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Old 04-21-2009, 04:14 AM
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Default New World Order - In the Name of God

Everything have its own cause. Even decisions which are made in your family consisted of 4-5 members are good deliberated and projected to be fruitfully in the future. If it is the rule for a micro community - family, then you can imagine with what quantity of effort, attention and foresight there are made plans and decisions for macro community – nation, state or, let us say, religion. Although nation and state are also important, and although someone will think that it is anachronistic in a 21st century to make attention on it, still, in this review we shall dedicate the most attention exactly against the religion – more precisely, three religions.

Religions are still alive, they exist, operate and spread throughout the planet. Even 4/5 adult citizens is a member of some kind of religion and there is nothing bad in it, because beside spiritual role, religions also fill up less spiritual, but necessary role – need for finding own identity and individuality in the world.
Well, there is no end about religion stories, but an acceleration.
Although their individually origin, age and ceremonies are mutually differentiated, all religions have on common feature – permanently present desire for an absolute power.

If you read holly books of this three religions, everywhere you will notice the same motive: -"Everything existing is created by the God, that God is the only what exists, and he exclusively authorized us to represent him on Earth, he donated in our ownership everything existing on it and delivered exclusively for us the whole control above all beings on it.

Inasmuch the persons don’t belong to our religion – because they don’t recognize the Only God as their own, they still reject to do it, then we will launch a military power against them, burning and destroying their villages and cities, and killing them all. For this, we have a complete licence and free rein of the Only God, who will be satisfied barely when everybody accept our religion and recognize our power ".

If you started to make laugh against this short review, please do not do that, because it represents ongoings of former times but also of present times.

If sometimes there was a period in a human history during which humanity were experienced accelerated development, it certainly was the beginning of 20st century. Changes on all fields were so quickly and suddenly, so religion realized that it will be considered with a reason, during that period of development, as a source of every negative and regressive, as a brakeman of progress, so in those process it will lose a power.

Somehow in the same time, there is published "Origin of the species", which is not written because yonder scientists didn’t discovered a real connection between monkey and a human, and what its creators – and Darwin himself among the rest knew it very well. "Origin of the species" is written with the goal to intercept machinery of death personified in one religion and it make success, but for very short time. Understanding that it is sustained significant defeat in a battle for the power, religion made quick recover and immediately responded with direct attack – with a hard infiltration in anti religion secret organizations and by their assumption for a more decades.

Skull and Bones, Jesuits, Knigths of Malta, Opus Dei and dozens of religion public orders and secret organizations unknown to the public, represent just a part of underground which uses religion for a centuries as a mean for power conquest, wherefore with their active participation, assumption of anti religion secret organizations is conducted in a wholly.

It is intelligible that everything this is realized in silence, so at the same time there is nothing changed in a tradition and work of this organizations, because it would make an alarm for a membership, but it is just their public power directed in a particular way, which precisely fits to the religion. The whole irony consists of that membership of atireligion secret organizations at this moment don’t operate on realizing of religion goals, and they aren’t aware of this.

Illuminates, Rosenkreutzes, Templars, Masons, Bilderberg group and the others who declares as illuminators of mankind, freedom and human rights makers, are chosen as an impact fist of religion because of their acceptable appearance. We shall talk about it later.

Defeat of Third Reich is wholly comprehensible to the mankind. Otherwise, religion which made it defeat is also analyzed it in detail, because of prevention of similar mistakes in the future. After across-the-board analysis is made, there are noticed two biggest mistakes:

1.- racism and hate against particular nations and races are manifested openly, what is made at the mankind a resistance against nazi ideology, and

2.- there is undervalued influence of one older religion, which its power established in one oversea anglo-saxon country.

Therefore after first visible signs that Third Reich will fall down, there is established a contact with this religion and there were made negotiations about establishing of partner relationships in a project of future world conquest. By the end of 1944 that agreement is finalized with success, whereby made percentile values of the power of every participant, with reciprocal compromise: to the older religion will be assigned a part of middle-east territory for which it claims through the history, so far as it will in return in own oversea anglo-saxon country accept 100.000 nazi criminals, intelligencers and scientists.

