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Old 03-15-2009, 04:26 AM
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Smile The new world order: The prevailing anti-sense

The new world order: The prevailing anti-sense

Lack of perspective and sense of unanswered questions can kill, especially when fantasy and imagination of young businessmen from the brutality with images and ideas of horror and horror scenes of all kinds to be filled vomiting. But business is business, and in the west sacred. That open-minded sense questions can kill (though not in every case - you gentlemen psychologists and shops defenders) have not only people in Amoklauf Winnenden learn, but also U.S. military: "In January we have more soldiers lost due to suicide than to Al Qaeda, "lamented Paul Rieckhoff, director of the Veterans of America, the news agency Associated Press. Among the reasons that the soldiers in the suicide drive interviewed said U.S. Army spokesman for personnel issues, Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Moose: "We do not know and have no particular problem noted. But it was conscious of the urgency of action consciously. The Army plans a program of "suicide Präventation" for all soldiers. Moreover, similar Winnenden after, the recruitment of additional psychiatrists and other professionals, as well as programs for home and planned on the front: that is, as always, even more focused manipulation. Whether something is changing? or only in the west generally rampant "induced insanity" should be tightened up?

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky at the site of "global research" points out that the U.S. fight the team of the 1st Infantriebrigade the 3rd Army for a few months back from Iraq has beordert. He thought that was extremely disturbing, because this unit "according to official reports may be used to assist in the mass repression of civil unrest to help." Which scenario could justify such a thing, where the old "Posse Comitatus," Act of 1878 the domestic use of regular U.S. troops strictly and unambiguously prohibits? Chossudovsky suspects: "Civil unrest due to the financial melting are in the far-reaching impact of the financial collapse on lifelong savings, pension funds, home ownership, etc., an obvious possibility."

Shortly afterwards, the Globalization Research Center on its website an article by Wayne Madsen. That he refers to a report with the letter "C & R Document," the highest level of secrecy among leading members of the U.S. Senate and their top advisers bypasses. He said "C" would be here for Conflict and "R" for revolution, because both were U.S. politicians, given the financial crisis to be highly probable. Mr. Madsen writes in the document will be argued that the serious financial chaos trigger a wider war would be if Washington refuses to service its external debt-to-use, and / or massive riots in many U.S. cities will rise when the U.S. population is not substantial tax increases accept. Even America itself, so it seemed, was not against a "regimebedrohende instability" immune, as the Pentagon and the 36 active U.S. Secret Service in the financial clique is expressed in the paper. The U.S. government had this "worstcase-scenario" did not escape, and it seemed as if they are to adjust. Are they now "left" dreams or serious facts?

There is in this case is another, less clearly formulated, but "official" paper. It was accompanied by a written Nathan P. Freier and already in November 2008 by the Institute for Strategic Studies, U.S. Army (U.S. Army Strategic Studies Institute) under the title Known Unknown: Unconventional Strategic Shocks "in Defense Strategy Development (Known Unknown: Unconventional "strategic shocks" in the development of defense strategy) released (source). Then should the U.S. army on "unconventional strategic shocks" to prepare. In the course of the armed forces would have to "violent riots strategic proportions in the United States" prepared by the "unforeseen economic slump" and "resolute opposition of the population in Germany" could trigger. The current defense strategy in this instance three errors: 1 they had generally been reactive, they have 2nd of strategic imagination is missing and it was therefore 3rd been vulnerable to surprises.

The last Bush administration has experienced in its first eight months of a "strategic shock" (9 / 11), the "whole game umwarf". The next team would be well advised to start their term of office has a similar "unconventional, non-military shock to the Department of Defense (DoD) is expected." It would be prudent, including catastrophic disturbances within the United States, civil disobedience inside or appropriate acts of violence of this kind be taken into account. "These riots could" on a scale assume that the MoD was forced to own role in relation to the internal security and in-chess-Hold (control) of the population to redefine. "What goes after ' Posse Comitatus Act, "at the DoD? What are the power laws (see the Basic Law and" our freedom to defend the Hindu Kush ")?

In the summer of 2001, at the beginning of the report of the last term, the Russian government economist Tatyana Koryagina repeatedly warned that the dollar and the U.S. economy in the following months would collapse. This happened, possibly because of the robbery attack on Afghanistan (which was not the Taliban, but the derivation of the Caspian oil) and the equally predatory attack on Iraq, only eight years later. Well, at the beginning of the new U.S. government warns Professor Igor Panarin, formerly the KGB analyst and expert on information warfare today senior employee at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before a disastrous for the U.S. civil war, in which the United States in June 2010 - so just think Panarin to know - in six states would fall apart. However Panarin them speak for more than ten years, without that there is any evidence there. Has this changed with the crisis? Or should it only as the eternal supporter of the US-and his ideal world would like consignment, deliver the notice that financial crisis and possible unrest in the wake of her roguish foreign long hand have been prepared?

