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Old 08-26-2007, 10:32 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

As far as certain American Airline's flight numbers not existing on September 11, 2001 carrying the hundreds of passengers who purchased tickets for those very same flight numbers, that supposedly crashed into the twin towers, this is all I'm going to say about this DISINFORMATION, and then the subject is closed and it's on to more important matters of which I speak.


It doesn't matter if someone tells US that those flight numbers existed or didn't exist.

The fact remains that four jumbo jets were hijacked on September 11, 2001 and hundreds of passengers were either killed when those jets hit the towers, the Pentagan or shot down in Pennsylvania.

Keep your eye on the ball!

Not the crap they feed you!

Do flight numbers really matter or do the hundreds of passengers on those flights who were killed or slammed into the towers matter?

Do flight nubmers matter or does the fact that those passengers were either directed elsewhere and killed and/or kidnapped and drones flew into the towers and the Pentagon and one jet that went astray was shot down in Pennsylvania?

What really matters?

What really matters is that our AIRSPACE was unprotected by the United States military.

What really matters is that a Stand Down was ordered.

What really matters is that hundreds of passengers on those flights were either killed or kidnapped and thousands more died in the towers.

Why the hell do we care whether this flight number or that flight number existed?

The fact remains that thousands of people died on September 11, 2001 and our government conspired in this terrorist attack.

What really matters is that our military sat idly on the ground so this terrorist attack could take place.

I don't care about flight numbers and neither should you.

I care about the thousands of innocent people whom our government MURDERED that day.

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Old 08-27-2007, 03:35 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

I care about the thousands of innocent people who were murdered that day and, in doing so, the freedoms which they desire to take away from all of us.

Placing our country under a totalitarian dictatorship, fascist/Nazi regime with concentration camps just like they had in Nazi Germany.

Truth be told they are fascist Nazi pigs and they have always held an allegiance to the Nazi party and advancing the same within the United States of America.

Why do you think our country is were it is today if all else leading up to the present was not for the agenda which we know they seek?
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Old 08-27-2007, 09:13 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

We are living in . . .


This is how it was referred to by THEM.

Unbeknownst to the population, we were just as much under the control of a Nazi regime as those who lived under Hitler.

Only we didn't know it. It wasn't as brutal, but it would escalate to that point.

America is an extension; an arm of fascism. We are the homefront for the fascism they breed throughout the world, if you will.

The front!
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Old 08-27-2007, 09:34 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

If the United States of America is attacked by nuclear missile, it will come from within our own borders.

It will not come from Iran.

They do not have the capability.

This is a front!

It will be launched from within our own borders.
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Old 08-27-2007, 09:45 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Something about an attack during the "High Holy Days."
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Old 08-28-2007, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

The MILITARY belongs to THEM.

They can strike us at any time and point the finger elsewhere.

They can strike us from within our own borders as they did on 911 and keep the airforce grounded.

If drones were used, they were military drones.

They use the military for their purposes, to destroy countries, to kill innocent people; to control the world's natural resources; to create their One World Order.

They do not use the military to protect us and they will use the military against us again whether it be another attack within US soil and/or the implementation of martial law that will follow.

Something about Nevada and the Plain States.
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Old 09-12-2007, 08:19 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

There are many instances where I have stated that there could be no risk of SURVIVORS on the four planes that were supposedly hijacked on 911.

Whether or not three of the hijacked planes actually hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers is still open to speculation.

In that sense, there were no survivors.

Was it a coincidence that Flight 93 strayed from its' intended target, was either shot down, or crashed and burned to pieces without any survivors except for the black box?

What does the black box provide?

It provides evidence that there was a struggle inside the aircraft. It provides the voices of the so-called hijackers saying that there was a bomb on the plane.

It cements the theory, as well, because it was indentified as one of the hijacked planes and military aircraft were deployed upon it.

Had all four aircraft hit their intended targets without a black box left behind, without military aircraft being deployed to track Flight 93 as it was identified as one of the four aircraft that had been hijacked, would the hijacked theory be as believable without any shred of evidence that a hijacking had actually occurred?

So, was this plane's intention to crash and burn and leave behind the black box as PROOF that the planes that left from their designated airports were actually carrying passengers and that they actually had hijackers on board?


Jury can hear part of Flight 93 tape By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writer
Wed Sep 12, 3:48 PM ET

NEW YORK - The dramatic final moments of United Airlines Flight 93 that were captured on a cockpit voice recorder can be played for a jury at the first trial stemming from lawsuits filed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ruled that jurors can't listen to the entire tape but can hear portions that the hijacked passengers may have heard.

The relevant portions include a segment in which the voices of one or two of the apparent hijackers announce they have a bomb on board. He also said jurors could hear a 4-minute-long stretch of the sounds of passengers trying to force their way into the cockpit and retake the airplane.

The recording has never been publicly released, though it was played at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in Virginia, and relatives of the victims were allowed to hear it in private.

Phone calls to lawyers on both sides weren't returned after the ruling.

Forty passengers and crew members died when the hijacked plane crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

Flight 93, which was en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco, was the only one of the four planes hijacked Sept. 11, 2001, that did not reach its intended target, believed to be in Washington, D.C. Investigators believe the hijackers crashed the plane into a field near Shanksville, about 65 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, as passengers rushed the cockpit.

Lawyers for the victims' families have argued that it's important for jurors to hear the sounds of the frightening final moments in order to determine damages. The families have argued that the cockpit voice recording contains evidence of substantial pain, suffering, terror and emotional distress before the victims died.

Some 41 cases have been filed against airlines, plane manufacturers, security agencies and the owners of airports, blaming them for letting terrorists take control of planes.

