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Old 09-09-2008, 12:09 PM
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Exclamation An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

MANY scientists think that this experiment should NOT be carried out, because it could cause mini black holes or explosions.

Given the fact that the majority doesn't even know about this experiment coupled with it's intense importance, it is CLEAR as a night illuminated by an explosion that we as the People of the World MUST have an individual say in the actual decisions that are precariously made by the 'leaders' & government scientists.

... Or would you rather just live your normal routine, don't speak out, & let the governments do all sorts of crazy things that could be detrimental to the future of life on Earth...

Think about it!

- It's time to stand up & DEMAND change CONSTANTLY, everyday from now on!

This is NOT a freakin' joke... Even if all goes well, there is a possibility that it wouldn't have...

Sure, all could go well, & we could learn more about the universe, but do you think we should have to perform such an experiment that could possibly have dire consequences; that could could take some time to see the negative effects... Even if this experiment does not have negative effects, it is in effect two experiments in one; the other is to see how many will speak out against, and how many are conditioned to have faith in the 'officials', the elite...
The major point here is that this is a flagship; a smoking gun for the need for the people to have control by voting for the decisions themselves, & not for leaders to make those decisions in precarious ways in which we have now ONLY one day to stand up, in this case... Note that there is also an element of fear mongering, intentionally or not, on the part of the globalists.

What are your thoughts on this perspective? How many people are sick & tired of having the grim reaper conducting this train?? I've been up all night, & all these issues are REALLY starting to get to me. - (if all goes well) let us take this as a major wake up call & see this as our last chance to demand that we vote for the decisions themselves.

To gamble with life itself, just for scientific research is not right!

YouTube - LHC - Large Hadron Collider - Messing with the unknown

Even if the claims that it is 'perfectly safe' are correct, & it turns out that the many scientists that have concerns had nothing to worry about, the point here is that there is a possibility that something COULD'VE gone wrong, & it's all because the public has BLIND FAITH in the scientific community, where many have the government's agenda in mind, & have blind faith in those in charge, & it's a smoking gun to the argument that we should not be voting for leaders that make all the decisions, (and we all know what their plans are) even if you don't know about the NWO; don't you think you should've been able to vote for things like : Should we goto War? (most would vote no) or Should we have a carbon tax, or just change the polluting 'technology' into clean energy? (most would vote for clean energy, unless they have had a lobotomy).

My third point, which makes this actually 2 experiments was: The measurement of the public's reaction, the ratio of those who have concern & speak out to those who blindly follow our science & governments indicates how successful this matrix of control of big brother is.

Furthermore, why is this thing so huge, & so complex? I think they know a lot more about the universe than they are letting up to, & they could have an alternative motive, who knows, they could be opening another dimension. (Go ahead & laugh immaturely, but quantum physics equations would not work out if there were not parallel universes & multiple dimensions). - The elite had advanced knowledge of science & the universe back thousands of years, & the excuse that they want to know more about the universe is laughable, if you know the true history of extraterrestrials on this Planet, TV sets in ancient egypt, flying machines depicted in the Sumarian tablets, etc.

- In a controlled environment, the formed black holes could be sustained... THERE IS NO PROOF THAT SOMETHING WILL NOT GO WRONG. - In space, things are colliding, yes, BUT THAT IS NATURAL. - This machine is NOT, & lifeforms on a Planet should not have to, nor should be able to mess with nature in such an extent, & there are credible scientist who have concern, it's not just inquisitive people like me, who question authority. - God does not play dice, & we should not play it with our universe either.
I wont have blind faith in them, for there is some risk,& the effects could be in 4 yrs.

we have ourselves to blame for allowing their actions to go without public consent by means of everyone voting for it, or not. - Let's hope that Hawking's science holds up, (he has been wrong on things) ... There's that elephant in my living room again... that animal is BIG! LOL . - Let's hope it holds up, because if it doesn't, we won't have a chance to use this even as a WAKE UP CALL to demand change, so we could as a people, vote things like this in or out. I just know that if a poll was done, around 80% would be NO WAY!

What we can do about it is nothing.... And that is scary...

---> But I've always said; the powers that be have an agenda, & when you think you're making a difference by voting for one out of four selected members of skull & bones/bilderberg, etc, you are incorrect. - WE MUST DEMAND A COMPLETE CHANGE IN THE WAY GOVERNMENT IS RUN! - It is NOT our government if we don't have a say in what goes on, & before they increase their tyrannical control & manipulate us into a one World Government, we have to turn things around, & bring power back to the People so that we can avoid a highly probable disaster in another future event/experiment.

Another point I'd like to add is: They claim this is to learn more about our universe, therefore they don't know it all, & many current scientific models are suitable for toilet paper; they are incorrect or incomplete. - THAT is a Scientific fact.

Checkout this site if you want to take back our World from the government:


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