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Old 12-17-2007, 07:06 AM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Default Re: The Grinch,(Jew) who stole my Christmas.....

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
Shadow wroteabout blueangel)
This is about the time that someone gets sick enough of you that they start compiling all of the meaningless crap that you so graciously manage to post on a 24/7 basis.

You of course beging to have yet another episode and begin to be rather vulgar in your attacks as well as begin threatening other people, mainly though private postings and end up getting banned yet once more.

I thought that it was the gerbil that was up to the task, but I guess not.

There were a couple of other candidates that I thought would have been doing it by now but I guess you had driven them out by boring them to death.

I could do it myself, but why waste the keystrokes. I imagine that it may be Peter that finaly drives you over the edge. Kind of ironic, you driving yourself over the edge.
LOL (because it's true, so true)
These two posters believe that Peter is me and that, in this respect, I will drive myself over the edge.

They make it so obvious as to their agenda.


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Old 12-24-2007, 04:19 PM
redrat11 redrat11 is offline
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Default Re: The Grinch,(Jew) who stole my Christmas.....

Check this out

Economic Depression

__________________________________________________ __

Christmas Music
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Subscribers can hear it in High Fidelity (128 Kbps) Stereo by logging-in
The free LISTEN LIVE links are in 24 Kbps mono, the subscriber link is in high fidelity stereo at 128 Kbps for DSL and Cable Modem users. Merry Christmas

Christmas Comment Area
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Christmas Reminder!
"Federal laws" do not legally exist
The United States Federal Government dissolved itself by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, pursuant to 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by then-President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent.

H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress in session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause, dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments.

No Congress since then ever Repealed this dissolution and the states never re-ratified the Constitution. Therefore, "federal laws" do not exist and the federal government has no lawful power.

When people around the world realize they have lent trillions to a phony, non-government which has no assets and which cannot rely upon "the full faith and credit of the United States" they will finally pull the rug out from under this non-government and bring the monster crashing down. Merry Christmas to all!

Comments on off-site comment area (10)

I was right again. . .
Only "another couple months before this starts to implode." Banks "very unstable." They know a lot of firms are bankrupt, they just don't know which ones. U.S. Federal Reserve may invoke Section 13 (3) of Banking Act to make DIRECT LOANS to Corporations and the Public to offset reluctance of banks to issue credit!!!!

"The kind of upheaval observed in the international money markets over the past few months has never been witnessed in history," says Thomas Jordan, a Swiss central bank governor.

I warned all of you this was coming. For the last two years, I have been screaming that the U.S. was heading toward financial collapse and if it happened, we would take the rest of the world down with us. I also told you why it was happening. Here now, a recap:

The US federal government has spent so much beyond its means, for so long, there isn't enough money left on this entire planet to continue funding its deficit spending of $2 billion per day.

The government realized they needed to get more cash but there was none, so the only way to get it was to PRINT it! But the government also knew that if they started printing the cash, everyone would find out about it via the "M3" report published by the Federal Reserve.

In November 2005, the Federal Reserve quietly announced they would cease publishing the M3 data in April 2006. They would no longer report how much cash was being printed and put into circulation.

At the time, I told everyone here this would immediately strike fear in the hearts of investors worldwide. I explained that if investors didn't know how many "dollars" were in existence, there would be no real way for them to determine exactly how much a "dollar" is worth. Without any way to determine how much a "dollar" was worth, investors would lose confidence in the US Dollar as a currency.

I warned that once investors lost confidence, they would stop lending money to the US and to US companies. That's exactly what began to happen in May, June and July of 2006. By September, 2006, Inbound investment to the USA from foreign sources dropped by ninety percent (90%)!!!

To offset the lack of foreign investment, the US federal government cranked up the printing presses and began prinitng cash like mad. Word got out they printed more than two TRILLION to put into circulation to prop up the war effort and their deficit spending.

WHile the feds were printing their own cash, U.S. Banks and Wall Street firms tried filling the consumer credit gap, lending to virtually anyone who asked. In early 2007, it became clear a lot of those loans were bad. The people who got the loans weren't paying them back.

This took out some "sub-prime" mortgage companies and began a slew of home foreclosures nationwide.

With several million homes coming onto the housing market - cheap through foreclosure - the value of other homes began to fall. This caused more mortgage trouble because owners of those other homes found the homes were worth less than they owed on them! This loss of home value has started taking out banks - who hold mortgages on homes that aren't worth the mortgage amount!

In the meantime, the "free trade" gurus have been shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas for years, to the point where almost nothing gets made here in America anymore.

All those foreign manufacturers started realizing that American money wasn't worth what it used to be, so they decided they wanted more of it to pay for their products . . . . . like oil. That's why the price of oil has gone up so much in the last year. Our money is becoming worth less and less. Prices of other goods like Gold and Silver have also nearly DOUBLED and there's no end in sight.

Where all this will end remains to be seen, but when a newspaper like the London Telegraph starts talking about a depression worse than 1929, guys like me are vindicated. I told you.

Finally, I also warned of what would happen if the "crash" was allowed to happen: RETRIBUTION against those who caused it.

Politicians, Bankers, Finance gurus, Business leaders who shipped our jobs offshore, Boards of Directors who rubber-stamped the off-shoring, Chambers of Commerce who pushed for more labor to be allowed in to take what jobs were left. . . . the "revenge list" is long.

To those folks I say, have a very Merry Christmas this year. The way things are going, it is very likely to be your last.

We will take revenge. Those who caused this tragedy will not escape our vengeance.

Click Here

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Old 12-24-2007, 04:27 PM
Delta Delta is offline
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Default Re: The Grinch,(Jew) who stole my Christmas.....

Kindly explain what this really means!

Not a hell of alot, in reall people terms!
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Old 12-24-2007, 04:52 PM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 1,157
Default Re: The Grinch,(Jew) who stole my Christmas.....

Delta wrote:
Kindly explain what this really means!

Not a hell of alot, in reall people terms!
You're not a real person.
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Old 12-24-2007, 05:33 PM
Delta Delta is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 209
Default Re: The Grinch,(Jew) who stole my Christmas.....

Tell your "husband" to come on here and explain how he allows you to surf the net unsupervised!

I hope your "children" are more balanced as well as better behaved!
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