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Old 10-09-2008, 08:08 AM
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Default Re: Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency

Originally Posted by theonewillcome View Post
Do i believe?? Well let's put it this way, i like to make myself aware, better to be aware than unaware, blind and ignorant. All those things you mentioned above, why do you believe them?? That is not a criticism, as i believe those things also, why?? Well you can tell a tree by the fruits that it bears and the fruits that the US, UK, European, Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern and many more governments all bear evil fruits. the world wide web of deceipt is immense and consuming. I am a man of God and i believe wholeheartedly, that the only way out of this is through faith in Jesus Christ, i don't expect everyone to believe that, as you have free will to choose for yourself. But ask yourself, who are you going to trust?? The governments? The UN? These institutions which through their own greed and lust for power have deceived, manipulated and murdered their way forward to fulfill their own agendas. America will fall and Europe will rise, the world will war and everyone will become so sick they will unite under One World Government and One World Ecumenical Religion with the Pope as King. How this will happen, who knows what devious tricks they'll playout to achieve this, but it won't get any easier. Jesus is Love and a promise of an everlasting life, of peace and harmony without suffering, what's happening at the moment is the total opposite, death, strife, anger, lies, manipulation, secrecy, hatred and torture, do i need to go on. I don't think i'm special or chosen and i don't pretend to know it all, but what i do know is Jesus loves you all and awaits for you to call on him, as he is your only salvation.
Who said I trusted the government and why are you bringing Jesus into this matter?
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