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Old 01-12-2008, 09:27 AM
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You cannot have a second lunch after one good lunch. You can get a light snack, but not a whole lunch. Why? You cannot get a whole lunch because your stomach is full and cannot receive more food. As man goes to a spring, he has to carry a solid earthen jug. If his earthen jug is cracked, the water will pour out. Sometimes the human also can be like a cracked earthen jug. Whatever you pour into such man - it pours out. He cannot think rationally, he cannot hold anything within himself.

On examining life and the manifestations of the human you can see, that he experiences two ages: the age of the prime in their youth and the age of the older, which are in the decline of their life. The first are considered happy, while the second are considered unhappy. This view is a result from a wrong understanding of life, though. Why? Because how can we say which is better – the Sun rise, or the Sun set? Such evaluation is right only on the face of it. Growing old, man lets the young one rejuvenate; rejuvenating, he lets the old man grow older and wiser. Man should constantly rejuvenate, though, and grow older in the course of his whole life. If the old man does not rejuvenate, though, and if the young man does not grow older, they can never get along. Today, the one, who has spent more of his life occupied by negative, rather than by positive thoughts, is considered older. After some time, the negative thoughts and feelings burn down and do not leave any trace deep within the human. They are dynamic. They lack the potential energy that is created.
People are afraid of illnesses, afraid not to grow old prematurely. They think that as they grow thin and become yellow, it is a sign of growing old. Becoming thin is not ageing, though. Two or three months after his illness, the human again recovers and rejuvenates. Human strength is in his mind and consciousness. As long as his mind is bright and his consciousness awake, he constantly rejuvenates. In order to rejuvenate, man has to mix with young people. There exist two ages in the world: constant youth and constant old age. Those, who are always young, we call people of Love and those, who are always old, we call people of Knowledge and Love, Wisdom and Truth. During human life these ages constantly change. Man is being born as a child that grows, passes through adolescence, youth and maturity, until he finally grows old. Irrespective of his age, man should constantly rejuvenate, though. In order to rejuvenate, two things are required from him: if he is young, he should respect old people; if he is old, he should love young people. Consequently, if he wants to acquire knowledge and become wiser, the young man should respect old people. If he wants to rejuvenate, the old man should love the young one. Life stimulates human achievements, while the knowledge provides the opportunities to attain these desires.

Contemporary people are provided opportunities for great achievements, but they fail, because their views are limited. They say: Whatever efforts we make, we cannot have great achievements, because everything ends with death and there is no other life. How do you know, that another life does not exist? Does the setting of the Sun mean that it disappears? Man can think so for one day only, but on the next day he understands that he has not thought right. As soon as he turns to the East, he sees that the Sun is again rising. Consequently, when you say, that the human dies, it is a temporary setting of his terrestrial life. Not long after that, turning to the East you will see that the same man has risen somewhere else. As he comes again to Earth, this man keeps silent and does not say his name, so that the others do not recognize him. That he has come here many times, we can see from the fact that at each new descending to Earth he comes with new knowledge and experiences that he has gained in his past life. How and from where could he learn to eat like a human, if he has never come to Earth? If he never came to the Earth how does he know what is good and what - evil? This shows that the human has descended to Earth many times. Even as a child, before anyone has taught him, he can cry and enjoy, and this shows that he has within himself a knowledge for the pleasant and unpleasant, for the good and evil. The cry of the child is a protest, a disapproval of its mother actions. As she put the child in a tub to bathe it, the child suddenly starts to cry. It recalls the time when it was in the water as a fish and does not want to return to the same conditions. Its mother will have to persuade it for a long time until it understands that this water will free it from the difficulties of life. This is not the water in which it once was. Many of the people’s suffering are due to the same reason. As they find themselves in the realm of certain experience through which they have passed, they cry, they suffer, and they do not want to pass through it another time. They do not know that the things in Nature reiterate. They think that they pass through the same experience. Each thing that man experiences bears new knowledge, new opportunities for him. The human does not pass twice through one and the same way.

