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Default Chemtrails.

I have hundreds of pictures showing planes painting the sky, leaving lasting trails that turn into clouds.

The other day, I counted 15 planes flying in the airspace above my head, all at once. There were another 20 trails left from previous planes.

Now, here is what I think they are spraying.

Silver Iodide.

Back in 1946 a guy invented this stuff, because water molecules are attracted to the salt (iodide) and then the silver acts as a dust particle, which is needed for a raindrop to form, even in natural circumstances.

When someone tells you a contrail is just water vapor, they are either lying or misinformed.

The water has to have something to cling to, such as soot. Also, there is a considerable amount of sulphuric acid being released from these planes.

jet exhaust also seeds the atmosphere with cloud-forming aerosols - droplets of sulfuric acid and particles of soot.
Coastal Post Online Article May, 2008

Now even NASA says clouds will not form from contrails.

The combined moisture from the jet exhaust and the atmosphere will never be enough for the mixture to produce a cloud
Appleman Chart - Student

So WTF, what are they spraying.

Well, the cloud seeding programs is out of control.

Between 1950-1952 they sprayed 600 pounds of the crap in the US airstream. Doesn't seem like much, until you understand how it works.

The silver iodide is suspended in an acetone (paint thinner) solution. When it is burned, it vaporizes the silver iodide into billions of particles. 600,000 billion particles per gram!!

There are 450 grams in one pound.

200 lbs of the stuff, is enough to cover the entire US in particles 100,000 pts per cubic ft.

In 2006, I found that they sprayed 1400 lbs of the crap just on the west coast alone, making money off of the extra water produced.

But, what has happened, is it is the cause for global warming. So the came up with a scheme, to combat the global warming.

They use the same stuff, but the add sulphur to the jet fuel, which oxidizes the silver once it is pumped into the secondary chamber of the jet exhaust. This changes the electrical properties, and allows for HAARP type instillation (there are several across the US) that when the Jet Stream passes overhead, the flip the switch, and it heats this stuff up, abducting it into the ionosphere, into what they call a Shield.

Several types of craft are used. Commercial jet airliners are used and they are not diverted from their flight paths to do so.
The accepted Estimated Casualties (from WHO) is 2 billion over the course of 6 decades. The majority will be either the elderly, or those who are prone to respiratory problems. These numbers are based on the current estimates of the general health of the population, the average age and the occurrence of respiratory problems as a health issue.
Part II of the 'Deep Shield' letters

Have a hair checked by a lab for metal poisoning. I guarantee you, you will find large amounts of silver there.

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