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Old 04-15-2008, 04:51 AM
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Exclamation Warning; The End is Here.

My life has been interesting, from a spiritual point. When I was young, my great aunt used to send me 1 volume of the bible story (there were 10 volumes in all) every Christmas.

Even though I didn't like the bible, I loved the stories, pictures, especially the first one, where man is created, and Cane and Able, and Moses parts the see (that was one of my favorites).

And about that same time, the Ten Commandments (Charlton Heston) was really popular.

We never went to church, except when we visited my Grandma during Christmas.

I can remember getting in a fight at school for wearing a cowboy hat and boots (my Dad made me, and realizing I was a pretty scrappy kid.

But, somehow, I've always known God has a special purpose for me.

It really started to come to light when I had an out of body experience
I had jogged home from a friends (I was in track in those days), and I got
home, cleaned up, and laid down on my bed.
Next thing I know, I'm looking down on myself, and suddenly I'm wooshed down up
through a tunnel where the walls are semi-transparent, but you are moving fast, and
at the end of the tunnel, comes a light.

The light, is magnificent. It is everything you hoped for, and more. Not only is it beautiful, but it is warm, and soothing, and powerful, and mysterious, and wonderful all at the same time. The light is eminating from what turns out to be at least a 50' throne, as I float across the plain out of the tunnel and towards the throne. As I come closer, I see that the light is a figure, but still light, with what appeared to be different colored jewels above the light, sort of like where a crown would be.

Then, on the right side of the throne (facing), there starts to appear a group of people, all dressed in robes of some sort, but it immediately becomes apparent that two of them are coming forward to speak to me. As they come closer, I can begin to make out their faces.

It's my Father, and Great Grandmother! They come to me and say something, and we speak for a bit, I specifically remembering wanting to stay, but they said it wasn't time, and I was whisked back into my body, seeing myself from above before I woke up back into my body.

I lay there, recollecting my experience in awe. What just happened?? Was I dreaming? No.

Darned if I couldn't remember what they told me, my deceased father and great grandmother, but I knew I had something important to do. So, I went on with life,
not telling anyone of my experience, because I knew for the time being it was a
private thing, meant for me to achieve a certain goal, albeit I wasn't sure which or what.

Nothing happened specifically again until I had a dream, about 10 yrs later. In this dream;

I pull up to a jobsite at a place I know. I look over to the passenger seat, at my daughter, who appears to be 15-16yrs old, blond, is with me, cause she's always liked to go to work with Dad, and school has just gotten out, so she had come with me that day.

I got out of the truck. It was new, and white, and looked like how one of those new Chevy's are starting to look like. I remember thinking, now that is a good looking truck.

I look around, and notice, things are different feeling. The sky or light is kind of hazy, and there are fewer people around, and it feels like the whole community is together on this project.

So I go over to the work site, and drop down into the foundation area to inspect a couple of conduits coming from across the road. I look over to the other side, and I notice a bank, and a rock wall, and a stoplight, and a new road.

Suddenly, I hear a low whistling, almost screeching sound. I look up into the sky, and I see what appears to be a black flaming ball headed towards earth. As it gets closer, and louder, I can see it is a black mass of moving things about 1 mile or so. When it hits the earth, about 300 miles away from us, it shoots up a giant black cloud, that begins to expand out in all directions. I, realize the blast wave is coming, and grab my daughter and hunch down behind the foundation, and before I can warn the others, the blast wave hits, and everyone else is basically wiped away, and I wake up.

Now, since that dream, I have a daughter with blond hair, that is 6. The stoplight is there. The bank is there, the rock wall. Still a couple of things missing, and in the dream, my daughter is around 15 or 16.

Then, about two weeks later, I have another dream, where in the dream I can tell it's a year or two after the "asteroid" event in my first dream. It starts out, and I look up and the shuttle is flying low overhead, from west to east, and it blows up. Then the dream skips to
where I feel it's a year or two later, and I'm standing outside of a small town about 60 miles south of where I had the first dream, and where I live now, and everything is blackened and charred. I had walked all the way, and it had been a long journey. The ground, is crusted, and dangerous, with hot spots. I am leading a small group of people. From inside the town, we can see someone. We run to take cover, and to get closer. As we get closer, I can see what looks like that new black military uniform, and they start shooting at us. We are behind some concrete, so we are safe for the moment, then I wake up...

Then life goes on. I didn't talk about it. Never told anyone. Then, about 10 yrs later, I picked up the bible. I was selling books, and I had bought a particularly nice bible, and was reading it, in my basement office, and as I started to really get into the story of Moses, a light shined right through the ground level window, and would give me a warm tingly sensation, and so I got into reading it, and everytime, it seemed that sun would shine down on me in that little basement office.

I got so into it, I started going to church, to understand it more, and to see if others where getting the same ideas, and sensations from it. The next couple of months, I became so spiritually awakened, that I actually think I traveled and saw God (the side of his face) in my minds eye. It's hard to explain, but I closed my eyes, and looked up at the sun, and when I did, I red light seemed to enter me, and the warmth was like a yeast, and it filled my soul, and then an image appeared before me, as if I was on the other side of the universe, and it was the left side of Gods face, and he had a white flowing beard, and he was huge, and he was talking to some other beings, like a council, but it was obvious he was the boss, but I could sense fairness, and then he started to turn to look at me, and I left, because I knew it was forbidden to look into his eyes.

to be continued....

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