From a long preparation but also exactly what Nathan P. Freier mentioned in his report to the U.S. as a strategist accuses omission. So there is something about this in the book of the founder of the "Club of Rome and member of the Committee of 300", the late 1984 Aurelio Peccei. The book appeared in 1969 entitled "The Chasm Ahead" ( "Before the Abyss", Macmillan, New York, ISBN 9780025953604) and summarizes the discussions at a meeting together at which the science and technology committee of the North Atlantic Assembly and the Research Institute for Foreign Policy (Foreign Policy Research Institute in Pennsylvania) were invited. It took place in May 1967unter entitled "Conference on Transatlantic Technological imbalance and cooperation" in Queen Elizabeth's private chateau in Deauville, in France.

The main purpose of the Conference of Deauville was the enforcement of the technological and industrial zero-growth policy, as they then created by Club of Rome and the red-green movement has been introduced. The results of the conference are reflected in two books down. One was a book called "Technotronic Era" by Z. Brzezinski (U.S. President Carter's Security Adviser and founding director of David Rockefeller Trilateral Commission), the other was the aforementioned book Pecceis, the chairman of this conference. Peccei wrote in other words, largely the same as Brzezinski, but added new item added, that the world will be in chaos if they do not have a "One World Government" would dominate. He was to discuss plans of the Committee of 300, as the simple man ( "the common man"), whom he as the enemy (the enemy) described, to tame it. There Peccei quoted approvingly a statement by the Polish aristocrats Dzerzinski Felix, who was the first chief of the Bolshevik terror for the murder of millions of Russians was responsible and his British officer leadership, Sydney Reilly, once said to have:

"Why should I worry about how many people to perish? Even the Christian Bible says: What is man that God's will? For me, nothing more than human brain on the one hand and a Kotfabriken on the other side."

Eleonora Barbieri Masini quoted in the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the death Pecceis, 23 November 2004 in Rome, another saying of the Master: "It is not impossible for a revolution of human progress, which is in a position to the current run of things to change." This revolution has long been underway. Your obeyeth "chaos", with the current financial crisis will be served, and from the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (the Franklin D Roosevelt introduced in the form of a dollar bill) will emerge. To control the chaos delicious serve the planned military preparations. The revolution of the financial elite is exactly what the Federal Environment Ministry, among others in his already-mentioned brochure last week of September 2008 as "The Third Industrial Revolution - Towards an ecological Century" with the "climate catastrophe", according to most as provisional justification and with the main objective: "belts tighten for the financial elite!" aspires (source).

On 10 March urged the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the occasion of the visit of Nobel laureate economist Robert Mundell in Astana a single world currency. The idea came from the western elite man Mundell, at the same occasion said: "The emergence of a global currency is possible, particularly with regard to the significant dollar and Euro exchange rate fluctuations. These currencies should themselves be brought into balance." He continued "If you ask me whether this new currency within the next five years may, I would say that the probability is rather low and about 30 percent." Whether both the same think is questionable. Nazarbayev had with the formula "absolutely new global currency system" perhaps for very little, which is currently in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as U.S. dollars-free transfer system is discussed.

He had, in contrast to Mundell possibly a similar radical cut in mind, as 1788 BC, Rim-Sin, King of Larsa in Mesopotamia country had achieved. The liberated the entire manufacturing industry in his country of its debts and thereby drove the money lenders (bankers) into bankruptcy. Since then, the economy and the people of Larsa again perfectly. It was the son of the amurritischen military Kudur-Mabuk, long time, his empire against a coalition of altorientalischen financial empires of Babylon, Isin and Uruk to say. He was in great style channels to create new fertile farmland and to ensure safe drinking water. Finally succeeded in 1763 BC (the annual figures are disputed) the financial center of Babylon under King Hammurapi to conquer Larsa, Rim-Sin in Jamutbal caught in Elam and to bring the old loan and debt finance, which until now has us firmly in the grip and soon the world in uniform wants to take the pliers, there and elsewhere re-established. Although Babylon was later conquered by the Persians, but this had already acted as a "sword" of the financial houses of Babylon, as a result of one's own city population felt threatened. Our actual, the Uraltadel leads not, as is often assumed to Germanic chieftain or antique Roman noble families, but - believe it or not - on the Persian nobility back. One of them, Karl Schwarzenberg: eagle and dragon. The idea of world domination. Munich: Herold, oJ (around 1958), it must know.

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