So, if you want to be constantly young, keep within your mind the idea for constant youth. If a man is not young, he cannot be friends with young people; and if he is not old, he cannot be friends with old people. The one, who wants to be friends with young men, has to be young; the one, who wants to be friends with old men, has to be old. Examine how the little child behaves with his grandfather. As he goes to his grandfather, he assumes a serious presence and tells him: Grandfather, tell me a story. His grandfather starts to tell him the story and the child listens carefully as if he understands everything. The grandfather is satisfied with his grandchild and he tells him: Come again tomorrow, son, and I’ll tell you a story even nicer than this one. Isn’t it better for a man to have a grandfather who can tell him stories? Isn’t it good that the grandfather has a grandchild to whom he can tell stories? The child needs the grandfather, but the grandfather needs the child, too. The knowledge of the grandfather is necessary for young people. Someone might say that old people have outlived their time and that they are not needed anymore in the new times. This understanding is wrong. Can you tell that as it grows old, the Sun is not longer necessary to Earth? When does the Sun grow old? The Sun grows old as it descends to Earth. The more it descends to Earth, the older the Sun gets. As soon as December comes, the greatest ageing occurs – the days become shorter, while the nights become longer. Starting from the day of its greatest old age, the Sun again begins its ascension, passes through a new phase – the phase of its rejuvenation: the days begin to gradually increase, as the nights begin to gradually decrease - we say, that the Sun has reached the highest point of its rejuvenation.

Whatever happens with the Sun, the same happens with a man: he also gradually changes the orbit of his life. Like the Sun, he also changes his direction – he moves in one or another direction, as a result the days of his life at times, increase and at times, decrease. This should not in the least scare or trouble you. You meet a Sabbatarian, who wants to make you believe that the Sabbath was the seventh day, on which God rested. What would this Sabbatarian say if he goes to the North Pole, though, where there is only one day and one night? If he lived there, in which day would he have believed? Here you have 365 days, of which 52 days are Saturdays, while at the North Pole there is only one day – only one Saturday. There, everything is covered with snow and nothing grows. Then how would you believe in one day – in a Saturday, which bears nothing? To believe in the Sabbath is a verbal understanding of things. To think so, though, would be the same as to think that you have come here on Earth just to eat, drink, and do whatever you like. Anyway, this is the view of both the young and old now. They do not know their purpose. The young man was sent to Earth to acquire knowledge, to become strong, to be useful to humanity. Accordingly, the old man should leave his wealth as an inheritance to the young one. While he was young, he gathered wealth, accumulated it like a banker in his cash-box, but as he grows old – he has to give it away. As he grows old, man should also learn how to be generous and self-denying. He should deny his wealth and his youth, in order to acquire true Knowledge and Love, Wisdom and Truth. Self-denial is something great! If he gives up wine, the drinker profits; if he gives up his unfairly acquired wealth, the human profits; if he gives up violence, man profits; if he gives up illnesses, man profits; if he gives up unbelief, doubt, suspicion, negative thoughts, and feelings, man also profits. So there are things, from which the human should indispensably renounce. In order to give up something, man has to have found another one that might fill the void. For instance, for the sake of Love, many young men are ready to give up drinking, smoking, and many other vices. Some young man falls in love with a young lady and because of his Love towards her, he stops drinking and smoking. He becomes hard working and attentive towards everybody. Consequently, while Love preoccupies human minds and hearts, men can achieve all they want. As soon as they lose their Love, their life loses its meaning.

Now, you have come to the mountain to learn its story. All the mountain peaks and cliffs witnessed ages when the Sun was rising not only from the East like today, but also from the West, North, and South. They witnessed ages when the axis of the Earth was perpendicular. There was a time, when the Earth axis was horizontal, too. Can you imagine what climate, what flora and fauna existed then? Those were distant geological ages, for which contemporary science and history keep silence. There was a time when even your shape was completely different from your present one. As regards your shape of that time, you keep silent. Man should not talk about the past.

In one of the past wars, a drummer passed through a rich Russian village. In one courtyard he saw many hens. Seeing the hens, he wanted to kill several of them, so that he could cook them. He took out his knife, killed two or three hens, disembowelled them and prepared them for cooking, but suddenly his commanding officer called him. In his hurry, he put the disembowelled hens in his drum and appeared before the commanding officer. The officer ordered him: Soldier, beat the drum! – It is not possible, sir. – Why? – Because the drum is damaged. Why is the drum damaged? – Because there are hens in it. Now I am also telling you: do not put hens in your drum, that is, in your mind. If you put hens into your mind, you will not be able to think any more. The hens are the useless thoughts that man should not put into his mind. If you put a useless thought into your brain, it shuts up, that is – it stops thinking. The brain is a place, where only bright and exalted thoughts should enter.

