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Old 08-31-2008, 05:01 AM
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Post Re: Christians V.S. THE WORLD!!!

If you're willing to fall for a childish religion, then prepare yourself to be offended.
If you have a problem with humility then i suggest you would have problem with many religions not just Christianity. In sense many religions are all about submitting ones will to a supreme being or power so not to submit would be ill discipline and ill will in any spiritual belief. The fact that you are not suppose to aspire to any special/hidden knowledge in christianity is sign of submission to God. As you seem to have this clear Gnostic bent which is coming through in your posts, it is clear why you think this way however alas i beg to differ.

First of all, I don't focus on Eastern religions. (The esoteric versions of) Ancient Roman, ancient Greek and Asatru religions are also among my primary influences. I belong to the and don't limit myself to one particular religion. I can even appreciate traditions like Kabbalism and Sufi Islam to a degree, however I'm more drawn to Vedanta Hinduism or Asatru.
Thats eclectic of you however the fact remains these are all basically eastern religions whether from asia minor or asia major none are western traditions. I know you have stated Roman and Greek sources however you also stated the esoteric versions of these i assume must mean the qabalah which is babylonian/jewish origin therefore still eastern.

was referring to science as a way to describe the universe. Technology is indeed often damaging to nature, but that's mostly because it is driven by capitalism. I'm both anti-capitalist and anti-communist.
Let me tell you something you are clearly unaware of. Without science there would be no capitalism and no communism infact there would be no ISMs at all. There would not even have been an industrial revolution and no technology thus no civilisation. So bascially this point cancels out the rest of your above simplistic statement!.

I'm not interested in New Age mumbo jumbo
Ofcause you are you ve just shown several examples given most new age beliefs are eastern in origin.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.

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