This group is determined to be a nucleus of future project, so accordingly to this agreement they got anglo-saxon identities and they are employed in intelligence-security services, secret research centers and military-industrial complex. As a decoy in a process of distract of world attention, in a press there is added prefix “Latin” before real location of residence, so thanks to it, their biological and ideological children are the rulers of the world nowadays.

Otherwise, this coalition is so strange, if it is known that older religion was persecuted and estimated for 16 centuries by its present partner, which resulted to the death of 30 millions of its followers. Therefore, it is hard to understand that 25% of power above the whole planet is more valuable then memories on this innocent victims.

Of course, as you already realized, it is a question of Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition and their child – United States of America.

Origination, development and activity of this coalition is going on through three phases: Gathering, Fog and Harvest.

I Phase - "Gathering"
This phase realized so quickly and it predicted infiltration of its members on all level in a society, doesn’t underestimating no one area of the life, as many as much it seemed immaterial at the first sight.

Beside infiltration in intelligence-security, scientific-research and military-industrial areas, future gathering was spreaded at the area of politics, economy, media and other areas.

II Phase - "Fog"
This is the most important phase of the project and if it would be realized with success, then the whole project is going to be alive.
Surely you remember the first reason of Third Reich fall down – openly expressing of race and religion hate against the Jews, orthodox slav nations, Gipsy nation, black race, gay population, persons with mentally retardation and the others from the list of Third Reich. All of them are considered as a beings of lower value, which abuse members of aryan race with their existence.

Let us make a short relaxation and ask ourselves why are United States choosen to be a place of new project?

Whereas their history was covered with race-slaveholder relation according own citizens, liability against mass crimes and robbery, it is estimated that it is a environment with best conditions for success, what is certified in a practice. Race relations against afroamericans was an ordinary form of manner, so there was forbidden for them mutually schooling, ride in a bus, going to the restaurant or wedding with white men, and this law about race segregation was cancelled barely in 1967 year. There is no need tu mention that only jobs for afroamericans were physical jobs white men didn’t want to do. This unhuman relation against them drove to progressively awakening of afroamerican’s consciousness, whose their dissatisfaction expressed with a series of mass protests during sixth decade of the last century.

Respecting to existing protests which are realized against war in ('59-'75), protests of afroamericans resulted with “adding of oil into the fire”, so in the case of the worst development of situation there was a possibility that protests transform into to the civil war. To stop this process finally, there is realized a murder of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, while somehow at the same time among demonstrators it was very popular drug consummation, what was the reason for extenuation of the protest power. Vietnam drugs from Golden Triangle. Very cute, isn’t it?

It was a necessary trip, for understanding of the next step which Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition made.

Realizing that it is a question of consciousness awakening process which is impossible to stop without detection of real nature of their authorities, it is concluded that giving of all rights and freedom to those who are considered as a lower races and groups, would be an ideal mask with which it would be possible in the future to make crimes all over the world and occupation of the whole planet, representing that as a human and progressive process.
In this process, the most important role is allocated to the media, what is confirmed by data that even 1.360 members of different intelligence-security services are employed in a media on different positions – from ordinary reporters, up to copy editors who separate, block or form the news according the directions of the center. When you add on this a number of personnel who control media in Europe, then it is so clearly that it is a question of activity of invisible - but existent, ministry of propaganda.

III Phase - "Harvest"
When it comes the time (we hope it will never happen) of establishing of fully control across the planet, then it is calculated a series of accidents in a third phase (accidents in Tonkin Bay, Markale, Racak, removal of Tudjman in ultra-secret VIP resort and rigging of their deaths, murders of Djindjic and Milosevic, Sadam’s chemical weapon, collapse of WTC in New York, attack on Pentagon, London metro bombing,...) in other words "put-up jobs", which are going to happen all over the world. All perpetrators will be marked as a members of particular race, nation, minority group or all of those together, what will be a sufficient reason for repeal of all or the most rights and freedoms of this planet’s citizens.


This image talks itself, so we are going to add a few of short comments:

-> Many people will consider that on the pyramid of the power, the power percentage between jesuit and the rabbis is not showed in a real form, wherefore the power in the world is mainly in the hands of the rabbis.