The age, through which contemporary people pass, is distinguished by great goods. One of these goods is human belief. Someone says that he believes in his friend. Why does he believe in his friend? He believes in his friend because his friend has given him one thousand leva. This is not belief, though, - this is knowledge. Why? It is knowledge because he believes in possible things. If a friend of yours gives you one, two or three thousand leva, this is something possible. Since it is possible – it is knowledge – not belief. The true belief implies that you believe in things that are impossible today. What cannot happen today will happen tomorrow, though. These things are one hundred and one percent true. For instance, you believe that the Earth will change, and that it will be transformed into a paradise garden. As you come again to the Earth you will see that my words are true. Then there will not be ill, or suffering men; there will not be fires, earthquakes, and floods like those that happen today. Great disasters happen on Earth today. Then no disasters will happen on Earth. At present 40 million people are being born and around 35 million die annually. Some countries want their population to increase. Population growth is a natural process, but it has to become rational. If it does not become rational, then human suffering will increase. The same happens upon the increase of human desires. The more human desires increase, the more suffering increases. If his desires decrease, his sufferings decrease as well. In the course of the year, man should obtain at least one desire, one thought, and one action. So, if he lives 50 years, he should realize at least 50 thoughts, 50 feelings, and 50 deeds – 150 all together. Imagine that these desires cost ten million leva each. As you can see, man will have great wealth then.

Today, everyone wants to be rich, but wealth depends on something. Certain brain centres determine if man will have many cornfields, houses, books, or money. If these brain centres are well developed, the prosperity of man corresponds to them. If these brain centres are not well developed - the person remains poor.

But not all the brain centres are intended for the gain of wealth only. The phrenologists have noticed that people who like to philosophize have two strongly developed centres at the front of their forehead. Those, who do not like to philosophize, have not developed their philosophical centres. The one, who likes to dress well, has developed those centres that are in the lower part of the forehead. If the religious feeling of a man is strongly developed, the upper part of his head – his crown, is highly elevated. If his religious feeling is not developed, then this part of his head is low. There is an empty place there instead – like a valley. Those centres, that are strongly developed, send part of their energy to the ones that are poorly developed. The same happens in Nature as well. The energy from the mountain descends in the valleys, so that a proper exchange and balance of its forces can be attained. The poor man is like a valley in which wheat grows. The wealthy man is a high peak, from where the energies are pouring towards the valleys. After some time, the valleys will be elevated and become mountains, while the mountains will slope down and become valleys.

Many people do not understand the Divine laws and they say that the human is an unbeliever. By what you can tell, that he is an unbeliever? He lives well; he neither quarrels with anyone, nor robs anyone. Another person is considered a believer, but in fact he does not live well, robs people and causes them damage. In what can you see his belief, then? The belief is something real. The one, who has faith, does not lie, steal, or rob anyone. The thing a person can do at a certain moment is real. The poor man promises to do something, be he cannot do it. Why does not he keep his promise, while the wealthy man does? Because the rich man has the strength to keep it, while the poor man does not.

Consequently, this thing is real: that which the person can do at a certain moment. If he cannot do it at a certain moment, then it is not real. The one, who can realize his thoughts and feelings at a certain moment, is a strong man. If he wants to be strong, man should not postpone the moment for the realization of his good thoughts and feelings. Each good thought that man can realize on time strengthens his mind. Each good feeling, realized on time, betters the human heart state. So, the good thoughts support the health of the cognitive state, the good feelings support the proper blood circulation and breathing, while the good deeds support the health of the digestive system state, as a result, the person eats and sleeps well. Think right, so that your brain can be in a normal state. Breathe deeply, so that your lungs can be in order. Do well, so that your stomach can function regularly.

