek to manipulate the prudent men of counsel, and in doing so reshape that very thing that was their cause. For what was will not be the same. The naivete of who you are will be lost during this time, for all children need to grow into adults.

There are seven of the sun and seven of the moon. Their heads shall rise above the fray and he that holds the lamb and all the children shall gather to form the society of the future. Again we would say to you to watch to the north-east for the star held within the sun is waiting in silence to rise above that which is below. For those that align themselves with he that holds the future within his grasp will be three, then four, then seven on his right making more.

For there is pure evil which exists for its own sake, and this is to serve the lower vibrational needs of humankind which have been lost throughout time. And that which they need, men take. This is the evil that lies silently within the parts of self that have been lost, being of desirability to those that are needlessly and hopelessly lost, to those who serve their self above all else. It is that which is mirrored back from within and those who covet that which they will never have.

Opinions are voices left to the wind where song doesn't make sweet the ambitions of men in kind. Like chattel, they have no voice for those who hold power do so by having been given that from those who seek to talk and talk and talk. The victory is with he who takes the responsibility and risk, and to he that believes in right justice over that which would make might.

Be aware of those who present themselves to you with words that you want to hear, who tell you of fear and that which may pry on your mind. Be aware of those who change their positions for this shows a lack of conviction. Be aware to those who show you their real face and true nature, for once shown they may hide it from you again untill it it is forgotten, like your history, for you live in the moment and your future is shadowed in your past.

Heed us, for we will led you to the light of knowing


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