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Old 09-19-2007, 08:42 AM
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Default Re: Finally a movie about the truth.

BlueAngel wrote:
If the movie is propaganda to destroy Christianity; to say that God's son, Jesus, never existed, I would say that people need to keep an open mind.
I would say that you need to keep an open mind. Because the film is about nothing more than propaganda to destroy Christianity. Open your mind.

BlueAngel wrote:The bible is a little bit of truth weaved around a whole lot of fiction.!
The Bible is Truth written in the form of historical creative non-fiction.

BlueAngel wrote:Perhaps, the fiction is what is depicted in the movie and their end-result an attempt to introduce the SUN as GOD in order to destroy Christianity and belief in a higher being.!
It is their attempt to introduce the SUN as GOD in order to destroy Christianity in the belief in a lower being -- namely, Lucifer under the cloke of Horus Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

BlueAngel wrote:To do away with the concept of God's son, Jesus, but keep Lucifer alive and well.!
Thank you for confirming what we already know.

BlueAngel wrote:The movie certainly doesn't make me want to throw away my faith and disavow a GOD.!
I understand that. This is because Lucifer is your GOD.

BlueAngel wrote:They use everyone and everything to their benefit.!
Of course they do. What did you think this was a panel discussion on PBS?

BlueAngel wrote:Religion, Jesus and God are not exempt.!
Neither are Unreligion, Lucifer and No-God.

BlueAngel wrote:If Lucifer was not introduced in the bible, do you think people would flock to church every Sunday and give them tax-free dollars?!
Lucifer was not introduced in the bible. Lucifer was introduced in Babylonian unreligion centeries before the bible was even written.

And yes, we quite enjoy tithing 'TAX-EXEMPT'.

BlueAngel wroteo you think people would fear GOD??!

BlueAngel wrote:God is not to be feared!!
God disagrees with you.

BlueAngel wrote:The Illuminati are to be feared!
Christians disagree with you. The Illuminati are to be laughed at. They are to grovel and kowtow at our feet.
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