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Old 05-24-2009, 12:33 AM
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Default social architecture/ manipulation of humanity

Aside from those who try to think outside the box, those that are still inside just are not aware they are there by choice as they give all their power of individuality away in exchange to be part of the Sheeple campaign for an easy life?...

Here is my thoughts on the the argument that some say we require a police state- the arguments raised for a need of governing the savage people by force and making decisions for us without our consent i.e herding us into FEMA camps and treating us all like terrorists at airports…this movement to a police state has been architecturally designed. By those at the source of manipulating the social conditions. The social architecture of poor education, poverty and increased rise in mental illness creates wonderful conditions for increased violent crime as does promotion of sex and violence in film and television, the addiction and sensationalisation of it in news media and through violent computer games aimed at children. Here in Guatemala, I see boys as young as 7 years old, playing shoot to kill, violent computer games in the internet cafes. This is a form of programming to desensitize children as they grow up to not be able to separate reality from non reality and for an adrenalin addiction to violence and a dulling of the creative brain, and programming to simply be a robot and push buttons without any other emotion. Increasing violent crime is a product of modern society but it has increased tenfold more worryingly with teenagers in cities around the world… it is a product of this well constructed architecture. The ambience has been calibrated to a required conditioning for crime to multiply in society to make us beleive we are basically savage beasts, fragmenting society to rely more and more on authority rather than local community resources to channel constructive opportunties for those that become involved in violent crimes, governments have stopped funding community projects that decrease violent youth crime. Great evironment and excuse for promotion of the police state and the ill- uminati to stay in place.

These are one example of the think tanks behind our current social situation

check out this website/ Social Architecture - The Invitation That Wont Go Away | Arcturus Research & Design

This website is linked to the Earth1 Battalion and states that the purpose of social architecture is to make known the tools and practices for the conscious construction of a planetary civilization.

To me it rings a million bells in my bell tower. Its a Corp ill/uminati website with ThinkTanks behind it all dressed up as new world change, communications and reform... blatent mind manipulation out in the open and training for leaders to become technolgically armed with sound, images and mass control conscious construction of a planetary civilization. More of the same...

they use these words below-

The way we can reinforce desired behavior with stories/parables.

Learn to track and then ruthlessly adjust the "energy" at gatherings.

How to program specific loyalty with common bonding.

Understand how music can work the energy dimension while ideas can work the information dimension.

Culture is a Craft

How to cement faithfulness with the history of the clan.

The way we can reinforce values with symbols

Stage events for your most cherished ideals and create the richness of venue befitting those ideals.

Social architects will build new thinking with improved language forms/

Sounds like newspeak to me to destroy all old ones and indigenous peoples cultures will be destroyed and are being destroyed.

The world is available in every way

With leaders at all echelons consciously building cultural practices, the world will not be subject to the
purposeless but compelling movie and television stories of the countries that have a monopoly on media products.

improved interactions in voice qualities, gestures, and the enlighted participation of the group. We will come to recognize and feel expanded states. Meters, dials and profit margins can't be expected to measure the multi-dimensional experience of culture ... so designed.

well-crafted social event can move people to action

Design behavioral performance into all group celebrations, activities, and events.

Work the environment by appointing available spaces with art that evokes specific behavioral motivation.

Create and reinforce manners that encourage the performance values you desire.

I would love to have peoples thoughts and feed back or further insights

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