Although during centuries rabbis had influence on historical happenings, they succeeded just in a Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition to multiply that influence and transform it into the power they have now, so they took the role of the Coalition task force and also a chance for demonstration as a younger and more active partner.
At the same time, Vatican left to itself the more important part of the story – because, to be almighty, but invisible represent the easiest way for their identification with a God.

-> Many people classify secret organization "Scull and Bones" as a anti religion secret organization, what is quite wrong.

The year 313 AD, emperor Constantine announced Christianity as a national religion. In that time, doctrinaire of Christian church didn’t be systematized as it is the case at the present days, but every group had its own understanding of Christian religion, what leaded to appearance of a number of Christian cults.

The year 322 AD, when Christianity represented an official national religion for many years, members of one of Christian cults made decision to do everything to make Christianity to become the only one religion on the Earth. They sweared on scull and bones, because "as the flesh is subject to putrefaction, and bones are permanently, everything is perishable, just Christianity is eternally ".

Since then, they are started with persecution of other religions and destroying of their temples, and it is still standing.

-> Distribution and selling of drugs always was a national business, valuable as dozen and hundreds trillions of dollars per year. War in Vietnam which began because of mastering with Golden Triangle, just like an aggression on Afghanistan due to control of poppy fields, these are all just some of examples. NATO troops role in this business is conclusively because they make a transport of drugs up to their bases across the world, where are underground complexes with laboratories for differently delicacy drug refinement. For this reason, in all countries with NATO bases on its territories is forbidden any kind of access in terrestrial, naval and aerial carried out by their troops.

Beside the money – which quantity is not negligible, for Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition drug has significant weight because its using – which grows for a years and contains all social layers, is getting weaker on national and planetary level of mankind possibilities level.

As a natural follower of drug addiction, also ordinary appears suddenly increasing of criminal in a society, what all together make them easier control of society and applying of police force.

-> Many people will maybe be disappointed with this review of power, because there are politicians on top, but the lowest one of three levels. There is a fact that they dispose with significant power, but that power is contributed them, under condition that they use it for predetermined goals. Those politicians who forget it soon, so they think that they can make decisions independently, are going to be removed very quickly.

* * *

You noticed that pyramid of power has three levels, so even it makes one complex, all of those three levels are mutually separated. This is because communication among different scales of the power within one level is direct, while the one between two levels is always indirect and it is hard to trace it. Otherwise, from these three levels, the lowest one is visible, the middle one is partly visible, while the highest one is invisible for mostly of mankind.

Of course, this is not applying to level zero, namely, eye in triangle, which is given here just as a symbol of exceedingly power.

Every group of the people, society of an association have a set of features make them remarkable, so it is also the case with a coalition. As the most obviously of all, there are four features separated:

1. Nationalism

2. Racism

3. Sadism

4. Spoliation

1. Nationalism
This is so marked feature or Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition, that we have to mention it.
Continually and intrusively emphasis of own national interests which are spreading all around world, so even space(!), exhibition of national flags in every moment and every place, singing of national anthem even on local sport events, using of every occasion for manifestation of own nation as the best one and the most successfully in relation to other nations, those are just some of examples reasonable distended nationalism by the citizens.

2. Racism
This is so marked feature or Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition, so although phase of “Fog" requires from all participants ultimate continence of racism exhibition, it seems that it is hard to forego of that.

One of the most evidently examples is allocating the status of Ubermansch to own nation, namely, the nation of super people, before all by the United States of America, but also by the other members of coalition. In virtue of that, it is decided that international laws which are valid for ordinary people, namely, lower race, are not applicable for them, even when the question is massive crimes commited over lower races what is not considered as a crime.

3. Sadism
If we could describe sadism as "enjoying in someone’s degradation and pain", then Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition has that feature.

Sadism is manifesting exclusively against those nations which are totally helpless according to their power and force. This helpless makes their feeling of personal importance and power, while at the same time it servers them for indirect intimidation of possibly opponents, because in a direct conflict with opponents who are equally to them, they changing their behaviour and become extremely condescending.

This sadism sometimes can so prevail and make even the whole national mechanism of one nation to set its force on maltreatment of one individual.

4. Spoliation
It is very strong motive which makes them on continually conquest of foreign territories. Indeed that they this part "...he gave us in possession everything what exists on it..." understand so literally, then emanates that with dispossession of foreign territory, they practically just taking back what indeed belongs them.

