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Old 04-05-2008, 06:35 AM
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Default The seeds of wisdom

When we plant an apple seed in good soil
and an apple tree grows from that, and you
get 100 apple per season for 20 seasons, that's 2000 apples.

Now try to hold 2000 apples in the palm of your hand. Yet that is what the seed represented. Lots of power in that seed, lots of mouths fed from that one seed, animals and humans alike. We just had to water it. And on occasion, God would water it for us, helping us along.

Our words, our thoughts are seeds. Now if we don't plant them in good soil, the seed won't grow. If we throw that seed on a rock (to noone listening) that seed will not grow.

But if we till the soil (cause debate, alternative thought) we can get the seed to germinate, and sprout (hope). Once we see the sprout though, it is necessary to water that seed (direct, study, teach, learn), and God will help occasionally, because there is nothing better than a tree that produces wonderful fruit, that feeds the masses, and helps them grow.

Along comes the pesticides and poisons, trying to kill the natural process, trying to interupt God's beauty.

This, we must eliminate, if we are to be good keepers of the soil.

I would rather the tree die, than to produce poisoned fruit.

This is why God says, it's not what you put in yourselves, but what you produce from your mouth.

Think about it, without our mouths, we would die. We couldn't eat, drink, breathing would be difficult.

But what comes out of our mouths, thoughts in the form of word, is 1000 times more important than what goes in.

A drunk at a bar, pouring beer down his throat, can make a comment to a person that makes them feel terrible, or wonderful.

Same input, two different potential effects from the output.

Do we need to harvest the apple tree.

No, God doe's that for us. We take the apple when we use them, but if we aren't there, the apple doesn't go to waste.

Birds transfer the seeds, worms turn the fruit back to FERTILE soil.
Everything from a mature, healthy apple tree has a beneficial purpose.

This is God's beauty, and our power. Plant the seeds of knowledge and beauty, yet don't be afraid to fend off the poisons, and check the water every once in a while, because they'll do anything to sneak it in on you.

Now they have hybrid seeds.

Do not accept this. God teaches us through the Bible the importance of bloodlines, of keeping your generation holy, clean from poisons.

Hybrid seed produce poison fruit. That is why the are building the Doomsday Seed Vault.

They are not storing their manmade seeds. They are storing God's seeds, our seeds. This is unholy, and unjust.

Land, is to be used to plant seed, and to substain us.

When we fill the land up with concrete, we shut of our natural contact with earth, the dirt, the nutrients we come from.

Do we really need to live on top of each other. Do we really need to give our money to someone else to take care of it?

Why do we not teach about electricity, plumbing in high school? We have woodshop, metalshop, yet these two basic skill which we all rely on, are not taught.

If we all understood electricity better, we would ensure more control of it's use, more oversight, because all of our income, all of our resource, is being turned into electrons,

And that gives man all the power, because they just have to pull the plug to make your life miserable.

Learn it. I have, and it is much more than we think.
It is the force that God's uses, to hold the universe
together.. It is God's helping hand, and we can harness
it to make our lives easier, more comfortable.

But if we continue to allow others to understand it, to manipulate
it, we lose our God given freedoms, and we give that freedom to others, who don't like God's purpose, and think God is the enemy.

So there are no excuses. What you don't know, can be used against you.

Abraham Lincoln once said,
"Never regret what you don't write"


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Old 04-05-2008, 11:13 AM
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I work for God
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Default Re: The seeds of wisdom

So, if a sick or poisoned plant is produced, then
that plant dies, and it's generation ceased to exist.

However, if that plant is fruitful, and produces good fruit,
then it will regenerate in exponential fashion, sort of the
way yeast regenerates, and bread rises.
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