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Old 03-17-2005, 05:36 AM
Saturnino Saturnino is offline
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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq

Crucifixion = the victim mentality = Instilling fear, and playing on the people's emotions to make them idolize the poor tortured man. <end quote>

Ahmad, crucifixion is exactly the opposite of fear for a Christian. It means that Jesus paid for our sins, so you don`t have to fear judgement. That`s why I asked you about your assurance of salvation, which you said you don`t have. So, who is living in fear, me or you ?

Trinity = God has partners in His kingship, does He?

Return of Jesus = why, mission not finished?
<end quote>

Jesus mission was not finished. He broke the curse of sin and death and offered a way to salvation. He will come back one day, when He decides, and then wrap up the whole situation. He is God, and He has the right to decide when things happen, how many people He wants to save, etc.


The idea of sombody (a total stranger) dying to carry your sins is not logical, YOU and nobody but YOU are responsible for your sins, there is no escape from that responsbility, your Jinn companion is playing a dirty trick on you in order to give you an open excuse to commit sins since you have been redeemed already!
<end quote>

First, Jesus is not a total stranger, He is God. And here we have the FOCUS point of this discussion. If I am responsible for my sins, then I (and you) have to go to hell, for everybody has sinned. Haven`t you ever sinned Ahmad ? How do you reconcile your sins with the holiness of God ? They are not compatible. We desperately need Jesus forgiveness because we are not worthy to face God in our sinful state.

About the Jinn (demon) telling me to sin, all I can say is that any demon fears the name of Jesus most than anything. Also, the Bible is clear that we are not supposed to go on sinning. It is Romans, very clear. Jesus also said: your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more.

This life is the final chance of redemtion, a make up test, it is easy to say " I have passed already, i am just taking the exam out of gratitude!" but nothing can change the reality of the test, everybody id thoroughly tested in his daily life, will you submit to God alone, steadfastly persevere (infornt of temptation and hardships) or will you yield to Satan's control? accepting Jesus as your savior (against his will) is equal to rejecting God, choosing Satan as a master and following him to the inferno.
<end quote>

Again, that's the point. You will fail the test, because you (and me) are a sinner. When you die and face God, he will ask you if you should enter heaven because of your deeds. then you will say that you did your Jihaad the best way you could. Then God will show a thousand sins that you commited that make you guilty and say you are not worthy of heaven, for heaven requires purity.

Ahmad, usually people won`t accept Jesus because they are too proud to admit that they are hopeless sinners and that there is no amount of good deeds and works that will purify them. Think about it and check if this is not the case. That was my problem too. It took God a heavy hand, a real feeling of my sinfulness in order to make me accept the sacrifice of Him for me.

Even if you never accept Jesus, think about it: all the religions of the world require some sort of work in order to get to heaven. Christianity is the only one based on forgiveness. If ever you come to think that you need this forgiveness, you know where to look for it.

All the best,

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