Dozens of wars and millions of victims worldwide are caused by desire for spoliation of natural resources of some nation. Poppy fields, oil fields, mineral resources, economy objects, volume of money and everything what has some value for them in any country are subjects of abduction and spoliation.

If ruling elite which is authority in some country doesn’t want to cooperate in spoliation of its national resources, then it is organizing their displacement of authority whereby there are engaged their political opponents, to make whole process as "democratic". This is mainly realized with a revolution, and the thing which is especially unhuman is massive malpractice of younger and older juveniles for these purposes, to whom is in a longer time period suggested that they have enough of age, life experience and wisdom, so they can make important political decisions in the name of whole nation

By assumption of authority begun across-the-board spoliation of all country resoruces, so it is noticed a case when is the whole money supply of one nation, delivered to bankers of Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition for corrupting gift of 80 millions USD. It is happening that new elite, realizing their homeworks, "own" country, economy and citizens, transform into the homestead of some neighbour country, let us say, Croatia.

Vatican especially appreciate Croats whom they call „Vatican Borderers”, "because without them, schismatics would be come to Rome”.(?!) Because of crime, genocide and ethnic expurgation made over the Serbs by the Croats in World War Two and during decomposition of Yugoslavia, Jesuit and Rabbis gave them as a gift homestead „Republic of Serbia” with 8 millions of seasonal workers, whose making effort to provide them enough quantity of food and money for pleasant and luxury life.
Director and supervisors of homestead are crypto-croats, while hygienic-guardian jobs are realized by a number of seasonal workers.

Because of consolidation of new government, it is begun with liquidations those seasonal workers who are considered that they could jeopardize their authority in the future, what is counting with 70 human lifes. (11.11.'08)

All countries in the world – but exactly all, are nationalistic. United States of America is conducted by American nationalists, by German – German nationalists, by Holland – Dutch... all of them belong to Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition as a supreme organization. Some of those countries are by their national constitution almost 100% of one nationality, while in others there live more nations, while the third ones – as United States of America, its multinationality during time, succeeded to transform into one – American nation. Regardless by the type of social order in those states, all of them have one goal – protection of own national interest.

So, if you want to destroy any state, first you have to destroy its nationalism, because the state which is not conducted by its nationalists, is the state whose interests there is no one to protect. When is realized their authority displacement (with revolution, assassinations...) then is authority in a state assumed by nationalists of Pontiff-Rabbis Coalition, and everything towards spoliation and dispossession its territories.

They establish authorities with those domestic politicians who belong to the net of secret occultism societies and who obediently realize all orders of Coalition. In a structure of power in police, intelligence, army, judiciary, government, media and NGO there are established persons by the same pattern, what for consequence has introduction of soft or hard dictatorship in a state. It depends of that how much is occupied nation aware what happens, because in the case of more seriously protests, it is proceeding on harder type of dictatorship.

The whole process is realized with politics, money, weapon and media by Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition, what represent incredible powerful mechanism of satanism and occupation of some nation.


Many times in a press and a press you will find versions about occult nature of New World Order. Don’t reject them noway, but put it on place which they have in Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition – just on the middle of the pyramid of the power.

Since the whole project of New World Order is based on illusions and lies expressed through phase of “Fog”, occult content just serve them to deceive publicity during the process with “occult nature of New World Order.

Conquest and occupation of some country by the foreign force with clearly expressed religion character, always provoke insurgence at the population – especially if it belongs to some other religion. Therefore, at the foreground is always advertising of "occult nature of New World Order" because it is international – it belong to everyone and no one, so it is (correctly) consider that the servitude population will easier accept occupation army on such a way. This mystification is especially visible with leading politicians of Coalitions, who often on public appearances show "devil’s mark" – outstretched little finger and forefinger, what would represent as a incontestable proof of their loyalty to occult-satanic sect.

So, how could you even think that it is a question of Christian-Judaic fundamentalists?

There is one more reason for this camouflage, namely, it is not essential that you are a believer or atheist, but if someone told you – as a Serbian, offered to accept Catholicism, Anglican church, evangelical church or judaism, you would probably reject it, just besides 99,99 percent of other. But if someone offered you to become mason, templar, knight of Malta, illuminati... you would probably accept it and you would exceedingly gratitude, considering that you reached with that act the culmination of your life.

