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Old 04-20-2008, 12:38 PM
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Default Ron Paul is a Freemason.

<size = 4> I feel cheated, violated </size>

I supported this Baphomet loving man and his family. Yuk.

I was just in a debate on the Daily Paul forum, when someone close to Ron Paul came out and admitted his wife is a member of the Eastern Star. To be a member of the Eastern Star, you have to have a husband that is a Mason.

Check it out.

Liberty Oak Ranch

Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigotted beliefs. You don't know anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the Freemason or Eastern Star organizations.

1. Ron Paul's father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years.

2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry.

Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. It spawns lies and hate toward those who are innocent and have done good for others. Just try taking your child to the Shriner's burn or crippled childrens hospital. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and will do it free of charge. How many people has your paranoia helped?
Freemasonry is evil. |Daily Paul

Update: The above link no longer works for me, so I don't know if the thread exists anymore. They deleted several of my
threads at the daily paul, and now I am banned from the site.

It's funny, talked about all sort of things in that forum. Moon hoax, electrons, things I've posted here, but when you start
talking about the freemasons, you get banned. Just like ATS. And they remove all of my posts about mason in the Christian

Thanks Club Conspiracy.

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