Two millionaires talk with each other. One of them complains that he cannot eat. – Eat, do not fear, you have resources to satisfy all your desires. – I cannot – my stomach is upset. – This is something else. Indeed, a disordered stomach is an awful thing. The person wants to eat this or that, but whatever he puts in his stomach, is being rejected. Here the stomach imposes its will. As a result, a man is forced to eat several spoonfuls of oat soup. To such a man I would recommend the following regime: to keep in his mind light thoughts, to keep in his heart-exalted feelings and to always do well. If he applies this regime regularly, his stomach will improve. If he cannot eat, let him call a poor man in his house, put food in front of him and say to himself: God, help me eat like this man eats. Bless him, but bless me, too. If he does so for at least ten days running, he will feel an improvement in his stomach.

We have come to the Earth to do the will of God, to live well. This is a general law for all: for the countries, for the people, for the societies, for the families, for the separate people. Due to lack of understanding and disagreement of opinion, people do not live well. Some believe in one, while others believe in another God. Some believe in one country, while others believe in another country. There is no unity between people. They do not know that they have descended from one source, from one Father, from one God, Who has created the whole Universe. By the word “universe” we mean all the goods that come from God. These goods are distributed rightfully according to the great laws. If he observes these laws, man is glad and happy. If he does not observe them, he is exposed to illnesses, suffering, and death. As he loves God, man has everything at his disposal; he is always healthy, glad, and ready for work. The Love of God does not imply human feelings, neither does it imply the belief that the human professes. Only the strong man can love God. As he loves Him, he will always remain at the rear and let the weak ones be ahead. He will protect the weak ones and He will be their rear guard. God always remains at the rear, so that He can protect the weak ones and help them. Therefore it was said in the Scriptures: “God will be your rear guard.” With His light thoughts and actions, God helps the weak and the suffering. Thus should each man act as well. If he is strong, he will remain at the rear to help the weak. If he is weak, he will come forward, so that the others can help him.

Contemporary people are afraid of death - that is why they remain at the rear. What is so awful about death? When a man dies, he goes to the world: he dies, that is, he goes to another world, more beautiful than the terrestrial one. If you enter this world for a while, you would not like to come back. This world is consciously hidden from your view, so that you can stay on Earth and study. It is hard to live on Earth, but on the other hand life provides great experiences to the human. The terrestrial life provides opportunities for great acquisitions. Earth provides the human with the light matter he should cultivate. Thus cultivated, he brings it to the other world - to work with it there. This matter does not exist in the other world. As he returns to Earth again, man sells this cultivated matter, so that he can buy another one that he will cultivate as well. You might say that man descends to Earth to trade. Well, what is wrong with trade? Trade is necessary so the people might get acquainted with each other. They need the goods of the tradesmen. If the baker does not bake bread – where will you get it? If the milkman does not sell milk, or the agrarian does not sell wheat, or the gardener does not sell fruits - you would not be able to live. However you view trade – it is necessary, no matter if it includes the exchange of money or of goods.

Everyone has come to Earth only with the purpose to study and know each other. If the master does not teach his disciples, he will not know them, but they will not know him either. As they play together, as they study in one and the same school, the children also get to know each other. It is hard for people to know one another and live like brothers. All of them talk about brotherhood and sisterhood, but in fact money occupies the first place. No matter if they buy bread, cheese, or something else, everywhere money is being exchanged. While money plays an important role in human relations, no brotherhood or sisterhood may exist. The relations of the brotherhood exclude any sale. The brotherhood members give without expecting anything. The one, who wants to realize brotherly relations among his relatives, should renounce the sale. It was said in the Scriptures: “Give, so that it might be given to you”. The brother who gives generously to his sister never becomes impoverished. Where brothers and sisters love each other in the name of the Divine Love, evil is excluded.

The new teaching comes in the world in order to bring the brotherhood and the sisterhood among the people, to make them work for one another. Where the brotherhood and the sisterhood exist, there Love reigns. A day will come, when this idea will be realized. All of you, who are here, as well as those, that are scattered in the whole world, will witness this day, as today you are witnessing the rising Sun. The day of the new age will come – the age of the rising Sun. The world was created for the good people, who have come to the Earth to manifest their Love to God and become the sons of God.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 23, 10 a.m.


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