Just therefore, jesuits and rabbis use occult brotherhoods, as a mean for introducing those people who are necessary for them because of realizing some influence in particular state.


Many people consider that no conspiracy exists, while the other believe that everything is functioning by virtue of it, however, just in that case many things are still untold, so with this occasion we are going to show short review psychological interpretation of conspiracy and conspirators.

Basic human occupation is a battle for the power and we can see it every day in conflicts played between spouses, friends, colleagues on work... what automatically makes hierarchy of the group power – any group (or society as a whole) which is easier to show graphical with a form of pyramid. Depending of society type, power could be realized on many ways: physical power, money, degree of education, personal charisma, social relations... or with a combination of previously mentioned (and unmentioned) ways.

When it succeeds to conquer certain power, then there are emerging two new needs at the person: to keep and enlarge conquered power, so to realize these two goals, those who posses particular social power are getting together, making the group of powerful people. With this merger it is not coming to simply addition of power - 1+1+1=3, but its multiplication - 1x1x1=27, whereby it is spreading number of people under the influence of that group.

To protect the power they possess from those who could to jeopardize them or to recapture their power, group (or groups) its activity and existing itself are hiding of the other, because if it is not known that something exists, then that something can not be jeopardized. Although the group is invisible, consequences of its activity aren’t, so to prevent possible revelation it organizes a few diversions with the goal of point out in different direction. Attention is always pointing out far away and for that goal there are found perpetrators with attributed all power and guilty for all realized performances.

The essence is in that perpetrators are never catched and brought to the justice, because those are invisible beings from another dimensions (Lizards of David Icke), fictitious Hazars or some other. This diversion (which is based on believings) Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition is spreading over occult organizations and media, so in course of time the whole story is getting to be as a “official truth”.

Institution of the lamb for sacrifice is present in all societies which are openly or clandestinely based on totalitarianism, played noticeable role, so it is also the case here.

In every society where racial and social partitions are strongly expressed and where is often present an appearance human rights violations, there is a high level of displeasure of the citizens. To prevent that displeasure of spreading, ruling elite mainly use technique which demands of other world nations to choose one which is their natural enemy by national, religion and racial features, so that enemy have to be charged for real, constructed or imagined guilty. Using the speech of hate and war propaganda of its – dependent media, they would represent chosen state very quickly as a nation of criminals and murderers, responsible for all evil of the world.
This programming of consciousness of own nation (remember Hitler’s speeches against Jews) is effectively succeeded to collected hate, anger and displeasure or its citizens directs toward the victim, on such a way pumping out that energy which could lead up to the rebel of population and falling down of their regime.

Since the nation which past 16 centuries was a victim of this game, now the member of coalition, in progress is a process of new nation promoting, which is determinate to occupy its place.


Let us back to the past for the moment.

After schism in the year of 1054 on Eastern and Western Church, Vatican had just the only one goal: entirely destroy of Eastern Church. Almost 50 years later, Pontiff Urban II is announced public call for Jerusalem liberation of „unbelievers”, so this campaign was last during nine Christian wars in a period from 1096. up to 1291. year.

„Campaign for liberation of Holly Land” was the only possible way for Vatican to interpose its intelligencers and military troops on territory of Eastern Empire, while at present days those same Vatican uses „humanitarian disaster”, OEBS observers, NATO troops and and the like. With help of intelligence they significantly succeeded to make weak unity among orthodox nations of Eastern Empire, so thanks to that in 1204 year according to command of Vatican crusaders attacked Constantinopolis, captured it and burned it, thereby despoiled a huge quantities of treasure.

During whole „Christian campaign“ there was lasting establishing of contacts Christian knights with Turkish sultans and acquisition of their trust, because they needed almost 150 years, what represent just a medium-term goal for a empire like Vatican.
When mutually reliance is finally established, deliberations are accomplished, future territories of influence are distributed and Turks got intelligence data which Vatican’s intelligencers collected for a 150 years, it is stopped further reason for Christian knights standing on Holly Land. Downfall of Acra in the year of 1291, which is intentionally relinquished on grace and disgrace of Turks, marked successful ending of Vatican’s mission, and a certain period later also a disappearing of orthodoxy in further 500 years.