Typically, a jury first determines liability in a case, and then it decides on damages.

But Hellerstein has scheduled the damages phase in six cases to begin on Sept. 24, before any liability has been determined.

He said he took this unusual step in the hopes that more cases might settle out of court once families of victims get a sense of how much money they are likely to get from a jury.

The first trial will assess damages owed to the family of Patrick Joseph Driscoll, a New Jersey man who was on Flight 93.

Thousands of Sept. 11 victims' families have turned to a victims' fund established by Congress, rather than seeking compensation in court.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, which Congress set up after the attacks, has paid $6 billion to 2,880 families of those who died, representing 97 percent of the families, the judge said. The fund also has dispensed more than $1 billion to 2,680 injured victims.
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Old 09-12-2007, 09:28 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

This "NO RISK OF SURVIVORS" is really bugging me right now.

I need to work it through.

For deductive reasoning purposes, I will refer to the aircraft as hijacked.

If three of the hijacked aircraft actually hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, I'll assume they carried passengers.

If this was the case, why would it have been said there could be "no risk of survivors?"

The planes would have had to have been hijacked for this theory to hold weight.

If there were survivors from any of the four aircraft, they could attest to what occurred on the plane and that would be that it was overtaken by a couple of Muslin men with boxcutters.

So, the "no risk of survivors" doesn't seem to apply to that scenario.

If drones hit the Pentagon and Twin Towers and didn't carry passengers then the "no risk of survivors" would relate to the four planes that left their respective airports and disappeared into thin air.

So, Flight 93 was an actual hijacking. We know this, right, because there were phone calls made to loved ones describing what was happening.

This could have been a production; the flight landed elsewhere and LORD only knows what was shot down in Pennsylvania leaving a pre-recorded black box behind.

There was some type of a hole. Any parts of the aircraft recovered? It could have been pre-planned as their target; that specific area. A missle into the ground.

The four aircraft landed elsewhere and the "no risk of survivors" applies to that scenario, of course!!
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Old 09-12-2007, 09:32 PM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

To get to the point, the phone calls to loved ones that attest to the fact that the plane(s) had been overtaken and were being hijacked may be exactly what happened for evidentiary purposes, but landed elsewhere and drones hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.

As far as the black box, left behind for evidence of a hijacking.

It could have been planted there before anyone arrived at the scene.

It could have been pre-recorded.
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Old 10-01-2007, 03:17 PM
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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

The 911 Debacle - Still Unresolved - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

The 911 Debacle - Still Unresolved
And the Truth shall set you Free...

Intersecting Facts & Theories On 911 - Paper - by Joseph P. Firmage - (Downloadable "pdf" File)

"The attacks of September 11, 2001 have resulted in significant changes in both the geopolitical order of nations & in the lives of billions of citizens across the planet. From two wars & growing instability across the Middle East, to the powers that states are exercising upon each other & their citizens, to your removal of tennis shoes at the airport security gate, the forces unleashed on that dark day are still reverberating throughout the world."

"It is clear from this survey that a large number of vital facts about 9/11 do not conform to the official conspiracy theory, & do conform to complicity or causation theories. If that represents the truth of the matter, then an enormous range of consequences, considerations & possible futures emerge. They will be the subject of writings by this & many other researchers.

If this intersection of facts & theories stands up, then the core of the Neo-Conservative Movement is behind one of the greatest crimes in history. In that case, I have no doubt whatsoever that those involved had the good of the world in mind in formulating & carrying out the operation. After all, the logic would have gone, a few thousand people lost is a painful but small price to pay for strategically transforming the entire geopolitical order. I have equally little doubt that they honestly believed that, by 2006, Central Asia & the Middle East would be starting down the path to an astonishing liberation of Western-style democracy & freedom, & 9/11 would have been remembered in a different way as U.S. forces were greeted with welcome arms by repressed populations of the region. Tragically naïve, but I believe they believed it.

They certainly would not have predicted the state of world affairs their actions - & inaction - have yielded. Others did predict the conflict & chaos that could be unleashed if imperial ends & means were at the core of a New American Century.

If 9/11 was a false flag operation, whether & how we restore integrity to our nation is likely to be the greatest test our democracy has ever faced. The implications to domestic & foreign affairs will be nothing short of staggering. Some have suggested that confronting the truth of 9/11 will bring down not just an administration, but the republic. On the contrary, difficult as facing the truth of 9/11 will be, I believe that the republic will be radically strengthened: its citizens will be smarter & humbler, its laws will be respected, its transparency will be reestablished, its policies will be restructured, its relations will be restored & its honor will be reclaimed.

The process itself can be an example to the world of the unique potential of the democratic form of government to overcome the most pernicious kind of evil - the evil within."

(To Download ".wmv" files, "Right-Click" on the "link" & select "Save Target As...")

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P1 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable)
http://question911.hostroy.com/911%20Mysteries%20Part%201%20Demolitions%201of3.wm v

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P2 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable)
22:00 FEMA arrived on New York the night before.
22:50 Rudy Giuliani (Rudolph W. Giuliani) & Peter Jennings
23:30 Rudy Giuliani - "We were told, the "World Trade Center" was going to Collapse."
http://s206790037.onlinehome.us/q911/7w1305ee4049wq44pwzell9ee23/911%20Mysteries%20Part%201%20Demolitions%202of3.wm v

911 Mysteries - Demolitions - P3 - (Windows Media Player "wmv" Video - Downloadable)
http://s152982276.onlinehome.us.nyud.net:8080/7w1305ee4049wq44pwzell9ee23/911%20Mysteries%20Part%201%20Demolitions%203of3.wm v

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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