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Old 11-30-2004, 09:51 PM
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Default The New Age movement

Hi this is my first post on this forum, I’m not sure if you think this is relevant or not.
It appears to be a subject that gets completely missed on your average NWO conspiracy site but then taking another look at what is going on through the knowledge of the rest of the plan and hierarchy responsible I am beginning to think it does indeed represent a fundamental and maybe even essential aspect to the plan. Now I know it is well known that the Illuminati are said to be into heavy-duty satanic rituals and the like but this is very much hidden from the average persons view. What is however much more plainly in view in the area where I come from is a lot of lower level occult practices generally under the umbrella of the new age movement.

I’m not aware of how much of this you may have come into contact with but on the surface it can entice many people from all walks of life and for such a wide range of reasons. It sort of dovetails well into our society of corporate jobs, stress and so on by offering ‘healing’, also it can appeal to so many other interests its almost without limit in the areas that it tries to market itself. Yoga for people into fitness, meditation as stress relief, music for the musician, festivals, political protests, environmental concerns, arts and crafts, religion, indigenous cultures and so on.

Now looking at it from behind the facade of a ‘something for everyone’ there is an entirely different story. Contrary to popular belief that this movement just occurred spontaneously it originally came into being through a bunch of Freemasons who persuaded a Russian woman called Blavatsky to channel a lot of information which was put into books. This channelled information was said to have originated from some ascended masters that were apparently her Freemason friends. Later on she wanted to quit this as the horrific stuff she was being persuaded to write about became objectionable to her. This all happened at the end of the 19th century and another person by the name of Alice Bailey took it up a little later on in a number of books she wrote. One important book was called the externalisation of the hierarchy which details how the whole system of the new age fits together and rather akin to a modern corporate structure in many respects. The book is horrendous in places especially where it mentions that in the new age a large proportion of society, or the ones who will not be initiated into the Luciferian cult will end up dying. But due to the concept of reincarnation this extermination of the population is considered to be a good thing in that it is a chance to be reborn again.

So that was what was said at the turn of the century and in 1976 as prophesised in the original writings that said the new age will be kept secret for 100 years, true to these words we started to see various authors write about it. Marilyn Ferguson was the first to really spell it out around about 1980 and as we know in the last 10 years or so it has expanded into a multi billion pound industry. The Lucis Trust is one of the main organisations behind it today, which acts as a major publisher and is backed by various international banks and rich foundations. It used to be called the Lucifer Trust but they considered the name too obvious although no suspicion seems to have arisen out of the new agers minds with the abbreviated version.

As for the reason for all of this massive investment by elite bankers it appears to be their answer to a one-world religion for a one-world order. It is at the same time being used to infiltrate the Christian church and turn it into something that is the antithesis to Christianity in order to destroy it. The other points that are relevant are that it is helping along the plan to destroy the family unit and replace it with a communal style of living and it is heavily into mind control. The most potent form is the spiritual mind control which it excels at and draws on a number of old pagan religions such as Hinduism, ancient Egyptian, which of course is a favourite illuminati choice along with Gnostic and other influences. It is a very complex subject and I have only really skimmed the surface here but I hope that will help people see how big an issue it is turning out to be.

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