If we leave for a moment 13th, and going back to 21st century, we should notice that in a a disposition of hostility is nothing changed since the times of Christian wars. Vatican church – which is superior above Anglican, evangelical and other churches originated from mother-church, is still in strategic alliance with Islamic religion - but against orthodoxy, so regardless of nature of conflict, catholic-anglican-evangelic church and Islam together conquer orthodoxy.

Of course, that is never doing openly, but it is always playing some theatrical performance similar to „Liberation of Holly Land”, so people and world publicity do not understand that there is a question of conspiracy,with goal of genocide conducting. Effects of spiritual and physical genocide conducted on orthodox nations, leaded to collapse of cultural and social development of eastern Empire which was very developed in relation to underdeveloped Western Empire.

It seems that conspiracies, genocides and crimes resulted from hard work decades of intellectual people teams, so afterwards over the net of secret organizations they conduct realization in a period of few generations because their shortest plans are predicted to get carry out for a period of 50-70 years. Present operations personnel of Vatican realize ideas of their precursors, just as their plans will be realized by their successors.
Whereas it is a long time period, it is evidently that some nations still don’t understand why they are always exposed for wars and genocides.

It is very early perceived by the Vatican the potential of Islamic religion and it is – observed from their standpoint, used at the best way, 500 years long occupation of Balcan is the best witness for that.

Therefore within Jesuit-Rabbis Coalition is decided to continue with active prevention for intellectuals in Islamic countries of attempts in introducing democracy, freedom, human rights and education in Islamic countries, because of further using of them as an infantry in conflict, due social backwardness – primarily with orthodox states.

Beside that, in their plans Islamic countries represent significant factor of planet destabilization, because they are in accordance with own religion always directed on military campaigns and conquest of foreign territory. This is important factor, because with a decomposition of Soviet Union, Coalition needed new enemy to have excuses for further arming and spreading NATO troops, what Islam just provides.

Control they have over approximately 60% of imams, mainly make them easier manipulation over the countries with Islamic religion.

According to plans of this Coalition, entry of Serbia in European Union at the same time will represent a beginning its ultimate disappearing.
Since the countries within European Union have free traffic of labour, goods just as a right of buying of real estates on a whole territory of community, a few years or decades after admission of Serbia, when prudence and suspicion against new union state is going to relax, there will be admited about 80 millions of Turks in European Union. Just like 6 centuries ago, also in a 21st century they will be used for reiteratively and ultimate islamization of Serbia. This process is conceived to develop in two phases:

In first phase – immediately after admission in community, it is calculated that European countries accept and employ all qualitative experts from all branches of science and economy from Serbia, to make stronger own, and make weaker Serbian state. Except on such a way they are going to cause suddenly downfall and jam in Serbian scientific and economy development, there will appears need for replenishment of vacancy working places.

In second phase it is predicted that "because of concentration of labour" inflow of Turks instead into the Europe, direct toward Balcan’s countries - Romaina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. This settlement and placement of Turks in Serbia won’t be chaotic, but they will be directed toward those parts of Serbia with muslim population, but all over the country.

According to their projections, because of difference in birthrate between Serbs and Muslims – as well as their continually immigration and buying of real estates, it is predicted that through two generations, from beginning of European Islamization of Serbia, greater number of population have to be of Islamic confession.

* * *

When you read this version first time, you are going to think that we are talking about project of fanatics. When you read it second time, you will be absolutely sure in that. Unfortunately, you are right. The group of religious fanatics associated with psychopaths from class of Heartless, slowly, but assiduously, step by step increasing their power, because everything existing is created by God, that God is the only one who exists, and he authorized us, and exclusively us to represent him on Earth, he gave us everything existing on it, and he gave us, and exclusively to us a command over all living beings on the Earth.

Inasmuch those who don’t belong to our religion – because they don’t recognize God The Only One as their God, and they still reject to do that, then we will launch military force against them, make it burn and destroy all their villages and cities, and kill them all. For this we have full permission and free rein of the God The Only One, who will be satisfied, just when everybody accept our religion and recognize our power.

Soruce: New World Order

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